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Net Skirts 13.0 ____________________________________
Net Skirts 13.0
I.D. dvd_6344, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Adira Fox, Jordan Kennedy, Dani Daniels, Vanessa Veracruz, Aria Alexander, Prinzzess, Chanel Preston, Shauna Skye

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This has nothing to do with Net skirts the web site and is never mentioned. Rather this appears to be another set of scenes banged together in need of a name. Three of the four scenes are not much good but this DVDís redeeming quality is that it has one truly superb scene.

Yes it is the Dani Daniels Vanessa Veracruz scene which could be one of the best scenes of the year and it is a great shame that it was not combined with some other good scenes. Vanessa is a young catholic Latin girl who is upset at the thought of girls kissing and storms off going home. Who better to come and convert her but the great Ms Daniels, lesbian seducer extraordinaire. And convert her Dani does with charm smiles and her extraordinary talent at eating pussy. By scenes end Vanessa is just putty in Daniís hands willing to do anything.

As I have said on a number of times Dani Daniels in girl girl is just unbeatable, just the greatest performer in modern American lesbian Erotica. Vanessa in this is also just superb and does the shy Catholic Latin girl to perfection. This DVD is worth buying just for this scene.

Unfortunately the rest can be passed by as mediocre with last Prinzzess showing Aria Alexander her girlfriend Chanel Preston box of toys. The Chanel Preston scene centres on a strapless strap on. The first scene has Aidra Fox and Jordan Kennedy not understanding why Vanessa became so enraged having a sex session themselves.

One great scene and three totally forgettable scenes are what you get with this DVD. Quite frankly Girlfriends Films you can do better this. Some of the scenes in your vault should just be that and not flung onto an unsuspecting public.

Humble Opinion
I found this a very good effort by Girlfriends, with all 4 scenes worth repeated viewings.

There is a theme of domination running through all the scenes, sometimes subtle, sometimes fairly overt. What makes each of the scenes work is the casting, and the genuine chemistry on display between the partners.

My favorite scene is probably the one between Aidra Fox and Jorden Kennedy. Jorden and Vanessa Veracruz are both straight girls. For Jorden, the thought of lesbian sex is both intriguing, and fascinating. Furthermore, having someone as gorgeous as Aidra Fox "coming-on" to her, makes lesbian sex irresistible for Jorden. While Aidra is clearly the dominant partner, the one experienced in lesbian sex who wants to "convert" the other is Jorden Kennedy's enthusiasm, and the sudden release of lust that Aidra seems to precipitate, that brings this scene to such an amazing boil. For instance, after having received her first lesson in lesbian pleasure by Aidra, Jorden is wonderfully eager to try to please Aidra, and hungrily eats out a squirming Aidra. Aidra shows Jorden, with words and her hand, how to stick a couple of fingers inside of her how she likes it done (not so much "in-and-out", as rather, "in-deep" and rhythmically push your fingers up while cupping the clit area with the palm of your hand). Jorden masters this technique fairly quickly, and we then watch Aidra begin to groan and spiral out of control. Aidra''s pussy has juice visibly drooling out of her slit as Jorden keeps f*cking her. Aidra will return the "favor" 10 times over, and Jorden will reciprocate probably 20 times over that!

Hard-core lesbian Dani Daniels has been pursuing Vanessa Veracruz, the virginal Catholic girl, over several Girlfriends' movie titles. This is a scene where Dani finally catches Vanessa. The set-up is strangely anti-climatic, given the build-up through so many movies, but once the sex starts, these two are every bit as intense and and "heart-stopping" as I had hoped and expected them to be.

Pursuer Dani''s first taste of conquest is one of my favorites in this scene.

1. Vanessa is on her back, head on the pillow, watching Dani begin to lick her. Eventually, Dani's rhythmic licking and finger-fucking causes Vanessa to give up one of her signature "pleading orgasms".
2. Dani slides up alongside Vanessa, and positions Vanessa on her side. From behind, Dani opens up Vanessa''s legs and, while holding her in place one arm, proceeds with the other hand to continuously rub Vanessa's pussy. The rapidity, and fierceness of Dani's rubbing increases until Vanessa is visibly shaking, crying out her second orgasm.
3. Dani then positions a still shuddering Vanessa onto her stomach, and Vanessa clutches the pillow that her head is resting on. Dani crawls down to Vanessa's "bum", and begins kissing and licking her ass. Analingus gradually follows, and when Vanessa is crying and squirming enough, Dani slowly inserts a thumb into Vanessa''s pussy. Vanessa moans and then whimpers, as tongue and thumb bring her to a third consecutive orgasm. 4. A "not-too-steady" Vanessa Veracruz pushes herself off the bed. Vanessa and Dani kneel in front of each other, holding, fondling, and kissing each other luxuriously. Vanessa clearly intends to take over now, and "let her pussy get a rest"but Dani Daniels has other ideas. Dani gradually pulls Vanessa deeper into her arms. Dani then subtlely moves and positions Vanessa onto her slick, thick thigh. Holding her tight, Dani grips one of Vanessa''s ass cheeks, and guides Vanessa into rubbing herself on that slick thigh. Seemingly always easily aroused, Vanessa starts panting and begins to masturbate herself on Dani thigh. But Vanessa pushes her hand down, and glides it into Dani''s panties, and starts finger-f*cking Dani to the rhythm of her masturbating. Both Dani and Vanessa squealing and panting, pulling and pushing on each other, until they both explode.

Prinzzess and Aria Alexander are a glorious picture of contrastsoft, porcelain-skinned Aria alongside the tanned, tight-bodied Prinzzess. Prinzzess is Chanel Preston''s "sex toy", and she wants Ariaa straight girl who is visibly curiousto agree to let Prinzzess tie her up on the bed. Prinzzess has always been the one who gets tied up, and she wants to see what it looks like from "the outside"while promising Aria that she will do nothing "naughty" while Aria is tied-up and helpless on the bed. Promises, of course, are meant to be broken, but it is really Prinzzess's tender and teasing touch that win Aria's acceptance and quick active involvement. A little later, with Aria''s hands untied, Prinzzess is deliriously licking on Aria's pussy, and Aria twisting underneath her. Prinzzess looks up excitedly and pants, "Can you cum just like this?" Aria nods her head frantically, gasping "YES! YES I CAN!" Prinzzess buries her face back into Aria's pussy. Aria groans, collapses back on the pillow, and pushes herself into Prinzzess's mouth.

Chanel Preston is terrific, playing the complete "Dom". While Chanel looks awesome, totally naked throughout pretty much this whole scene, it is Shauna Skye, who really makes this scene blister. Shauna plays the innocent, and she plays every change of emotion to perfection and believablity: innocence, wariness, worry, wonderment, surrender, and finally worship. Chanel demands complete and immediate obedience, but she seems to prefer "the carrot" to "the stick". Chanel rewards obedience with soft kisses and tender stroking, and an appreciative Shauna tries to reward Chanel''s tender discipline with more avid attempts at pleasing her Mistress. For instance, Chanel is especially "pleased" by Shauna's own "stroking" with her tongue in and on Chanel's pussy, while Chanel rides Shauna''s faceand almost buckles and crumbles from Shauna''s deliciously devoted tongue. Later still, though, Chanel will re-assert her dominance, as she inserts one end of a double headed dildo into herself and then relentlessly and endlessly f*cks a rapturous Shauna Skye.

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