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A Wife's Affair ____________________________________
A Wife's Affair
I.D. dvd_6110, Adult
2015, TBA
Directed by Stills by Alan

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Abigail Mac, Vanessa Veracruz

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Being in long-term relationship is not a thing for all girls. Vanessa knows it very well, because things between her and her husband haven't been great since long time. She got bored, her husband Manolo is not even trying anymore, so she takes things into her own hands and tries to find a spark in her life herself. Thing change drastically when she meet her soulmate in same situation - Abigail. The difference is that Abigal is already alone and she doesn't need to listen to her ex-husband anymore. So when these two became a friends a tried their very first lesbian sex, they got hooked. Abigail being the girl in sexual need 24/7 calls her new lover Vanessa and invites her over for some morning pussy-eating. See what happens next...

Orders with this title will ship on TUE NOV 3. (The release date) Thank you.

PART 1 - Vanessa Veracruz & Abigail Mac
Part 2 - Vanessa Veracruz & Charlotte Stokely
Part 3 - Vanessa Veracruz & Abigail Mac
Part 4 - Vanessa Veracurz & Abigail Mac
Part 5 - Vanessa Veracruz, Abigail Mac, Charlotte Stokely

T Hawk
WOW!!! Just what can be said about this film? It''s a fabulous vision of lesbian erotica to enjoy over and over!! The film stars just three lovely ladies Vanessa Veracruz, Abigail Mac and Charlotte Stokely, and what a triangle I must say. A Wife''s Affair shows us the events that lead up to The Business of Women, and I myself couldn't be more pleased with the results. All aspects of this DVD are extremely well done, why complain with such a superb release. Vanessa is one of my favorite actresses right now so to have 5 scenes with her is heaven and 4 of them have Abigail Mac, lets just say if these two didn't have chemistry this movie wouldn't have worked at all.

Charlotte, while I like has gotten better with age like a fine wine! I remember her from some of her early Hustler work (such as a terrible violation of, which I still have today) and in this film she has come a long way baby!!! A Wife''s Affair has been available for some time on the Girlsway website but putting it together on one DVD was the natural thing to do, just surprised it took so long. With 3 beautiful ladies a story that is interesting but not over convoluted and direction that is right on target A Wife''s Affair is a 5 star film, one that can be watched in pieces or as a whole and still rock your world!! If you like, love or adore any of the 3 lovely ladies in this movie this is definitely a must buy!!

Humble Opinion
This is probably my favorite Girlsway feature length movie, so far. It helps tremendously that it features, what I find to be, two of the most beautiful and sexiest women in adult film Abigail Mac and Vanessa Veracruz. It is billed as a prequel to The Business of Women, but really, you don''t need to have watched The Business of Women to enjoy this movie it stands beautifully on its own.

And "Beautiful" is the operative word here. Both Abigail and Vanessa are stunning to look at here in this movie. The set-up is that both Vanessa and Abigail are in loveless marriages. Vanessa is married to a guy who is frankly just bored with her. Abigail, meanwhile, is married to a guy who is gaga over her, but absolutely clueless that Abigail has only married him for his money. Some time before the movie starts, Abigail and Vanessa have started this illicit, lesbian affair on the sly. By the DVD cover count, there are three girl/girl scenes between Abigail and Vanessa on this disc. But really, there are about 6 or 7, and they are ALL mouthwatering.

The first scene of the movie an Abigail/Vanessa scene sets-up the sexual dynamic between the two. Abigail''s hubby has gone off to work. Lazy, and restless Abigail calls Vanessa on her cell phone. Vanessa, still in bed with her hubby, sneaks out to answer her phone. Abigail purrs that her guy has left for work, and she is lonely and horny, and wants Vanessa to come over. Vanessa pleads nervously that she can''t, her husband would get too suspicious, if she left so early. Abigail pouts, and then murmurs that she will do that "thing" to Vanessa that drives her crazy, Vanessa pants, and desperately whispers that she will find a way to come.

We then watch Vanessa putting on a sleek tight dress over her naked body. At the same time, we see Abigail slip on on a black negligee, and stockings. As we watch both girls prepare themselves, there is the pounding beat of a Spanish guitar in the background.

When Vanessa nervously shows up at Abigail''s door, they stare at each other briefly. Abigail pulls Vanessa into the hallway and begins devouring her mouth and neck. This sets up the sexual dynamic that plays out through most of the movie. Abigail is the insatiable aggressor, who can never get enough of Vanessa''s luscious body. Standing in the hallway, for instance, Abigail has stripped Vanessa naked, kissing and squeezing the panting Vanessa. Abigail breathlessly suggests that they go up to her bedroom. But they only make to the long winding marble staircase. Abigail pulls Vanessa down, and begins "eating-out" Vanessa on the stone steps. Though submissive throughout this movie, Vanessa is also insatiable in her own way. Vanessa knows the allure that she has, and she loves taunting her lover. And she gasps, and groans when Abigail forcefully takes her. Vanessa loves orgasming, and can seemingly cum forever. And Abigail seems to want nothing more than to do just that to Vanessa. The sex between these two beauties in this scene, and throughout the whole movie is simply spectacular.

In the next section, the complication comes. Some time back, Vanessa and her husband (and it seems like Abigail and her husband)went to a swinger''s club. There Vanessa came under the gaze of India Summer and her associate, Charlotte Stokely. India is never in this movie, but Charlotte is. Charlotte calls and invites Vanessa over for lunch. When Vanessa arrives at India''s palatial estate, she learns that it will only be Charlotte and herself for lunch. What seems like an innocent lunch date, soon enough morphs into Charlotte enticing Vanessa into joining India and her in managing a sex club.

While Vanessa is intrigued by the possibility, and money to be made, it soon becomes apparent that there are "strings" attached. Charlotte has an "initiation" in mind, and Vanessa is firm in her resistance to having sex with Charlotte not because of her husband, but because she would be cheating on Abigail. Flattery, future wealth, and Charlotte''s purring weaken Vanessa''s resolve, and they have sex. Afterwards, Charlotte cleverly asks Vanessa if she wouldn't mind house-sitting India''s estate for the weekend, because Charlotte has to go to the south of France on business, and India will be away.

This sets up the next section. Accepting the house sitting offer, the next morning Vanessa calls Abigail and invites her to see the magnificent house she is staying at for the weekend. Vanessa constantly reassures Abigail that nothing happened between her and Charlotte. But when Abigail shows up she is still suspicious, and more than a little jealous. As the awe-struck Vanessa shows Abigail through parts of the estate, this leads to almost constant sex, as Abigail keeps pushing Vanessa into a wall or onto a glass table and feasting on her, sometimes roughly. After each sex bout, Vanessa will breathlessly lead Abigail into another room of this palatial estate, at one point, for instance, suggesting that they play racquet ball in an indoor court. But with the game barely started, Abigail demands a kiss after winning a point, and strips Vanessa of her top and pushes her against the glass wall of the court. The two grapple and pant, pressed against the glass. But it is when Vanessa suggests having sex on India''s bed that a panting Vanessa finally begins to realize that it is she, now, who has the sexual power. At the outdoor pool later, as they cuddle, Abigail asks Vanessa murmuringly what she wants now. Vanessa''s eyes are on fire as she announces, "I want you to eat me and make me cum!" Abigail stares wide-eyed at Vanessa, and then proceeds to ferociously "eat-out Vanessa" .

The final section finds Abigail''s marriage has fallen apart and she is suddenly penniless. Going over to the estate, she finds Charlotte kissing Vanessa. Abigail is furious, but Charlotte has just offered Vanessa the manager position at the sex club in the south of France, that she visited. Vanessa offers Abigail the job of her assistant at the club. Accepting the offer, Abigail coldly stares, as Vanessa and Charlotte kiss to seal the deal. When Vanessa suggests/orders Abigail to give Charlotte a kiss as well, the power relationship between Abigail and Vanessa is officially changed, and the 3-girl sex that follows features every combination except Charlotte making Abigail cum that would be not be acceptable.

I found this to be a really sexy, enjoyable feature.

Two amazing scenes that I love about this:

1. Charlotte/Vanessa Veracruz Vanessa hides the fact that she is cheating on her husband. She meets a blonde and they have amazing sex. Favorite scene is this one Grade A-

2. Vanessa Veracruz/Abagail Mac Scene four. Knowing they had sex already makes this even better. They start kissing outside but they go into her bedroom totally naked! Takes about 11 minutes. Then you feel they only WANT EACH OTHER! Girlsway and Sweetheart Video has the Best scenes of making sex into a storyline!

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