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Love Match ____________________________________
Love Match
I.D. dvd_6124, Adult
2015, XX minutes
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Guy Ranieri Sblaterro

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5-Star Film! 

Anissa Kate, Talia Mint, Jimena Lago, Ena Sweet, Ava Courcelles, Erica Fontes.

Orders with this title ship on TUE NOV 3.

In an exciting first, the script for "Love Match" was written entirely by a Viv Thomas fan. The erotic tale starts with Erica Fontes proposing marriage to Anissa Kate. Although Anissa accepts, It becomes clear she is having doubts when gorgeous Talia Mint visits, and Anissa pulls her into a passionate clinch. Talia is vocal in her enjoyment as Anissa's tongue flicks rapidly over her hot pink folds. Talia sucks on Anissa's big breasts and kisses her way down to her pussy, eating her enthusiastically. They entwine and grind to a sticky mutual climax. Can Anissa's engagement survive this infidelity?

Meanwhile, Ena Sweet's relationship with Jimena Lago is thrown into turmoil when she receives a wedding invitation from Anissa, her ex-girlfriend. (More to come)

If I had seen this prior to my review of Fashion and Fetish I would have included this as one of the best films of the year. However due to a mail delay it arrived later even if sent earlier. Based on a script by a Viv Thomas fan this is simply a totally superb movie with a good connecting plot, superb performances and Direction that only the master Guy Sblattero can give.

The film is centred on Erica Fontes proposal of marriage to girlfriend Annisa Kate. While Anissa accepts it is clear she is not totally committed as in scene one she has some highly passionate sex with other girlfriend Talia Mint.

Scene two is introduced with Anissa and Erica sending out wedding invitations one of which goes to Ena Sweet, a former girlfriend of Anissa’s. Ena’s current girlfriend Jimena Largo is upset only partially resolved when she makes love to Ena but Ena leaves her to satisfy herself.

Scene three starts with Anissa trying on her wedding dress at Ava Courcelles dress shop where Jimena works and is clearly upset. After Anissa leaves Ava consoles Jimena with understanding and some sympathy sex which is really beautifully done.

Scene four has Anissa trying on her white wedding panties and bra only to be seduced by girlfriend Erica. Do they live happily given Anissa’s sexual appetite.

This is just superbly done with emotion, sensitivity and sexual chemistry hard to beat. Each scene has a different kind of sex and the emotion that goes with the love making is beautifully done Guy Sblattero has now reached the master Director status. As for the screenplay by the fan “Renegade” it is the perfect girl girl script with just enough plot to give the scenes meaning and get you involved. So well done.

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