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Vacancy ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_5770, Adult
2015, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Guy Ranieri Sblattero

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Anissa Kate, Erica Fontes, Ava Courcelles, Ena Sweet, Talia Mint

Please Note: Orders containing this title will begin shipping on Tuesday October 20. "Vacancy" stars elegant French beauty Ava Courcelles as the sophisticated manager of a letting agency in Barcelona who takes great pleasure in seducing her gorgeous female guests. Ava exhibits a powerful sex drive, whether she's masturbating in the shower, fantasizing about prospective conquests, or acting on her lustful urges. Ukrainian sweetheart Talia Mint is first to feel the full of Ava's desire, as the Gallic charmer surprises her by nuzzling her breasts and kissing her luscious lips.

Ava kneels to suck Talia's wet pussy, fingering and licking her into a frenzy, before they rub each other to an explosive mutual climax. Spanish cutie Ena Sweet calls Ava for assistance when she discovers there are no towels in her room. Ava touches herself as she watches Ena in the bathtub, and makes no effort to disguise her arousal as their eyes meet. Passionate kisses lead to succulent oral coupling and fervent fingering. Ava enjoying two intense orgasms in quick succession at the hands of Ena, who turns out to be less shy and innocent than she looks.

Busty French sensation Anissa Kate is next to stir up Ava's libido, inspiring Ava to fantasize about stroking and squeezing her magnificent curves. When Ava can't resist any longer, she creeps into Anissa's room to wake her by sucking her nipples. Anissa presses her breasts in Ava's face as she straddles her and rides her to orgasm, repaying the favor by fingering Ava's tight ass. Ava's secret crush on her Portuguese friend Erica Fontes is finally realized, as they find themselves in bed together. Naked bodies entwined, they embrace acidly, enjoying a rapid simultaneous orgasm and then taking time for a more leisurely erotic exploration. They eat and finger-bang each other's sensitized pussy, before moving into scissors and grinding to a powerful climax.

This cosmopolitan cast of beauties laps up the warm welcome from their gracious and voracious hostess, as they enjoy such unique hospitality they're sure to want to come again soon!

Directed by Guy Sblattero this is a most enjoyable and well-made movie it is about Ava Coucelles leases units in an apartment block in Barcelona seemingly to only stunningly beautiful women. Part of the service is an introductory seduction on moving in. Ava is a horny young lady with superb breasts and hips and seems to have only stunningly beautiful applicants.

Each of the four seductions is different and the sex is excellent. I guess my favourite is the Anissa Kate scene where Anissa after moving in is having a nap on the sofa in her wrap and panties and wakes to find Ava nibbling her nipples. Anissa is happy feeling horny as well so this turns into a very good scene. Ena Sweet on moving in has a bath only to find there are no towels. A call to Ava brings towels but they do not stay on very long as yes she is moaning and groaning as she is seduced by amorous Ava.

Guy Sblattero has changed from his usual cast but the new cast of models are all good. Ava Coucelles is excellent as the serial seducer and all four scenes are good. My only complaint is that at the start of each scene Ava talks a bit in French and at the end of the last scene again in French. It would be nice to know what she said as there are no subtitles and no English version you can select. As you hear her speak English when she is showing a prospective tenant around she can speak English.

Never the less, a very good entertaining movie. Ah to have a landlady like Ava.

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