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Road Queen 33 ____________________________________
Road Queen 33
I.D. dvd_6070, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Humble Opinion
This edition of Road Queen has two excellent scenes.

The first great scene features Tara Morgan with Scarlet Red. Tara has come to town dressed as a boy. While Tara's friend, Shyla Jennings knows that Tara is "all female", much of this small Texas community is a bit confused by it all.

Tara is visiting when Shyla's friend, Scarlet Red, and is in Scarlet's bedroom with her. Leaning against her bed's headboard, Scarlet is trying to get the scoop on Tara's sexuality. Scarlet gingerly probes, "Some of the folks say you're a hermaphrodite." Tara crinkles her nose, "A hermaphrodite-what?" Scarlet softly explains, and Tara is outraged. Tara has a stage act, plus she finds that it is easier to pick up girls when she is dressed up as a guy. Get the girl little high, and by the time she realizes that Tara is really a girl, she is too horny to care any more!

Scarlet is a little shocked, but mostly dubious that Tara is really a girl underneath that suit. Angry now, Tara takes off her jacket and undoes the buttons on her shirt and pulls it open. Scarlet's mouth is delightfully agape, "Girl! You've got cleavage!"

With gender proven, Tara begins to explain to Scarlet that she could make a bundle of cash dressing up as a dude, and doing shows for "certain clubs". Scarlet is taken aback, but after Tara dresses Scarlet up in her boy's outfit, and they look at her in the full length mirror, Scarlet is amazed. Tara purrs, that she looks so sexy right now, And when Tara whispers excitedly, "You could make a fortune!", Scarlet turns to look at Tara and the begin passionate kissing and fall onto Scarlet's bed.

Jelena Jensen is the high school girls softball coach, and a "closet lesbian". The trouble is that Jelena's sexual proclivities are no longer so secret anymore. Beautiful, young, sexy, and very British Ava Dalush has come to Jelena's room specifically to find out if the rumors about Jelena are true. Ava is cute in her bold and abrupt way that she probes Jelena. While taken aback by Ava's brashness (not to mention that sexy accent that Ava has) Jelena is nonetheless unable to concentrate on being angry. Instead she keeps looking staring at Ava's luscious body that keeps "invading her space". There will be no fight, and no real resistance from Jelena. Ava clearly wants her, and Jelena wants all of Ava, and will prove it in this scene.

Two very good scenes worth checking out.

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