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Twisted Passions 06 ____________________________________
Twisted Passions 06
I.D. dvd_5676, Adult
2009, 131 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Samantha Ryan & Allie Haze, Abbey Brooks & Ruby Knox, Allie Haze & Isis Taylor, Samantha Ryan & Rayveness.

Samantha, while teaching her passion for the Piano to the willing girls in town, is thrown into a tension fueled tryst with her best student Allie and her Ex-Lover. Word quickly spreads that Samantha teaches more than Piano … she uncovers sexual fantasies. Samantha shows RayVeness the art of erotic cooking and unlocks Isis's naughty school girl. Abbey reveals to Ruby how she has now become the teacher. Jealousy, Naughty Love, and Twisted Passions.

DVD Features
chapter index, bonus scene [non-sex], photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

This in my opinion is one of the most brilliant and elegant lesbian erotica movies ever made. Right from the moment when the film opens with Samantha Ryan playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, you know you are in for a truly special treat.

Samantha is the local piano teacher, who apart from Beethoven teaches young girls the art of Sapphic love, much to the annoyance of Abbey Brooks, Samantha’s former girlfriend and now prospective stepmother of Samantha’s new young girlfriend Allie Haze.

The sets are perfection in elegance and Samantha has never looked more beautiful as she cuts a swathe through her adoring piano pupils. “My calendar is fully booked,” she purrs.

The best scene is where Samantha meets the mother of one of her pupils, Ray Veness, and there is a scene beyond compare with Samantha, Ray and spaghetti bolognese all combined into one of the best scenes ever filmed. When Ray spills some sauce on her breast and Samantha silkily asks if she can clean it up, this is a scene to truly remember.

Samantha Ryan is special for me as she is the classiest lady in lesbian erotica. This is her true masterwork.

Every frame of this movie is perfection and my congratulations must go to the director who has created an erotic atmospheric classic.

Humble Opinion
This edition of Twisted Passions definitely deserves some recognition. It is one of the best erotic fantasy-fulfilling movies that I have ever watched. Two scenes in particular are worth mentioning in that regard.

One of the most obvious fantasy fulfillments, and for me the best scene on the DVD, is the kitchen scene between RayVeness and Samantha Ryan. Both actresses are perfect for their roles. RayVeness is the housewife who makes an amazing marinara sauce, and Samantha Ryan is the slyly seductive piano teacher for RayVeness’s daughter, who senses immediately that there is a sexual opportunity with RayVeness. The similarity between the pleasure received from eating and sex has been explored in numerous mainstream films, from 9 1/2 weeks to Like Water For Chocolate, but Girlfriends is able to take the eroticism to a more explicit and ultimately more fulfilling level than any mainstream movie ever could.

There are many sexual highlights to this scene. One of my favorites comes at the beginning. Samantha is standing, with her dress on, behind a very naked RayVeness, who is leaning over the kitchen island counter. RayVeness turns her head to ask Samantha what she is doing back there. Samantha licks her fingers, leans into RayVeness’s naked back, and reaches around to finger and play with RayVeness’s pussy. They remain like that for about four or five minutes until RayVeness finally explodes into her intense orgasm. After RayVeness comes down to earth, she strips Samantha and has her sit on the island counter, and RayVeness licks and fingers Samantha to two shivering orgasms. This amazing scene goes on for at least another twenty minutes of intense lovemaking. A very special scene, beautifully acted and shot, that seriously rivals the best of Viv Thomas in erotic fantasy.

The other wonderful fantasy fulfillment scene involves Samantha Ryan as the piano teacher who is trying to help her new student, young Allie Haze, to get comfortable with the piano and to feel the instrument. This involves Samantha taking her neck scarf and covering Allie’s eyes with it.

As Allie fumbles with the piano keys, Samantha stands behind Allie and leans into her, rubbing her shoulders and arms while whispering encouragement to Allie. But Allie is now too distracted to play the piano, so Samantha has Allie straddle the piano bench, still blindfolded, and Samantha straddles the bench on the other side and begins kissing and petting Allie. The scene advances to the point where Allie, blindfolded, is leaning naked against the piano keys, and the fully clothed Samantha Ryan is standing beside her, rubbing Allie’s clit and kissing her, something which Allie begins doing to Samantha as well. It is another intensely erotic scene that actually brings Samantha to as much of a moaning orgasm as Allie. The lovemaking moves to the bedroom where Allie’s blindfold and Samantha’s clothes both come off.

There is a three-girl scene with Samantha Ryan, Allie Haze and a new girl, Isis Taylor, which was more of your standard Girlfriends threeway scene, with one woman instructing the other two ladies in what to do. I found it considerably better than most of those types of scenes, partly because Allie Haze has a fresh, lively demeanor which is enjoyable to watch, but mainly because Samantha Ryan, sitting on an easy chair and gradually removing clothes as she gets more and more stimulated, was actively playing with herself while the two girls made out on the bed.

Abbey Brooks has a cute, pretty face and a voluptuous body, a combination that is explosive for me. Abbey has only done one other scene for Girlfriends that I am aware of, with Samantha Ryan in Imperfect Angels 5 (a very good scene). Watching young Ruby Knox fondle Abbey’s gorgeous breasts, especially from behind, is beyond words.

But for me, Abbey is especially awesome to watch when her partner is between her legs and Abbey is getting ready to cum. Abby pushes her sex into her partner’s mouth as she wraps her hands around her partner’s head, all the while her beautiful thick thighs are caressing and later squeezing her partner’s head as her beautiful face grimaces, and she has her orgasm.

This was really another great edition of the Twisted Passions series, which is becoming Girlfriends signature series for interesting and erotic storytelling.

Anon in 'Bama
I enjoyed TP-6 a lot more than I liked TP-4, which is the only other video in this series that I’ve watched. The set-ups here weren’t all that erotic, but they weren’t terrible, either. And the casting was, for the most part, excellent.

I really liked Samantha Ryan, except that in this video she was expected to play a dominant, aggressive lesbian woman, and I’m not sure that she’s really well-suited to that role, at least not in this instance. On to my synopsis/review:

1) Allie Haze & Samantha Ryan - It all opens with Samantha Ryan playing some type of piano sonata. She’s really good, by the way.

Next we watch as Samantha arrives at the house where her pretty young student (Allie) lives. Allie has on short shorts while the beautiful blonde is wearing a blue dress. Allie warns Samantha that "the bitch is still here." The bitch-in-question being Allie’s stepmom, played by sexy blonde Abbey Brooks. Apparently, Allie and her stepmom don’t get along, and Abbey doesn’t trust Samantha alone with her stepdaughter.

Anyway, eventually Samantha and Allie begin their piano lesson after Abbey leaves the house to go shopping. Samantha blindfolds Allie to make her "feel the music." Then she begins gently touching her. These two are already lesbian lovers. There’s a great moment where Samantha pulls down Allie’s shorts and lovingly kisses the girl’s pretty butt! That’s followed by lots of fingering.

Samantha then leads the still-blindfolded nude younger girl into the bedroom, where she then removes her own clothes. There’s some frontal tribbing, they go down on each other, followed by some 69-ing.

Set-up: C+, casting: A-, sex: C+

2) Allie Haze & Isis Taylor - Allie’s stepmom demands the girl apologize to her for being rude to her earlier. The woman is convinced that there’s something going on between Allie and her piano instructor, and vows to find out what it is. Allie phones Samantha to say that she’s frightened that Abbey’s going to find out about them. Samantha suggests that Allie come to her place.

Allie shows up at Samantha’s door with her pretty friend, Isis. Isis says she wants music lessons, too. Actually, Allie has told Isis the truth about what she and the beautiful blonde really do when they’re alone together, and Isis wants in. She changes into an extremely short, plaid schoolgirl skirt. Samantha likes it! She slaps Isis on her pretty butt! Very nice!

After that it all gets kind of awkward. Samantha slaps the butts of both girls, then directs them both into the bedroom where she orders them to remove each other’s clothes while she watches. Then she makes them finger her for a while. Finally she has them go down on each other while she touches herself.

Set-up: C, casting: A-, sex: C+

3) Samantha Ryan & RayVeness - RayVeness is cooking spaghetti in her kitchen when Samantha arrives. Apparently, RayVeness’s daughter Victoria is another one of Samantha’s students. RayVeness says she wants Samantha to teach her, as well, adding that her husband will be home in an hour.

Samantha licks spaghetti sauce off of RayVeness’s breasts. They begin making out. There’s a great moment where Samantha kisses RayVeness’s gorgeous ass after stripping her. While the beautiful blonde may only be a so-so dom, RayVeness does an excellent job here in the more submissive role! Sex on a kitchen counter may appear somewhat uncomfortable, but I thought this was the best sex scene on this DVD.

Set-up: C, casting: B+, sex: B

4) Abbey Brooks & Ruby Knox - Abbey answers her door to find pretty, dark-haired Ruby asking if Allie is home. Abbey says that Allie told her she was going to the movies with Ruby. Abbey tells Ruby she knows all about Samantha’s so-called piano lessons, at which point Ruby asks, "maybe I can take lessons from you?"

And with this line we’ve got instant lesbian sex with the younger girl in the aggressive role. They kiss, and then take it into the bedroom. What follows is mostly I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex with lots of fingering.

Set-up: C-, casting: B+, sex: C

Again, some excellent moments of erotic imagery with great casting throughout. The biggest weakness, at least in my opinion, is that beautiful Samantha Ryan is not really the right woman to play a dominant, aggressive, predatory lesbian. OK, but not great. Overall grade: B-

After hearing Samantha play the Moonlight Sonata at the beginning of this movie I’m more smitten than ever. This is even more erotic than the sex in the movie.

Wow. Samantha Ryan. What a woman. Pretty good pianist. A nice singing voice as well. And a sense of humour. It’s a pity the film is neither twisted nor passionate. You can’t have everything, can you?

Watched this again looking for that much lauded scene of Samantha Ryan and Ray Vaness with marinara sauce. Still don’t agree food and sex is a good mix. The fresh or musky scent from one’s sex partner, female or male, would be missing. But Samantha and Ray make you forget about that. Hot!

Getting to see Allie Haze is very nice. Scene #1, showing Allie the fresh schoolgirl tasting female sex with Samantha is very well done by both. Hot!

In scene #2, Isis Taylor, who plays Allie’s schoolmate, has not one ounce of schoolgirl left in her. Scene #2, bad!

Casting Abby Brooks is the biggest mistake for this project. Her face showed the aftermath of heavy drinking or drug use. All that heavy makeup could do nothing. Her tits looked fake. Even with her height, she could not carry the extra baggage. A young hottie like Ruby Knox could not be attracted to that mess no matter how horny the young girl might be. Scene #3, BAD!

If Ruby Knox and Isis Taylor had switched scenes and roles it would have given this project three good scenes instead of just two.

The preceding reviewers have done a good job describing the scenes. I’ll chime in with some comments on the role-playing in the first two – it’s excellent.

The seduction by Samantha of a willing Allie is highly erotic from start to finish. Allie plays the sweet young girl who clearly has some g/g experience and has the hots for her (very) slightly older piano teacher. The teacher is somewhat predatory, which creates a nice erotic buzz. It all works and the sex is very nice.

The second scene, the “partial” three-way, capitalizes on the relationship established in the first. Allie feels kind of romantic about Samantha, but for Sam it’s mostly about sexual conquest and experience. The introduction of a willing Isis to the mix represents opportunity!, and Sam takes advantage.

Allie is shocked at first when her new “girlfriend” Sam initiates the sexy spanking of Isis, and feels awkward and unsure about the situation. Dominant Sam forces her into it – Allie is less reluctant than unsure, but her mild psychological stress makes for a highly erotic situation.

Readers may note that my description of the role-playing assignments in this scene don’t quite jibe with the plot/script details ably laid out by Anon and others – those would have Allie in on the three-way from the start, rather than awkward and unsure.

The mismatch is a product of the clumsy, un-erotic Girlfriends Films writing and plotting that Anon has so painstakingly panned in many reviews. It’s why I watch as little of the setups as possible in GFF films – just enough to tell me what the relationships and roles are. In this case, they don’t quite jive with the sexual encounter depicted. By mostly ignoring that and just engaging the actual roles being played out in the sexual encounter itself, I maximize my own enjoyment and the sexual role-playing by the performers, who are excellent here.

One final note – although Isis is presented as the instigator of the encounter and is highly willing at the start, when the sex gets serious she comes across more as a neophyte being blown away and carried away by the intensity of the experience – very nice!, and another reason to avoid mentally tying the script too closely to the sexual role-playing in a GFF production. Instead, just note what roles are REALLY being played and go with the flow!

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