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Lesbians Licking (Filly Films) ____________________________________
Lesbians Licking (Filly Films)
I.D. dvd_6153, Adult
2015, TBA
Filly Films
Directed by Director

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Dava Foxx, Maddy Rose, Alexa Nova, Trinity St. Clair, Sadie Santana, Natasha Voya, Ashley Luvbug, Jorden Kennedy

1 — Ashley Luvbug, Maddy Rose

2 — Jorden Kennedy, Natasha Voya

3 — Dava Foxx, Sadie Santana

4 — Alexa Nova, Trinity St Clair

A most enjoyable and entertaining DVD with three of the scenes about two girls feeling the heat of summer, licking something cool then each other. Scene three is the exception as it about a girl having an in house massage then having sex with her masseuse. A good scene except where thee are gently licking then suddenly they are violently tribbing..

Except for scene three all the girls are teen looking. Scene four was the one that really grabbed me with one girl just home from college for the summer break and her friend asks her has she played “the licking game”. It seems not but she is a very quick learner.

An almost unknown cast with an unknown Director, this however bounces along with lots of good moments. Added to this the girls are all really cute and attractive. No masterwork but good fun. Added to this not a toy in sight.

Don Juan DeMarko
If you want to see how to make an adult film that mixes a bit of everything. Watch this movie! If you want to see how to run with a theme and not get too tripped up in story and over the top dialogue and characters, then look no further, …..you have found your porno. Licking Lesbians starts with just enough introduction to each scene to grab you and not lose you. It balances new talent scenes, with veteran stars of the industry in playful scenarios and it even has a bit of my personal favorite, plain, old fashioned, “take me and fuck me” lesbian lust. It’s theme of “licking” holds true through out the ride and it is simply amazing to watch these gorgeous gals from every spectrum of the adult world, lick and lick and lick some more. The trailer of this great production holds true to it’s “Wow Factor.” The scenes feature licking of all sorts, shapes and sizes. I truly dare you to not watch a few of these scenes twice after the initial viewing.

To delve in head first, the intro into this world of tasty tongues is opened to us with a great feast for the eyes. New starlets Maddy Rose and Ashley Lovebug are students arriving home to an empty house and to an opportunity to play. Both woman have amazing bodies, Maddy’s derriere is one of the cutest amongst new talent. The theme has us watch the girls suck a popsicle and use it to begin some great, sensual breast worship. Maddy is then coerced into a luscious lick fest in the upstairs bedroom. One of the great highlights of this scene is watching Ashley’s tongue ring click against her teeth as she softly eats Maddy’s pussy. The sound it makes will just drive you wild. The true turn on in this scene, is that both woman truly lick each other up and down, very slowly, from every which way. It is a huge turn on and something I don’t think most adult film fans have seen in a film very often. The ladies acting is not the best and the sex gets the job done in this scene. The camera angles rock the house and the director knew to keep this scene short in light of what he was working with in many departments. It is one of the shortest scenes I have ever seen from Filly Films and although it is not the greatest of scenes, it is done correctly to convey to the audience.

Holy shit! Just thinking of scene two gets my heart racing. This is a wonderful scene. In my opinion one of the best scenes of 2015. Jorden Kennedy and Natasha Voya steal the imagination of the viewer and take it on this amazing voyage of lust and licking. This scene is for your more aggressive loving girl/girl fans. Both woman from start to finish just look like they want to eat each other alive. Licking their fingers, savoring every morsel and last drop. Both gals are house sitting and just instantly get each other horny for one another as they sit poolside. From first look, these two gals are so beautiful you are just floating on air, waiting for them to fuck. The action begins with a “…..there’s a big couch inside I want to lay you down on, so I can eat your pussy!” A line uttered throughout adult film history many times and when woman with this chemistry & acting ability use it, the result is pure XXX pleasure. The kissing is seductive and full of lust and steamy interaction. Natasha is so horny she licks Jorden’s face. The dirty talk will have you hotter than hot as these two flow through the scene. The nastiness is just intense. The camera man routinely pulls back the zoom when both cum all over each others fingers more than a few times. The angles and positions are devious and delectable. Jorden sits on Natasha’s face from both sides and both have the most amazing looking kitties. The passion just gets more and more intense and by the end of the scene, you will have witnessed some sexy choking, ass licking, the kind of nasty sweaty sex with character that makes this business the stuff day reams are made of. Both girl’s hair is messy and sticky at scenes end. Both are kissing as passionately out of breathe in the final seconds of sex, as they were in the beginning. You will watch this scene over and over and over again. I guarantee!

Act three brings about a little mix of the theatrically themed into this amazing film. Sadie Santana is the gorgeous masseuse and Dava Foxx is the rich, sexy client. We get to be treated to Dava naked from the get go and that is always a plus to see one of the top ten bodies in the business naked from the start. The story is Dava wants to change things up from the normal massage and Sadie fulfills that request with her tongue in Dava’s lovely asshole. All this, while caressing her skin all over her back side. I don’t know what the editors were thinking but the scene literally goes from watching Sadie take her top off with these amazing short shorts, looking so amazingly skin tight on her perfect pussy as things are getting more interesting between the two and then,… presto! Both girls are magically naked and tribbing hard. Now don’t get me wrong, it was hot but it is a total complexion as to what the hell went wrong. Did they really not quality check this movie? Did they need to add something to reach a decent time limit for the scene or film? After the tribbing, the angle switches back to the girls upright in front of the couch, kissing and caressing as if this, is the true start of the scene. Odd and what truly happened may never be known but it does take away from the scene and these two lovely ladies. Saddie’s complexion and smile are simply enchanting. Woman of that lovely Latin tone have the most amazing look when their pink is getting lapped up and Saddie is just so yummy to watch. Best thing is, the hot minx gives as good as she receives and it is so nice watching her tongue, fuck Dava’s sweet slit. The scene ends very abruptly, all while Saddie is getting Dava get off and right as they kiss deeply after this amazing oral, the scene just ends. I think the way this chapter in the story jumps all over the place, not keeping the viewers interest in one location and mind set, hurts the film. It is too bad too, because this scene had a lot of potential with the amazing talent that was in it.

The grandiose conclusion has the lovely cover girls, Trinity St.Claire and Alexa Nova imitating the theme of the second scene with the action of the first. Trinity is just beyond gorgeous and Alexa’s body is divine as ever, sporting some of the sexiest nipples amongst the gorgeous starlets of the adult film industry of all time. Both beauties start off fast and Trinity suggests, then explains the “Licking Game” to her with a little “leading by example” and tasting her luscious nipples ever so slow and sweet. Alexa returns the favor by licking her entire body from top to bottom. It’s so sensual to see this in motion picture, because it is not done very often. The “licking” theme pays off the most in this scene, as both just make this the vocal part of the action. Their panties do not even come off for the first ten minutes of the scene,

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