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Truth or Dare ____________________________________
Truth or Dare
I.D. dvd_6348, Adult
2015, XX minutes
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Guy Ranieri Sblaterro

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5-Star Film! 

Julia Roca, Leila Smith, Talia Mint

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Three beautiful girls play a racy game of 'Truth or Dare' that inspires some very naughty fun. Adorable Ukranian babe Taila Mint acts as English translator between her gorgeous friends, Spanish sex-bomb Julia Roca and flame-haired Czech cutie Leila Smith. Leila is first to refuse to answer a question, and her friends challenge her to strip. The sight of her naked body proves irresistible to Julia, who leads her to the bedroom for some more intimate fun. Licking, fingering and mutual rubbing leads to a wild sixty-nine, before they switch into scissors for some explosive orgasms.

When the game resumes, Julia elects not to answer a question, and has to perform a mock blowjob as her dare. The giggly atmosphere becomes more flirtatious as Talia confesses to an erotic dream, and captures voracious Julia's attention. Once in the bedroom, Talia's pussy-eating skill drives Julia crazy. Talia mounts Julia's face, riding hard and then tipping forward to eat her so they can both climax noisily together.

As the game continues, Leila is next to refuse a question. Her friends make her attempt to build a house of cards, while Julia crawls under the table and holds a huge vibrator against her pussy. Leila is soon so horny and distracted that she drags Talia to the bedroom, and goes face down, ass up to get eaten from behind. When she's at fever pitch, she flips Talia over to lick her flushed pink pussy, then sits on her face and rides to a terrific climax. They move into spoons, and Leila fingers Talia to an orgasm that shakes her to the core.

Julia's next dare turns kinky, as the others handcuff her wrists and spread her legs with ankle cuffs and a spreader bar, getting her uncontrollably aroused. Leila fingers and licks Julia until she is gasping and quivering with ecstasy, then sits astride her and rides her fingers to a tremendous climax of her own.

Finally the girls enjoy a sensational threesome, each getting her share of the attention as they finger and lick one another to orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm. If you enjoy watching playful, exciting and very intense lesbian sex, don't dare to miss 'Truth or Dare!'

This is a tremendous film which I am sure women will relate to. Guy Sblaterro has taken a simple game of “Truth or Dare” to make a film where the erotic heat keeps on rising till the end when both the three girls and no doubt the audience will explode.

The film is about three girlfriends sitting in Leila Smith’s apartment having a drink when Leila suggests a game of “Truth or dare” The two other girls Talia Mint and Julia Roca are clearly into fun and it is not long before Leila and Julia are heading for the bedroom for a bout of sex leaving an emotion charged Talia to finger herself.

Round two see a happy Talia keen to expend her pent up desire head for the bedroom with Julia and another bout of emotion charged girl/girl sex leaving Leila to listen to their cries of pleasure and fingering herself.

Round three has a now charged up Leila and a Talia who clearly realises that once is not enough heading for the bedroom both now really into some really fiery lesbian sex leaving Julia even after two bouts of sex still thirsting for more.

By this time all semblance of inhibitions is gone with all three girls all wanting more. For round four Leila and Julia are back with another round with each other and then a threesome with a desperate Talia. As they sink back exhausted I think so will you for this is truly a high voltage lesbian erotica movie.

I think all three girls could not believe their luck in scoring this movie for they are all really into each other. This is a movie about unrestrained desire and it is superbly done. Added to this it has excellent dialogue (in English with no subtitles) and three truly hot women.

You will find this a movie that you will watch in one sitting as it is impossible to move so enthralling and hot is it. Guy Sblattero you are a marvel.

T Hawk
Quite often I will purchase a lesbian DVD upon the review of a fellow lesbian erotica fan, and while Peter is among the absolute best sometimes I will disagree with him. Truth or Dare is indeed a very good film, all 3 girls are quite beautiful and seem to be into the action, and all technical aspects of said film are superb.

My point of disagreement however is with two points. First, the Truth or Dare segment really only consists of Truth and very little dare, with the questions being a bit tame (maybe I have a really dirty mind, but anyway) for my taste. And second the 5th scene or the inevitable 3-way while quite hot is too short, lose scene 4 and double the time for scene 5, as I do enjoy threesomes.

So I as well watched Truth or Dare in one sitting, in spite of my minor complaints Truth or Dare did indeed rock hard, and still deserves at least a 4 1/2 star rating. As Bill and Ted would say, Truth or Dare was most AWESOME!!!

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