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Lesbian Adventures - Older Women, Younger Girls 08 ____________________________________
Lesbian Adventures - Older Women, Younger Girls 08
I.D. dvd_6425, Adult
2015, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Director
* $22.99 *

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Aria Alexander, Casey Calvert, Jaclyn Taylor, Kenna James, Kirsten Price, Sara Luvv, Julia Ann, Kendra Lust

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This popular series featuring older women with younger girls is back with an exciting lineup. Jaclyn Taylor is an uptight businesswoman who makes the mistake of letting her young assistant, Casey Calvert, house sit for her. Casey is met with a huge shock when Jaclyn returns home unannounced...homesick Sara Luvv confides her dislike for Los Angeles to blind boss Julia Ann. The older woman consoles the younger one in the best way possible...gorgeous divorcee Kirsten Price has a surprise visit from her stepdaughter, who feels betrayed by her stepmom's departure from the family. Both ladies find a way to resolve their differences...finally, uber MILF Kendra Lust finds out that her husband has a secret family across the statewith a younger woman played by Aria Alexander. Both women hatch a plan, and discover they have a lot in common...

Anon in Bama
Dana Vespoli is a GREAT actress who was always awesome when it came to portraying a dominant older lesbian woman preying upon beautiful younger women. But as a DIRECTOR, Ms. Vespoli does NOT seem to get it. She does not seem to understand what exactly it is that makes older/younger encounters so hot. First of all, the older & younger women on this particular video all seem to be overly similar in age. And secondly, in three of the four scenes on this DVD it is the younger woman instigating the action, which just looks fakey & forced, unless the writing/directing are really, really good. Only the writing/directing here are not all that good.

1) "The Assistant" - Jaclyn Taylor & Casey Calvert - Jaclyn is the boss-lady and Casey is her assistant. Jaclyn is leaving for a business meeting in another city, and nags at her assistant Casey about doing a better job. Then she leaves. Casey then begins to try on some outfits that Jaclyn has left behind in her closet.

Next we watch as Jaclyn returns home early and discovers Casey lying in her bed, completely nude with another young girl (Sara Luvv). After Sara quickly leaves, Jaclyn proceeds to punish Casey with lesbian sex, including INSTANT ANALINGUS, which means that she completely ignores the gorgeous butt of the younger girl to concentrate instead exclusively on her ass-crack. The sex that follows is 100% mutual & consensual.

set-up: D+, casting: B+, sex: C

2) "The Caregiver" - Julia Ann & Sara Luvv - Sara is upset after being chased out of the house in scene one (see above). She is now at the home of blind woman Julia, who senses that something is amiss. They talk, and then hug, which immediately leads to INSTANT LESBIANISM on the couch, with Sara mostly in charge as Julia Ann has NEVER been comfortable playing the role of a more dominant older lesbian woman. Seriously, I have never once seen her convincingly seduce a younger girl. She apparently does not like doing that. Ordinary, everyday sex follows.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C

3) "Daddy''s Ex" - Kirsten Price & Kenna James - Kirsten is a lady lawyer who has just divorced her husband. His pretty blonde daughter, Kenna, suddenly arrives unexpectedly at her door, in tears. Apparently the girl fell in love with Kirsten after they got into bed together once. "You taught me how to get myself off!" Really weak, unimaginative writing here! INSTANT LESBIANISM follows, on the couch, with the younger girl instigating the action. Tribbing, kissing, & instant-analingus all follow.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C

4) "The Other Mrs. Ellis" - Kendra Lust & Aria Alexander - These are the two DVD cover-girls. Kendra gets a visit from Aria, who explains to her that they are both married to the same man. Aria then reveals that she is pregnant. And, of course, their mutual shock is immediately expressed with INSTANT LESBIANISM, on the couch. As incredibly lame as this all is, I did enjoy it when Kendra smooches the lovely ass of the beautiful younger girl. I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex follows.

set-up: F, casting: B+, casting: C+

Is there nobody at Sweetheart Video (aside from James Avalon) who can help Dana Vespoli write creative erotic intros? The casting is good here, but aside from that everything else is lame. My grade for this one: C

This is a very good movie and quite one of the best older younger movies I have seen for a while Ms Vespoli has assembled a really good caste with four really good scenes and her excellent direction turns this into one of Sweetheart Videos very best movies.

Scene one has Jaclyn Taylor getting annoyed at her young PA Casey Calvert who it seems can get nothing right, As soon as Jaclyn leaves on her planned two week business trip Casey is into the Maserati cars and picking up Sara Luvv until Jaclyn arrives home after being tipped off by the neighbour. After Sara flees (she is in the next scene) Jaclyn demands her pound of flesh from Casey which means some superb girl girl sex. A really great scene.

The next scene is one of the loveliest and most sensitive in girl girl history. Sara Luvv has a job cleaning the house of a blind Julia Ann. After being kicked out by Jaclyn in scene one she is feeling upset, something that Julia Ann helps her with. After feeling depressed and lonely Sara marvels at the kindliness and sympathy of Julia Ann so she makes love with her. This is just beautifully done and both Julia Ann and Sara Luvv are to be commended for their superb performances. Just unforgettable,

Scene Three has Kenna James whose father and step mother have just divorced and she is living with Dad even though she has a crush on her former step mom Kirsten Price. After initial refusal Kirsten and Kenna have a really good scene of lesbian sex. I thought this a really good scene.

Scene four has Aria Alexander turning up to tell Kendra Lust that she too is married to her husband. Revenge is in the air but not before a bout of really great lesbian sex. Kendra and Aria are truly superb in this and this makes this DVD perfect.

All in all this is very hard to fault as it is so good. Four unforgettable scenes make this a DVD not to be missed.

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