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Girl Crush 03 ____________________________________
Girl Crush 03
I.D. dvd_6123, Adult
2013, 162 min.
Club 59
Directed by Mason

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Mia Malkova & Jessie Andrews, Anikka Albrite & Lia Lor, Dani Daniels & Sovereign Syre, Sinn Sage & Maddy O''Reilly.

Real sex with girls who love girls.

Scene listing:

[0:35] Mia Malkova & Jessie Andrews - interview
[3:06] Mia Malkova & Jessie Andrews - scene

[40:44] Anikka Albrite & Lia Lor - interview
[42:37] Anikka Albrite & Lia Lor - scene

[1:20:35] Sinn Sage & Maddy O''Reilly - interview
[1:23:49] Sinn Sage & Maddy O''Reilly - scene

[2:03:01] Dani Daniels & Sovereign Syre - interview
[2:06:20] Dani Daniels & Sovereign Syre - scene

[2:41:52] end credits

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

The best edition yet of this great series.

The Sovereign Syre/Dani Daniels and Sinn Sage/Maddy OíReilly scenes are both now on my personal ten best list and the Annika Albright/Lia Lor scene isnít far back.

Mason does her usual outstanding filmmaking work and donít miss the interesting BTS.

This is among the very best in g/g. Donít miss it.

connie lingus
The much anticipated series from Club 59 finally arrives and it does not disappoint! If you are familiar with the series the premise is straight forward - a quick 5-10 minute interview of the girls who are partnered talking about what makes being with another woman special, then the action begins! I love the whole idea and appreciate the candidness of the girls. The lovemaking is slow and sensual at first and builds to a climax. All the scenes were great, but my favorite was between Anikka & Lia - love the ass play by Lia on Anikkaís gorgeous butt! The tamest, and it was a surprise, was Sinn & Maddy. Too much tribbing and not enough of the other good stuff. All in all another great release by Club 59!

I know the year is still young but if this is not in the running for best girl-girl movie of the year, I will be amazed. This has four scenes which are all classics. All beautifully filmed, featuring models who are really excited by their partners and the scene they are involved in, this steps out of the crowd to be totally unique.

Two scenes here will be amongst my two favorites of all time. The first is the Annika Albrite/Lia Lor scene, which is just simply breathtaking, especially so when Annika mounts Liaís face and is eaten out. My award for the best ass in history goes to Annika, who is just simply awesome. Mind you, Lia Lor is not far behind. Simply fabulous.

The other scene I adored was the last, with Sovereign Syre and the greatest girl-girl performer of her age, Dani Daniels. Please Dani, why do boy-girl when at girl-girl you are just supreme. The magic and superbness of this scene is hard to describe. See it and you will know what I mean.

The other two scenes are also brilliant, so this is a film not to miss.

People argue who is the greatest girl-girl director. Well, Mason, the director of this, has to be on the list, for all her girl-girl movies are universally quality.

Finally, Dani, do only girl-girl for you are just so good.

Johnny B.
Of the three Girl Crush movies, maybe this is the best. For the two previous ones, they were good, but I kept focusing on a particular scene (Brooke & Gracie for the first, Georgia & Kristina for the second) - but I have so much to say about the third.

- Jessie & Mia : before the scene begins, they look like two girls who want to discover lez sex, although Iíve seen Jessie in some lez scenes, and I liked her every time. They donít start by kissing each other, but by licking and touching each other, but they finally kiss. Mia sometimes took the lead, but I thought Jessie was the most dominant of the two, with oral sex, (very hot!) tribbing, analingus, and Mia feels very, very good, I thought she was about to cry at one moment! Jessie comforts her by whispering "itís OK" and kissing her head, and Mia tastes her again, so well that Jessie was near to the ground! After the final orgasm, they kiss again... I donít know if itís the best scene, but itís the weirdest one.

- Lia & Annika : more conventional, two pretty blondes who kiss and lick each other. Lia seems to have a fetish for Anikkaís pants, she sniffs them. Good oral and anal sex, particularly for Lia who eats Annikaís pussy while touching herself.

- Sinn & Maddy : as expected, this was very good. Two kinds of orgasms, Sinnís more noisy but very terrific, and Maddyís more peaceful. I particularly enjoyed when Maddy is eating Sinnís pussy from behind, her facial expressions were thrilling me! Very good tribbing too, as expected.

- Sovereign & Dani : they seem very friendly with each other and are prepared to have great sex... and this was the case! Great orgasm by Sovy when Dani is eating her pussy, before returning her the favor, great tribbing while Dani sucks Sovyís boob. The anal sex was very enjoyable too, but my favorite part is when Sovereign is rubbing Daniís pussy ferociously... Daniís facial expression was great, it reminded me of Dani from "Dare"! Really, I didnít expect this movie would make me enjoy the sex beast side of her more than the angel she was... Very good scene, maybe the best one from the movie!

Congrats to Mason and her performers!^_^

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