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Women Seeking Women 122 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 122
I.D. dvd_5685, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Humble Opinion
This DVD had one outstanding scene that deserves to be highlighted and remembered: Prinzzess and Valentina Nappi.

The set-up is not much, but it does create a sexual dynamic whereby Prinzzess is not the aggressor, in the beginning at least. Sitting on a couch talking, Valentina is the one who is doing the suggestive pursuing, and Prinzzess is the obviously willing and "turned-on" pursued one.

In truth, though, this is just an outstanding example of Girlfriends matching two performers who are excited by and anticipating being allowed to make love to each other, for as long as they want, without any encumbrances. It is obvious, once the two begin stripping on the bed, that they are seriously aroused by each other. Prinzzess loves Valentina's lush body, and Valentina adores Prinzzess's lithe body.

Valentina, as the supposed aggressor, is up first, after the two have kissed and luxuriated on each other. Valentina is a marvel, watching her simply lick Prinzzess to an orgasm. Valentina mixes it up with a variety of styles, from "clit attention" to tongue stabbing, so that Prinzzess is always in a state of near panic. But when Valentina finally dedicates herself to sucking on Prinzzess's clit, while unseen, lavishing her tongue on Prinzzess's pussy Prinzzess finally gives up a ferocious orgasm, squeezing Valentina's head between her gorgeous thighs, in the process. Watching Valentina looking up at Prinzzess afterwards, with a silly grin on her face, is priceless.

Prinzzess eventually rises up off the bed, and from behind Valentina, wraps her arm around Valentina's neck, as they both collapse on the bed. Prinzzess whisper/growls, "You're in trouble now, girl!" Valentina laughs as she twists her head to try to see Prinzzess, "Why?" Prinzzess growl continues, "Because you have been a bad girl!" Valentina simply lays her head back on the bed, and murmurs, "Did I make you cum?" Prinzzess buries her face into Valentina's neck, "Yes." Valentina smiles warmly, and murmurs, "I'm glad".

With some exceptions, from here on out, it is mostly Prinzzess's show making the voluptuous, luscious Valentina Nappi cum and "pay for" making Prinzzess cum so deliciously hard!

A really special Prinzzess scene worth seeking out.

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