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Goodbye My Love ____________________________________
Goodbye My Love
I.D. dvd_5820, Adult
2015, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Guy Ranieri Sblattero

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5-Star Film! 


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I really liked Guy Sblattero’s “Holiday” but this is even better. As a Director Guy Sblattero has improved out of all sight and with this he really shows how good he is. This film is about girls making love then one having to get and leave to go home. In reality no one goes home but the various ways each scene has the departee coming back for some more impassioned love. This has been done before with Addicted to Girls "Sleepover" but never as good as this for each scene has everything you could ever want from a girl girl scene.

Leila Smith is in each scene sometimes as the person whose unit is and sometimes as the departee. In this she is very good and clearly she is better than I had thought previously. Scene one has Silvie Luca as the departee but she only manages to get her clothes on and make it to the front door before she has to return If you read my review of “Holiday” then you will realise that for me the sun rises and sets with Silvie. She also performs under the name of “Kristy” mainly for 21Sextury and is very good there as well. Anyhow scene one really gets this movie moving.

Angel Piaf is dressed has her suitcase packed and is down the steps and in on the footpath before she comes charging pack for some more magnificent sex. Leila you must be a really hot lover. Scene three was my favourite for it is Leila Smith that is the departee in this and she is out in the street and walking along before Carolina Abril leaps out of bed, gets dressed in a flash and is out the door chasing Leila down the street. After kiss and a cuddle, Carolina leads Leila back to her unit and some really impassioned sex.

Scene four has Tiffany Doll as the departee who gets dressed while Leila sleeps and tip toes out the bedroom and reaches the front door before Yup she is back for more sex with Leila. Leila Smith in this totally surprised me for she is so very good. A Czech model she simply makes you believe the three girls that want to leave cannot, while the fourth chases her down the street and leads to back to bed. In all four scenes Leila is a super lover and clearly she needs to be in more movies and scenes. By the way Leila has dark brown hair and the red she has in this must be dyed.

A simply fabulous film with very much the same cast as Guy Sblattero has had for is his last three movies. All are really perfect for this movie and having worked with the Director before they really give him what he wants.

If LezLove Video still gives out five stars this is a five star movie if ever there was one.


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