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Creepers Family 7, The ____________________________________
Creepers Family 7, The
I.D. dvd_6114, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Lena Nicole & Tara Morgan, Angela Sommers & Xandra Sixx, Allie Eve Knox & Mercedes Carrera, Mindi Mink & Angela Sommers.

Orders with this title will ship TUE NOV 3.

The dark dysfunctional, creepy side of lesbian love at it's best..

Humble Opinion
For the most part, this edition of The Creepers Family is "so-so" not bad, but fairly average for Girlfriends films. The last scene, however, between Mindi Mink and Angela Sommers is magnificent, due largely to the realism that Mindi Mink can bring to her scenes when she has a partner that is genuinely "turned on" by her, and is willing to let herself go where ever Mindi wants to take them. It is an hour and twelve minute scene, but the sex starts up at about the 10 minute mark.

I enjoy watching Angela Sommers, a lot. She has a very pretty face, with sexy eyes and a voice that matches that "come hither" stare of her's. Coupled with Angela's beautiful pale white skin, and unbelievably taut/tight body, I'll pretty much follow Angela Sommers anywhere. But Angela can devolve into a "performer" rather than a "lover", when she doesn't have a great partner to play "off-of", and with. Mindi Mink is that "great partner", and the two are simply amazing together.

Being the Girlfriends' contract star, Mindi pretty much sets the tempo for this scene early on even though Angela is playing the "seducer" in the scene. Mindi, early on, is exploratory, and a little teasing with Angela. There is a lot of soft kisses by both, and some very sweet petting and touching. At about the 20 minute mark though, Angela sits up on the bed and begins to take charge intending to bring a little more "heat" to the scene. Angela is kneeling at the feet of Mindi, pulling on the panty-hose that Mindi is wearing. Angela steadily and methodically pulls off the hose, but at the last piece of the last leg, Mindi's big toe suddenly clamps down on the hose. Angela, visibly stunned, looks up at Mindi, and sees those beautiful large eyes of Mindi's dancing and teasing at her, and a devious grin on her face. Angela blinks, looks down smiling, and tugs determinedly at the hose until they come off. When Angela flings the hose behind her, she crawls slowly up to Mindi, staring at Mindi's flashing eyes the whole time. As Angela leans in, she mummers, "You are adorable! and Mindi smiles back warmly, and they softly kiss.

Seeming to take Mindi's "lead", Angela's licking of Mindi's bush is soft her tongue often either teasing or dancing, and her lips sucking slowly and sweetly on Mindi's clit. When Angela finally makes Mindi shiveringly cum, you see the satisfaction in Angela's eyes, and the soft smile of her face.

But if Mindi Mink set the soft, romantic tone of the first part of this scene, it is Mindi Mink also who sets the tone for the remainder of this scene which is about 35 minutes. After Angela has sweetly made Mindi cum, Mindi lays herself on top of Angela. Mindi is not "soft" anymore though, she is grinding herself into Angela, gripping Angela's body while she does so. Soft and slow is gone for good, and urgent and carnal are in its place. Mindi's "rutting" is unfortunately cut short by the editor, presumably for time's sake. In its place though, we see Mindi mount Angela's face, and watch Angela positively bury her face into Mindi's hovering pussy. Both Mindi and Angela are moaning, and we watch Mindi's body shiver, and Angela's hands blindly grip Mindi's thighs and hips as she mashes herself into Mindi.

After Mindi has cum, she stays on top of Angela for a time, recovering, while Angela sways underneath, softly kissing one thigh and then the other. When Mindi climbs off of Angela, she begins to gently but firmly "handle" Angela twisting and position Angela like she was her own personal doll. Eventually, Mindi will have Angela laying on her back. Angela's arms will hanging off the foot of the bed, and by the end of this part, her head will also be practically off the bed. Mindi will bury her mouth and tongue into Angela's pussy, changing rhythm, pressure and style, and making Angela seemingly cum at least twice.

Then Mindi, lying on her stomach, gently inserts an exploratory finger inside of Angela. As Mindi begins to feel Angela starting to respond to the finger, she crawls up next to Angela, inserting a second finger at the same time. With two fingers buried deep into Angela, Mindi wraps her free arm around Angela's neck and shoulders, and pulls Angela to her ravenous mouth. Mindi ferociously kisses Angela, until Angela has to break free, turning away to catch a breath. Mindi's deep finger fucking never lets up. Mindi is restlessly kissing Angela's neck, her cheek, and finally Angela twists back to give Mindi her mouth again. As Angela finally starts to shake in Mindi's arms, Mindi groans and buries her face into Angela as she feels Angela's orgasm.

Angela lays helpless in Mindi's arms, and weakly whispers, "You're making me dizzy!"

There is still 15 minutes more to go in this scene, and both women make use of every passionate and unrelenting moment of it.

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