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Lush 04 ____________________________________
Lush 04
I.D. dvd_6279, Adult
2013, 180 min.
Club 59
Directed by Asa Akira

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5-Star Film! [Toy-Free]

Riley Reid & Jessie Andrews, Maddy O'Reilly & Sovereign Syre, Ashley Fires & Sara Shevon, Dana DeArmond & Kymberly Kane.

Real sex with girls who love girls.

Scene listing:

[2:07] Riley Reid & Jessie Andrews - interviews
[13:34] Riley Reid & Jessie Andrews - sex

[45:02] Maddy O'Reilly & Sovereign Syre - interviews
[56:40] Maddy O'Reilly & Sovereign Syre - sex

[1:26:52] Ashley Fires & Sara Shevon - interviews
[1:40:00] Ashley Fires & Sara Shevon - sex

[2:13:32] Dana DeArmond & Kymberly Kane - interviews
[2:27:55] Dana DeArmond & Kymberly Kane - sex

[3:01:38] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

The first two scenes here, the Riley/Jessie and Maddy/Sovereign scenes, are highly watchable and recommended. This is more due to the skills and charms of the girls themselves- knowing what we enjoy watching even more than the director. The second two scenes are just too porny, and reek of girls showing us what theyíve been coached to believe we want to see.

With William Hís departure from Elegant Angel, Asa Akira now directs this series and I was curious to see if what I thought was a rather disappointing Lush 3 was improved here. Regrettably, I would say no.

First of all, the camerawork was shaky, with too frequent situations where the camera angle did not capture the action. There also were too many quick cuts and edits, also irritating when the women seem to be building momentum.

The interviews were uniformly lame and repetitious. Maybe we have been spoiled by the interesting interviews that we routinely saw from William H and Mason, but we expect more from Club 59.

Finally, with the exception of the Sovereign Syre/Maddy OíReilly scene, which I thought was really full of heat and chemistry, I agree that the sex just felt like two professionals having pornstar sex for the camera. I suspect with a cast like this one, which is composed of highly experienced porn performers, the director faces a real challenge to get anything other than that out of them. Nevertheless, again we have the examples of prior Club 59 directors and Mike Quasar, for example, who seem to be able to do it.

Disappointing. Where the Five Stars came from I have no idea.

Johnny B.
I was curious about Asa Akiraís directing a movie, and I thought this one was decent, although the scenes havenít got the same intensity. My favorite by far is Jessie & Rileyís scene, these two cuties do a great, hot job. Jessie Andrews was a revelation for me this year, Iíve enjoyed each scene sheís performed in, and she and Riley did a great job!

Sovereign and Maddy had a very enjoyable scene too, with an interview where Sovereign talks about the difference being gay/queer and how she loves to be dominated. Maddy can be dom or sub in this scene, but in each case, it was very nice.

The two other scenes were decent, but less good. There was a little too much laughing, but more good surprises with hardcore sex than usual, particularly in Dana & Kimberlyís scene.

Nice work, however.

I hope the previous two reviewers were just having a bad day. Iíve been a big fan of g/g scenes since 1986 when I saw Ginger Lynn in a nice scene with the pretty Stacey Donovan. But of the thousands of such sequences Iíve seen, the Riley Reid/Jessie Andrews one in Lush 4 has given me a new standard to judge g/g by. The ladies seem like actual lovers, and are into everything I want to see in a g/g scene. The very plentiful french kissing is beautiful, and if the ladies are not truly loving doing it, then Meryl Streep has some new competition in the acting department. Plus, there is some nice ass licking, which is always a bonus.

The Riley/Jessie scene on Lush 4 is simply as good as any girl/girl wet dream that I could have. Sorry, I canít comment on the rest of Lush 4 because I have so far been too spent trying to always get past the wonderful, standard setting scene that opens the disc. My most sincere thanks to Riley & Jessie for providing enjoyment that gets me up even when Iím dead tired. My wife is grateful too. Iím 62, but that terrific scene helps me get as horny as I was when I was 18. I refuse to use viagra, cialis or any stuff like that. Lush 4 is my viagra.

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