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Women Seeking Women 120 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 120
I.D. dvd_6069, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Humble Opinion
This DVD has two terrific scenes one that I would rate an "instant classic", and the other that is outstanding.

The "instant classic" features Prinzzess & Vanessa Veracruz. The initial set-up is odd, and does not seem to fit the actual sex scene that follows. When the actual sex scene begins, Vanessa is cudding with her girlfriend, Prinzzess, on a large easy chair. Prinzzess is dressed for workwearing a sleek, bright yellow sleeveless blouse, and tight fitting white slacks. Vanessa is more casually in a sleeveless tee shirt and denim shorts. Prinzzzess is leaving soon for work, and Vanessa coaxes her into the bedroom, where they can cuddle more easily. What makes this scene so extraordinary and memorable is the intimacy on display.

Early on, Vanessa as the aggressor is kissing Prinzzess endlessly. Both are whispering how beautiful the other is, and how much they love the other. Vanessa climbs on top of the fully clothed Prinzzess, who is lying on her back. Vanessa, also still fully clothed, begins, almost imperceptibly, to hump herself on Prinzzess, as she still kisses Prinzzess rapturously. Prinzzess''s breath is starting to quicken, she hugs Vanessa close to her, and Vanessa wraps her arms around Prinzzess''s shoulders so she can push into her harder. Vanessa emits a high pitched sigh through all this, and Prinzzess appears to cum.

We next see both Vanessa and Prinzzess stripped of all clothes, except for their white panties. Vanessa is on top of Prinzzess, humping her again, with Prinzzess groaning once more. Vanessa climbs off and positions down between Prinzzess''s legs. Vanessa begins kissing and licking through Prinzzess''s panties, and then roughly pulls aside the panties so she can feast upon Prinzzess''s naked pussy. Prinzzess starts panting again. Vanessa locks her arms around Prinzzess''s thighs, twisting her face into Prinzzess''s pussy. This time Prinzzess seriously explodes into Vanessa''s mouth.

In Vanessa''s arms, Prinzzess sweetly sighs, "I really love you." Vanessa slyly whispers back, "Show me how much you love me!" From this taunt, and from here on out, Vanessa Veracruz, more or less, relinquishes control to Prinzzesswho ravishes this Latin beauty in an almost shocking, but incredibly beautiful and intimate fashion.

Vanessa is on her stomach, and Prinzzess climbs along side of her. Prinzzess''s legs engulf Vanessa''s midriff, while her hand grips Vanessa''s throat. Prinzzess will send Vanessa, and herself, on an orgasmic odyssey that often has one or both of them shivering and gasping. After bringing Vanessa to her second orgasm, Prinzzess wants to eat Vanessa from behind. Prinzzess takes off the ring from her thumb and leaning across Vanessa says, "Hold this". But instead of giving the ring to Vanessa, Prinzzess hesitates, then murmurs, "Better yet....". Prinzzess places the ring on Vanessa''s finger, and smiles to herself at the implication.

Prinzzess wraps her body over Vanessa''s gorgeous backside, with one arm wrapped underneath, a hand and fingers cupping Vanessa''s luscious breasts. Prinzzess, humps Vanessa''s ass and back, her thumb invading and fucking Vanessa''s pussy, her hot breath and lips attacking Vanessa''s neck. Vanessa is crying out, pleading, "Oh God, yes! Make me CUM, make me CUM!" Both women will be shaking after this explosion, but it won''t be over yet. Both will get their chance again to make the other shake and cum.

The other great scene, between Hana Black & Ariella Ferrera, while not quite as remarkable, is still very intense, and beautiful to watch. Hana Black, who works primarily in Europe, is a performer, who appears to be mostly, if not solely, a girl/girl performer. Hana can appear somewhat "stagey" and artificial, there is no doubt about her beauty Hana Black is one breath-takingly beautiful woman. Hana, paired with Ariella Fererra, is genius casting, because if given a chance, Ariella can elicit excitedly passionate performances from her partners, which is exactly what happens here.

Both Ariella and Hana are nursing students. Hana however, is from Europe, and is only in the States for one day, and needs a place to crash. Ariella offers her room at the dorm. We next see Ariella in bed, wearing pajamas, and a bra. Hana climbs into bed also wearing pajamas, but no bra. Hana immediately begins "coming-on" to Ariella, softly kissing her. Ariella accepts the kisses, but pushes away Hana''s "exploratory" hands. When Hana moves too quickly to concentrating on an exposed nipple, we hear Dan O''Connell instruct, off camera, "Give her some good mouth kisses, Hana." From this point forward, the scene becomes perceptibly more intimate.

Ariella subtlety takes charge of the tempo, even as Hana is visually in charge, in this early part of the scene. Hana, fascinated by Ariella''s visually striking clit, starts to feast on it. Ariella holds Hana''s face at bay, admonishing, "Oh! Be nice!" Then, in a more vocally soothing tone, "Be nice." Hana slows down, and the scene heats up. Once both women are totally naked, the ferocity and frenzy of both Hana and Ariella are "on the same page" and they crush each other trading orgasms. Hana is particularly entranced by Ariella''s physically intense orgasms that shake the bed. Hana pants loudly as she finger-fucks Ariella as hard as she can, trying to make Ariella shiver and shake yet again. Later, Ariella wraps her body around Hana, and whispers to a visibly appreciative Hana, "Oh baby, that felt so good!"

But the best will be yet to come. When Ariella begins to take over Hana, for the next 10 minutes, Hana will be an almost constant "shivering bowl of jello" in Ariella''s hands. By the end, Hana Black''s gorgeous body will be curled up in a ball, kneeling on the bedher face buried into the mattress. She will be shaking, trying to catch her breath, and seemingly unable to move from the intensity of that last orgasm that Ariella put her through.

Harmony Paxson is a sexy young blond who India Summer takes control of. There are moments of visual enjoyment here, particularly when Harmony can''t hold back anymore and explodes from what India is doing to her. The three girl scene between Prinzzess, a young sweet brunette Tabby, and an older lecherous Anita Dark (another European performer whose performances benefited enormously from working with Girlfriends Films). This scene had promise, but I didn''t think that it ultimately worked.

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