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Sorority Sister Showdown ____________________________________
Sorority Sister Showdown
I.D. dvd_6305, Adult
2015, XX minutes
Directed by Director

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Keira Nicole, Cassidy Banks, Abby Lee Brazil, Adriana Sephora

What was your first week at college like? I don't know about you but, dogfood and mustard slip and slides have nothing on what these tender young college babes are about to go through. We all wish we could have been initiated the way these beauties are. The sorority's new pledges, hot fresh young ladies with big boobs and tender wet pussies are in for a serious treat!

Returning members are excited too, becuase they know that it's finally their turn to show the pledges what it'll be like living among some of the hottest lesbians they've ever met. How will these freshly initiated lesbian pledges feel when they learn the older babes are eager to guide them through a whole year's worth of sister on sister love and hot lesbian encounters behind every wall in their new house? I'd be quivering with excitement!

Anon in Bama
I love sapphic-sorority videos because they are SUPPOSED to focus on somewhat older-college-girls preying upon beautiful, somewhat younger female pledges who are attempting to be initiated into their sorority, with the younger girls then doing whatever it is that they are ordered to do, primarily surrendering their gorgeous bodies to the older girls!

The director/writer of this one is Stillsby Alan, and he has a different approach to this genre. Does it work? I would say no, it does not.

1) Keira Nicole & Cassidy Banks - Pretty Asian girl Cassidy is tired of being bullied by older dark-haired girl Abby, and complains about it to blonde Keira. The older blonde girl suggests that Cassidy offer Abby lesbian sex to appease her, and she then decides to show Cassidy exactly what she means with INSTRUCTIONAL LESBIANISM. One the positive side, at least she strips Cassidy first before removing her own clothing, but there is really not a whole lot to it beyond that.

set-up: C+, casting: A, sex: C

2) Keira Nicole & Adriana Sephora - Keira, fresh out of the shower and wearing only a towel, asks sorority president Adriana to talk to Abby about easing up on their new pledges, but beautiful blonde Adriana shows no interest whatsoever in doing so until Keira drops her towel, revealing her gorgeous nude body for the viewing pleasure of the other girl. Adriana immediately takes the bait, but instead of remaining in charge and playing with the luscious nude body of her sorority sister, the two immediately switch places with Keira suddenly taking charge. What started out as an "A" intro plummets to a "C+" with I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex following. Seriously, what was so wrong about Keira offering her nude body to Adriana to play with, and Adriana willingly accepting it?

As in that opening scene, INSTANT ANALINGUS is performed, which is to say that instead of kissing and fondling the gorgeous derriere of the other girl, they instead concentrate exclusively on the ass-crack! I always find that excessively porny and un-erotic.

set-up: C+, casting: A, sex: C-

3) Abby Lee Brazil & Cassidy Banks - Abby continues to bully pretty Asian girl Cassidy, calling her names and drawing on her body with lipstick. In no way does she appear at all attracted to the younger girl, not even when Cassidy offers to lick her pussy. No, what Abby wants is angry punishment sex. She does not appear at all interested in the nude body of the other girl. This was some really poor writing. Seriously, why not simply show Abby ordering Cassidy to surrender her submissive body to her in exchange for leniency? The sex that follows was predictably unimpressive, to say the least.

set-up: F, casting: B-, sex: D+

4) Abby Lee Brazil & Adriana Sephora - Sorority president Adriana confronts Abby about being too mean to the pledges, and decides right then & there to punish her with lesbian sex. On the positive side, it was kind of hot watching Adiana spank Abby on her bed before making her lick her pussy. This video should have been about older sorority girls sensually spanking pretty freshmen girls, but instead they show an older girl spanking another older girl. They also take turns going down on one another.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C

This Girlsway company is capable of producing some really hot lezzie-scenes, but this particular release was a complete bust, at least I certainly thought so. My overall grade: a disappointing C

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