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Lesbian Mentors 03 - Older Women, Younger Girls ____________________________________
Lesbian Mentors 03 - Older Women, Younger Girls
I.D. dvd_5673, Adult
2010, 133 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Nica Noelle

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Darla Crane & Andy San Dimas, Deauxma & Aubrey Addams, Elexis Monroe & Dani Jensen, Randi James & Georgia Jones.

Sometimes age is just a number. But other times, age-play can make for some very hot sex! In the 3rd volume of Lesbian Mentors Older/Younger, we find Randi James pouting about the video-game habit of young lover Georgia Jones. There's only one thing to do to get the hot young brunette's attention - show her the lesbian pleasures no video game can top! Next, Darla Crane is interviewing young fetish models for her popular website. But when Andy San Dimas tells the beautiful older redhead that she doesn't need to audition, Ms. Crane shows the boastful young nymph that she still has plenty to learn. Dani Jensen stops by to confide in older friend Elexis that she's having an affair with a teacher at school. But when she admits the teacher is a woman, Elexis is thrown into a fantasy world only hot lesbian sex can relieve. And finally, Deauxma is a warm and nurturing nurse to the young, injured blonde Aubrey Addams. But when bath time turns sensual, Aubrey decides to get some sexual healing from her busty older nurse. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.

[2:12] Darla Crane & Andy San Dimas

[30:43] Deauxma & Aubrey Addams

[1:03:17] Randi James & Georgia Jones

[1:30:47] Elexis Monroe & Dani Jensen

[2:14:34] END CREDITS

DVD Features

Andy San Demas, Deauxma and Alexis are great, but the camera angles and directing are subpar for making erotic lesban movies. Deauxma should have slipped into the tub to “assist” (no sex) the injured girl when she took her bath, to allow the young bi-girl the desire to want her sexually. She should have deep four-fingered Deauxma and made her squirt. Has Deauxma dried up?

Randi James needs to play the part of the woman being seduced and she needs to squirt and do more facesitting. Alexis should have taken her breasts out during her masturbation scene in her car and allowed her friend to “play” in her pussy more.

The scenes were too dark and it’s still R-rated. The director needs to start “directing” more instead of just letting them “do their thing”. “Their thing” is not erotic. This shows up in Girlfriends Films as well, same-o-same-o, same girls, same directors… Can’t they at least afford two cameras to show what’s going on at BOTH sides of the bed? Gaaah!

The first scene is by far one of the hottest scenes that I have seen in any porn movie I have watched. Both ladies are very attractive. The only thing that would have made the scene even better would be if the older lady used a strap-on on the younger girl, and a 69 would be hot as well. It’s the context of a scene that makes a scene hot, in this case the younger girl gave the older woman a striptease. The young girl rubbed her body against the older woman. Many movies in this genre have scenes where the two women start out kissing. They are already naked or the "older" woman really doesn’t look too much older than the younger girl.

The rest of the movie wasn’t any good. Only the first scene is worth watching on this one. The creators of this genre of porn movies still need to think of the context of each scene, making each one different. For instance a scene like this one: a scene where an older woman spots a young girl at the mall, they talk, they return to the older woman’s house and they end up in the hot tub. The buildup, the context is what makes a movie one to remember.

old fan
Darla Crane and Andy San Dimas were good. When Darla bundled the hair, it was better. It was good not to use a strap on. A real lesbian spends time on the lick. The licking is most important for lesbian movies.

Next, I would like to see the video of an old grandma (about 60-year-old) and Andy San Dimas.

Just licking gets old after a while unless one of the lickers has a five inch tongue or the one being licked has a big erect clit, but that’s not the case here. This is supposed to be an ‘erotic’ lesbian movie. If you’re looking for real lesbian love watch The L Word on TV. Real lesbians use their hands, strap-ons and lots of toys. This film has the women but not the sensualness it could have had. Bad director.

This was the 4th movie that I ever saw and really paid attention to. 2 scenes were amazing to me.
1. Dani Jensen/Elexis Monroe. These two are hot and Elexis is one of Top 5 pornstars ever (Ava Scott #1). Wonderful end to the movie!
2. Georgia Jones/Randi James. Georgia is so sexy and this is one of my favorite scenes with another hot babe. Other two are decent but not as hot as these two. I love them!

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