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Girls Kissing Girls 18 ____________________________________
Girls Kissing Girls 18
I.D. dvd_6350, Adult
2015, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Director

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Jenna Sativa, Alice March, Valentina Nappi Justine Joli, Cleo Vixen, Sara Luvv, Sinn Sage, Lily Cade

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Sweetheart's award winning series brings up the heat in this 18th installment. Homophobic Alice March wants to drop lesbian Jenna Sativa from the cheerleading squad, until Jenna changes Alice's mind...exchange student Valentina Nappi is host sister to Sara Luvv's boyfriend, and after Sara warns Valentina to keep her hands off Sara's boyfriend, the sexy exchange student makes it clear she has other interests...In an homage to old Hollywood, saleswoman Lily Cade works hard to build a life in the big city with glamorous Justine Joli, but Justine wants a shot at being a star. The two stunners share a goodbye kiss that ignites something new...finally, teacher Sinn Sage cannot believe that, even in detention, naughty Cleo Vixen is still up to no good. Sinn shows Cleo that bad behavior will not be tolerated...

This for me is Sweetheart Video’s best series and this is a very good episode with three really good scenes and one that is OK. Scene one has Alice March asking Jenna Sativa to resign from the cheer squad because she has lesbian parents. After an argument about Alice’s father they make up and start kissing which leads to a very good scene in Jenna’s bedroom. A really well done scene with Jenna and Alice very good together.

Scene two has Dana Vespoli asking her son’s girlfriend Sara Luvv across to meet the new exchange student Valentina Nappi. Sara thinks Valentina thinks is after her boyfriend only to find she is after her. This is a very very good scene with both Sara and Valentina really hitting it off. Sara Luvv I always like and Valentina is growing on me as I have yet to see her in a bad scene.

Scene three is the one that is only OK with Lil Cade and Justin Joli as two long term partners fighting over Lily’s failure to be successful. Not bad but after scenes one and two it palled by comparison.

The last scene has teacher Sinn Sage keeping Cleo Vixen in for detention. It seems Cleo spends all day just texting (what teenage girl does not). After going through Cleo’s laptop, I Pad and mobile Sinn has only sex to gab Cleo’s attention. My only complaint is that Sinn does not do her trademark Trib in this scene. Still it was really nice to see Sinn back as I thought she had retired.

All in all a pretty good episode of this always good series.

Johnny B.
This 18th edition of Girls Kissing Girls is worth it. Particulary for the Lily/Justine scene who won the latest Mile High Madness Tournament, a passionate & wild scene where the 2 performers don''t hold each other.
Other scenes are good too, you have sweetness & tenderness between Alice March & Jenna Sativa (the G/G revelation of the year with Kenna James), a good opposition of styles with the voluptuous & gorgeous Valentina Nappi & the sweet little-titted cutie Sara Luvv, & Sinn, who shows to Cleo Vixen she''s the boss, and not only in school...

If you look for real GG sex scenes, this film is for you.

They should have teach the women to really kiss another women. Kissing was boring, no passion and no seduction. See Girls kissing Girls #8,10,11 of Sweetheart Videos. That's kissing with passion, seduction. Also women were healthy looking, not the skinny ones they show today.

Humble Opinion
I thought that this edition of Girls Kissing Girls had one great scene and two good scenes.

The great scene is between Valentina Nappi and Sara Luvv. Sara's boyfriend is Dana Vespoli's son, and Sara has come over to visit with him, but Dana informs Sara that he is gone for some time, and she might want to come back. When Sara hesitates, Dana suggests, as an alternative that Sara visit with and get acquainted with the new foreign exchange student that has come to live with the family for the summer. Sara is eagerly receptive to the idea, saying that she would like to meet the guy. Dana frowns a bit Sara must be thinking about the first applicant to apply for the summer internship, a guy from Denmark. That fell through, and the student here now is a female, from Italy. Sara is taken aback a bit especially when Dana mentions that Chris (Sara's boyfriend) and the exchange student have become "fast friends". But Sara gamely says that she would love to meet the girl.

Dana calls for the foreign student to come down from her bedroom upstairs, and she and Sara stand waiting in the living room for Valentina to appear. When Valentina enters, Sara stares in stunned amazement at this voluptuous, seductive girl standing in front of her, who is wearing a short skirt and a blouse, bra-less underneath. Immediately tense and suspicious, Sara tries to "keep it together". But when Dana comes back in the room, clueless and gleefully announcing that she has to go out of town for two weeks for a work project that is so great and Valentina and Chris can manage alone without her, Right?Sara truly begins to lose it.

Once Dana happily leaves the room, Sara verbally pounces on Valentina, leaning into her and poking her finger at Valentina, "Okay, You listen. Chris is my boyfriend, and I do not like what you are doing with....." Sara grimaces and twirls her finger, "Your tits out, not even wearing a bra!"

Valentina amusedly stares at Sara. Sara growls, "You cannot..." Valentina calmly asks, "Cannot what?" Sara snarls, "You cannot FUCK MY BOYFRIEND!" Valentina shrugs slightly, "Actually, I don't like guys." Sara blinks, and leans back, dubious. Valentina calmly continues, "And even if he was a girl, I wouldn't want to fuck him." Sara is stunned and feeling slightly insulted, "Are you serious? I've been looking at you and......" Sara is twirling her finger again at Valentina's cleavage. Valentina stares at Sara for a beat, and then grabs her top, drawing her in closer. Cupping Sara's head, Valentina delivers two deep kisses and then releases Sara, calmly murmuring, "Does that help to assure you?" Sara is stunned, her mouth agape...and inviting, so Valentina leans in again and deep kisses Sara again twice. Valentina murmurs, "Do you trust me?" Sara, trance-like, nods her head, while her hands slide along Valentina's sloping shoulders and they begin kissing in earnest.

The first good scenes has Sinn Sage as a teacher who is presiding over young, blonde Cleo Vixen's detention hour. Sinn tells Cleo that she must study now no texting, no web surfing on her laptop, ad no talking to her friends on her phone. After the fourth time of taking another piece of electronic hardware out of Cleo's hands, the flustered Sinn orders Cleo to stand up. Lording over the young girl, Sinn tries to be understanding, explaining how worried she is for her, and her singular lack of an attention span. Cleo impulsively pushes herself against Sinn, and kisses her. Stunned, Sinn demands, "What was that?!!" Cleo softly pleads, "I think I might be a lesbian." Sinn repeats what she just heard, "You think you might be a lesbian?" as she takes hold of the girl and kisses her fiercely. The two are soon on top of the classroom desk, as Sinn shows Cleo what being a lesbian means.

The other good scene is between Jenna Sativa and Alice March. It is a soft, sweet and passionate scene of first time lesbian encounter. Jenna teaches the "lesbian-phobic" Alice, that it is exactly her inner-most desires that are fueling her fears. Alice's attraction to girls is not something to shun or be afraid of, but instead is something to relish and enjoy.

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