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Budapest 11 ____________________________________
Budapest 11
I.D. dvd_6010, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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This in many ways should have been called “Prague 2” given that the first three scenes with Czech models from Girlfriends Films “Prague” were clearly shot for that film or a succeeding “Prague”. The only thing Hungarian bout this movie is the titles with Elexis Monroe arriving in Budapest then wandering around the city, and the last scene with Sophie Moone and Lisa. I guess that from Prague to Budapest is only six hours by train and Girlfriends thought no one would notice.

Given this however this is an OK movie with a truly great last scene and the reason I purchased this. I am a Sophie Moone addict, having met “La Moone” in the flesh in Budapest on the set at 21 Sextury and at the same time as she was filming the “Budapest” series for Girlfriends Films. So I could not not have this DVD.

The first three scenes with the Czech models are enjoyable but having no plot just girls having sex and talking in Czech. So in terms of quality these scenes are worth the watch. The last scene is however totally different being a tremendous example of how superb Sophie Moone and Lisa were. The scene starts with Sophie having coffee with Lisa asking her not to leave for another woman. Then Lisa sadly goes upstairs to lie down and recover.

A few minutes later Sophie enters Lisa’s room and slowly but slowly they start to make truly beautiful excruciating love. The emotion of this scene literally drips of the scene at you till Lisa cums and Sophie gently whispers to her “I love you”. A really breathtaking scene.so I was most happy with buying Budapest 11.

All in all this is quite a good film even if it is a patchwork of two films. I see in Women Seeking Women 121 there is a Lisa Katalin scene shot but never used for “Budapest” why was it not included in this volume. This I guess is my complaint that if they called it “Budapest 11” they should have scenes shot for the “Budapest’ series which I feel certain they have more in the Vault.

Anon in Bama
Precious little thinking went into the making of this entire series. Basically, the folks at Girlfriends Films simply decided to fly a crew across the Atlantic to shoot some east European hotties engaging in everyday girl/girl sex using the same LAME formulas that they regularly use back here at home. This one opens with scenic cut-a-way shots of beautiful Budapest, Hungary...

1) Carol Goldnerova & Niky - Next we watch as these two lovely blonde DVD cover-girls get together inside one of their homes and immediately begin awkwardly caressing one another. "Can I kiss you?" And with that line it is now lezzie-sex-time, as off come the clothes, with I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex immediately following, complete with lots of fingering. It is a pair of beautiful Hungarian women combined with unimaginative, un-erotic direction, such as GFF is known for everywhere.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C-

2) Jenny Lovely & Elisa - This scene opens with a dark-haired girl approaching a beautiful young blonde from behind, while she is brushing her hair in the bathroom. Instantaneous lesbian sex quickly follows, with both girls quickly taking it to a nearby bed. The dark-haired girl initially appears to be in charge, and there is a nice brief moment where she lovingly kisses the derriere of her blonde girlfriend. The sex that follows is decent, but nothing extraordinary.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: B

3) Carmen Croft & Morgan Moon - A pretty brunette is talking on the phone, telling the person at the other end about a girl she likes, but then adds that she already has a boyfriend. Later, we watch as she enters the bedroom where another girl is sleeping. She caresses only the HAND of the sleeping girl, NOT her beautiful leg. But it is enough. The other girl awakens and they start kissing and engaging in lesbian-sex, going down on one another along with analingus & fingering.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

4) Sophie Moone & Liza - A dark/short-haired hottie is shown stripping before a shower. Next, we watch as a blonde girl sits on the toilet, and then begin sniffing the panties of the other girl. I consider that to be excessively PORNY and NOT EROTIC! Later, the two meet for lunch, and later still we watch as the blonde girl brings a flower to the bedroom of the dark-haired girl as a prelude to lezzie-sex. The flower was nice, but the pantie-sniffing was just STUPID! They go at it, complete with analingus & tribbing.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

These beautiful east European women are completely WASTED by the weak direction of this company with their horrible scripts! And why such bland, unimaginative sex-scenes? My overall grade: C

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