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Mother's Secret Twins ____________________________________
Mother's Secret Twins
I.D. dvd_6078, Adult
2015, TBA
Directed by Director

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Mommy's Girl.com is proud to present Mommy's Secret Twins. This is the film you've been waiting for. Dana DeArmond plays one of our most controversial Mommies yet! When Dana requisitions two wayward girls, things get odd as you'd expect, but nubile teens who need a mother become her stay at home twin girls just for the chance to get the life they've always wanted. What will they give up?

Dana is persistent in making sure her girls behave by the rules, but what is most important is that they are happy, all the time. Adriana Chechik's new twin sister Jade Nile shows her the ropes, and makes sure that she learns the family rules! But that's not all Mommy Dana gets her chance to help the rules sink in deep!

T Hawk
As of late I have purchased several films from this company and have yet to be disappointed. As with all of the prior films Mother's Secret Twins is available on the Girlsway website as separate entities. Here the title scene bookends the film with 3 just as good scenes sandwiched in the middle. Mother''s Secret Twins is an excellent 2 part scene where Dana DeArmond takes in wayward (the term the film uses) teens and uses them for lesbian pleasures, both parts are very good. Prom Night Pointers and Nurse Mom are the cheese between the bread of Mother''s Secret Twins and are just as good. But the meat of this sandwich is scene 3 Almost Caught!! First Ariana Marie toys with her stepmother Kendra Lust and is almost caught by her father, but things really heat up at the table when passion and desire just overflow, when Ariana drops that fork and goes under the table to retrieve it and eat Kendra all while the male foil is at the other end!!!, whew smoking to say the least. Lunch has a new meaning here as the salads are pushed aside for the lovely ladies to feast on each other, 5 star scene for sure!! With releases like this Hands on Mom and A Wife''s Affair among many more Girlsway (oh yes they have webyoung under their banner as well)) is a premium place to go for lesbian erotica. Mother''s Secret Twins like a lot Girlsway films are excellent additions to a lesbian lovers collection.

Humble Opinion
From my viewpoint, Girlsway Productions have taken up the mantle of erotic vignettes that tap into my own personal psyche. Girlsway does a more consistent job of creating those scenes than any other studio since the Viv Thomas of old, when Viv was at the helm.

Only one scene in Mother's Secret Twins truly hits that mark for me, but it is an instant classic, in my opinion. Casting and role-playing are crucial to an excellent erotic vignette, in my view, and Kendra Lust and Ariana Marie are terrific here.

Kendra Lust is the voluptuous trophy wife of a successful businessman. Kendra appears to feel vaguely dissatisfied and neglected by her husband. At various times, we see Kendra sitting at the dining room table, scantily clad, with her luscious breasts barely hidden as if inviting her husband to notice HER, and forget about his work for a while. While Kendra's "enticing attire" is lost on her husband, it is clearly having an effect on Kendra's step-daughter, Ariana Marie!

We first see Kendra waking up to an empty bed her husband has gone in early to work. We next see Kendra at the dining room table, in a purple silk robe, wearing a sexy set of bra and panties underneath. Kendra, staring ahead, eats her breakfast, alone. In the background, we see Ariana sneak up behind Kendra, and softly glide her hands down the front of Kendra's sleek robe, and cup Kendra's luscious breasts from behind. In this part of the scene, the sight of the awesomely pretty Ariana Marie kneading and pleasuring, from behind, a voluptuous and submissive Kendra Lust is beyond awesome.

Kendra pleasurably murmurs, "Mmm, did you sneak away? And forget something?" thinking that the hands that are caressing her belong to her husband. Kendra's hands glide up the arms, and then down to "the hands" still massaging her breasts, encouraging them to keep doing what they are doing. Kendra keeps her eyes closed, and she won't turn around. She won't break the spell, this is what Kendra has wanted for so long the touch of her husband, his attention and appreciation again for her gorgeous frame.

For Ariana, her eyes are positively sparkling. This is going WAY better than she ever imagined it would! Ariana is molding, massaging, and squeezing those gorgeous globes that she has been staring at for ages. And those stiff nipples that Ariana feels now, are HER creation! Ariana's pinching and pulling on those nipples which have made her stepmom twist and gasp there because SHE made them "stand up"! By the time Ariana's hand has traveled down inside her stepmom's panties, Kendra is murmuring, "Oh yeah, feel my pussy, you KNOW what I like!", Ariana is out of control now, SHE HAS TO MAKE HER STEPMOM CUM! Ariana rubs Kendra's pussy deliberate and hard, and feels her stepmom bend over and shake. But as Kendra nears "completion", the door in the front of the house opens, and Kendra's husband calls out, "Honey, I'm back, I forgot my briefcase!"

Kendra's eyes flash open, first in befuddlement, and then in shock. As Kendra jerks around, she gasps at the sight of her step-daughter hovering over her, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Instead of being angry though, the slightly dazed Kendra breathlessly blurts out, "Oh my gosh, we're going to get caught!" and frantically pulls at her robe, to cover herself. Ariana whispers back, teasingly, "No, we're not", and her hands keep invading Kendra's robe, seeking to keep squeezing Kendra's breasts. When the husband nears the dining room, the giggling Ariana scampers into the kitchen and locks the door behind her. The scene fades out.

Later, it is a Sunday afternoon and Kendra, Ariana, and the husband are sitting at the dining room table, having lunch. The husband is on his cellphone, talking business. Kendra is looking alluring and provocative again, in her shoulder-less blouse that constantly threatens to fall down, exposing her bra-less, luscious breasts. Ariana meanwhile, minding her own business, only occasionally givs her step-mother some wicked glances, which Kendra returns with "dagger-like" stares. When the husband excuses himself from the table, to finish his business call, Kendra is prepared to read Ariana the "riot act". But before she can say a word, Kendra watches, in startled amazement, as Ariana slip underneath the table. When Kendra first feels Ariana's soft kiss on her naked thigh, she gasps and pulls away. But the insistence of Ariana's kisses and licks almost immediately have Kendra surrendering. Occasionally, Kendra pleads halfheartedly, "We have to stop, he's coming back! I think I hear him coming!" But Kendra's hands betray her: They keep massaging Ariana's hair, and pushing Ariana's face and twisting it into her pussy. Or Kendra's hands are kneading her own now naked, luscious breasts, as she squeezes her eyes shut, and groans while Ariana tends to her "down there".

Eventually, the husband does return to the table, where Kendra looks proper again, and Ariana is no where to be seen. The husband is unaware and self-absorbed, and announces that he HAS to go to the office, that this deal is too big to leave to subordinates.

With her daddy's departure, Ariana climbs out from the underneath the table, and stands behind her stepmom again, kissing and nibbling her neck and bare shoulders, while massaging her breasts. After luxuriating a bit, Kendra turns around, to begin asserting her authority. Kendra grips Ariana's shoulders and demands that Ariana call her "Mommy" from now on. Ariana petulantly objects, but when Kendra orders her to get down on her knees and lick Kendra's pussy "properly", Ariana does as she is told, while Kendra places on foot on a chair, and raises her skirt for Ariana. Later, Kendra will push the lunch dishes to the other end of the dining room table, and both ladies will pleasure and feast on each other.

The other scenes are good, but not quite as memorable. Adriana Chechik is a wayward teen who is forced to live at Dana DeArmond's boarding house, which has only one other occupant Jade Nile another teen who has nowhere else to go. Dana has them dress as twins, in 1950's attire, and they must call her "mommy". The scene between Adriana and Jade is very good with Jade continually pleading with Adriana to "Keep it down. If Mommy finds out, she's going to punish us!" The follow-up scene, where Dana does indeed find out and punish the two "twins" was nowhere near as good, in my view.

Blonde Holly Heart, appalled by her step-daughter's, Samantha Rone, wild behavior, decides to take control of Samantha. Samantha reveals that she has been "acting-up" precisely because she has been wanting her step-mother's attention, and aching for Holly to "take charge of her". A deliciously sexy scene follows.

Jelena Jensen's pale white skin, gorgeous long brown hair, and awesomely statuesque body have rarely been captured more beautifully than in this scene with the voluptuous Alex Chance, as her young step-daughter who is thinking about breast redu

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