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Road Queen 19 ____________________________________
Road Queen 19
I.D. dvd_5989, Adult
2011, 147 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Shyla Jennings & Veronica Avluv, Deauxma & Keira Kelly, Veronica Avluv & Deauxma, Elexis Monroe & Shyla Jennings.

She's looking for a few good women!

DVD Features
chapter index, photo galleries & trailers [g/g].

Humble Opinion
The casting and match-ups in this movie are outstanding. So it is probably no wonder that I enjoyed it so much.

My favorite scene would have to be the Elexis Monroe/Shyla Jennings scene. It is a stand-alone scene with virtually no plot or set-up. Just two girls who are truly hot for each other, making out for forty minutes or so.

Elexis Monroe is surely one of the most natural girl/girl performers ever to have walked onto an adult film set. There are, however, certain performers whom Elexis has a special rapport with. Sinn Sage is obviously one. Heather Silk is another, and Penny Flame was a third. Ann Marie Rios and Emy Reyes would also certainly qualify. We should now add Shyla Jennings to that list as well.

Shyla Jennings is cute and unavoidably sexy throughout this scene. In the beginning, Shyla is wearing a lemon-lime colored, flimsy half-robe which barely covers her naked body underneath. Elexis is wearing a summer dress. Elexis shows a strength and dominance over pretty little Shyla here that is genuinely arousing all by itself.

From the beginning, Elexis is sitting on top of Shyla, rubbing on Shyla’s naked flesh through her dress and panties. There is the constant sound of Elexis’s heavy breathing. Elexis is soon grinding herself on Shyla, while petting and touching Shyla with her hands and fingers. After about ten minutes, Elexis gets off of Shyla and sits beside her. Elexis begins rubbing and petting on Shyla’s pussy. We can see her arousal, and Shyla confirms by laughingly saying, "My pussy is so wet!"

This scene is such a beautiful, wonderful piece of love-making that it seems ridiculous trying to pick a moment to highlight. But there is one particularly sweet moment, late in the scene. Shyla is sitting on top of Elexis and tribbing her. Shyla is fiercely holding onto Elexis’s leg for support, as she determinedly grinds herself into Elexis’s pussy. Elexis is laying on the bed, groaning loudly. Gone is Shyla’s sweet smile. In its place is a furrowed brow, and an almost painful look on Shyla’s face. It is obvious that little Shyla wants desperately to be able to make Elexis cum so hard, at least as hard as Elexis made her cum.

The over-arching theme of this edition of Road Queen is the impending marriage of Shyla to a guy that she hardly knows. Veronica Avluv, who has housed and looked after Shyla for several years now, is desperate to talk Shyla out of this folly. But things are more complicated. It appears that while Veronica is Shyla’s guardian, she has also been Shyla’s lover for some time now. So there is a decidedly selfish, even twisted, nature to Veronica’s objections.

Two things make this scene work so well. First, Veronica Avluv is outstanding at conveying mixed emotions in a scene. Second, Veronica Avluv and Shyla Jenninngs have real chemistry together, as well as a genuine attraction for each other, as witnessed in Lesbian Seductions 32.

Veronica’s character is always soft with Shyla, even when she is angry with her. Shyla, for her part, is confused. On the one hand, Shyla wants to free herself from Veronica’s grasp. But on the other hand, Shyla seeks and needs Veronica’s approval and respect. Mixed in with all that, though, and overriding everything, Shyla is clearly hauntingly obsessed with Veronica- her tender touch, and her voluptuous body, and Veronica’s obvious lust for her. This combination made for a powerful scene, I thought.

Veronica keeps accusing Shyla of only marrying this guy in order to get a cock. Shyla, twice, painfully answers, "That’s not the only reason that I am marrying him!" The second time that Shyla says this causes Veronica to explode. Veronica growls, "I’ve got a strap-on. I’ll fuck you silly!" and Veronica storms out to get said strap-on. When she comes back into the room, Veronica has calmed down. Shyla is now laying back on the bed, looking and waiting. Veronica leans down and begins gently kissing and caressing Shyla. It becomes clear that this is what Shyla has wanted all along- confirmation that she drives Veronica as crazy as Veronica does her. Veronica and Shyla are gorgeous to watch making love to each other.

The Deauxma/Veronica Avluv scene is captivating. These two thirtysomething women are both voluptuous and highly sexual. Deauxma is just out of the shower and naked, because Veronica has cleverly taken Deauxma’s clothes and put them in the wash. Both women know what the score is, but they pretend that they are just going to talk to each other. The sex is very passionate. But the most noteworthy thing about the sex is that both women are serious squirters. There are voluminous amounts of squirting throughout most of this scene- both in terms of the number of times each woman squirts, and in terms of the amount of juice shooting out. Both women clearly enjoy squirting, and love to make their partner squirt, and then keep on squirting. An almost exhausting scene.

The Deauxma and Keira Kelly scene is a sexy affair which starts out in Deauxma’s purple roadster, which is parked in the woods at night. Deauxma and Keira are in the front seat talking, but soon enough Deauxma slowly leans in and kisses Keira. Deauxma loves long, langourous kissing, and it is on display here. Deauxma eventually suggests that they take this up to Keira’s room. Keira nervously says, "We’ll have to be really quiet!" Deauxma purrs back, "Of course."

Deauxma is almost always a marvelous lover to watch. Here Deauxma gradually gets to where she has pulled off Keira’s blue jeans. Deauxma positions herself between Keira’s legs, pulling aside Keira’s white panties, to feast on her pussy. After a while, Deauxma sweetly announces, "I’m going to suck on your clit". A short time later, Deauxma looks up at Keira and softly adds, "I’m going to grab hold of it, and I’m not going to let go until you cum! Okay?" Keira looks down at Deauxma and softly responds "Yes." Deauxma then makes Keira shudder and cum three times in a row. The second time, Deauxma grabs and fiercely pulls down on Keira’s sweater, forcing Keira’s pussy in-and-out of Deauxma’s mouth, making Keira pant and groan until she cums.

A really special film.

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