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Tides of Lust (Viv Thomas) ____________________________________
Tides of Lust (Viv Thomas)
I.D. dvd_6144, Adult
2012, 148 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Viv Thomas

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Jo & Eve Angel, Nicole Smith & Lana, Viktoria Diamond & Lana, Viktoria Diamond & Eve Angel, Jo & Nicole Smith.

One summer trip. Two lesbian couples. One predator.

Sun, surf and sparkling seas set the scene for this torrid lesbian trip to a summer paradise. Watch waves of desire roll over long golden beaches, powerful boats and bronzed naked bodies. Viv Thomas' trademark dazzling beauties, deep kissing and delicious wet pussies make this the best release of 2012.

Join two beautiful blondes and three alluring brunettes on a sultry summer holiday, dripping with lust, that will make you ache for a sequel.

After watching Tides of Lust, it won't just be the sea that is wet!

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, trailers [all g/g]. NTSC.

Every so often Viv Thomas makes a film that is so superb it takes your breath away. "Tides of Lust" is one of these, a truly superb example of Viv Thomasís genius with the girl-girl genre.

The plot covers a trip to the Algarve in Portugal for a holiday by Jo and Eve Angel, who ache for a change from Budapest where they live and where the film starts. Jo and Eve Angel are a very happy couple who make love often (like at the start of the movie) and clearly love each other.

In their holiday hotel they meet another lesbian couple, Nicole Smith and Lana, and become friends. One day they take a trip out to a sun drenched island where they meet Viktoria Diamond, a blonde, really beautiful young woman who seduces first Lana, then Eve Angel.

The first of these, the Viktoria Diamond/Lana scene, must rank as one of the best and hottest girl-girl sex scenes ever put on film. Set amongst the sand dunes with a blazing sun going down, with the sound of the wind and waves, the atmosphere and passion is just incredible. There has never been a scene quite like this.

Then Eve Angel misses the boat back to the mainland and thus spends the night with Viktoria. Set by a pool, the sex and passion is just overwhelming.

Why did these two girls betray the women they love? Well, one look at Viktoria Diamond and it would be impossible to say no, for her look, her body and her skin beg "touch me". The magic that she has is totally mind blowing.

When Jo finds out about Eve Angelís infidelity she is distraught, as is Nicole Smith. The film finishes one year later with Jo and Nicole now a couple, having a swim, walk, and superb session of sex by a lake, indicating that Eve and Lana have been banished for being unfaithful.

First let me say how good the two main characters are, Jo and Eve Angel. Personally I thought this amongst their very best performances, with both looking young and beautiful. Having started with Viv Thomas around 1998, they seemed to have banished time. However, what makes the film is Viktoria Diamond, for she makes the unfaithfulness of the two girls understandable. She is totally gorgeous, saying no would be very difficult. Nicole Smith and Lana are also superb, for they really add to the passion of the film.

Finally, what also truly makes this is the setting. Most of the film is outdoors, and the island off the Algarve, with its warmth and beauty, is just the place for this story. The seduction in the sand dunes is just an awesome use of the island.

The direction is faultless, as is the production. Truly a great, great film, right up there with Pink Velvet, Unfaithful, and No Fear of Love. This is one film you cannot miss.

How can the reviewers from this site declare how incredibly wonderful this film is without pointing out that it is not in the English language? The subtitles totally distract from any possibility of enjoying this film. If subtitles bother you, do not buy this film.

Subtitles or no subtitles, nothing could distract from the amazing beauty and sensuality of the women interacting in this movie. The discovery of Nicole Smith (flawless body), Victoria Diamond (embodiment of sensuality) and Lana could only etch in stone the genius of Viv Thomas. A lot of critics have been saying that he has lost his sharpness, well this movie definitely brings him back up to the stratosphere of this business. He is absolutely the best of this industry. Tides of Lust is an immediate classic, a must-see for every lesbian movie fan out there, the coupling of Nicole Smith and Victoria Diamond is the best coupling between two women I ever witnessed. I rate this movie as a galaxy full of stars.

Viv Thomas is still alive and kicking.

Opening scene is as beautiful as looking into a camera. That alone is motive enough to keep on watching. Joís ass is in the opening scene as well. Kissing, as usual, is amazing. Instant boner, and it doesnít stop after the first scene. Lovely girls, and great, great pussy licking. A must-have. Truly good lez flick.

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