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Mommy & Me 04 ____________________________________
Mommy & Me 04
I.D. dvd_6449, Adult
2012, 136 min.
Filly Films
* $10.99 *

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Daisy Layne & Tegan Summers, Eden Alexander & Amber Cox & Eva Karera, Britney Young & Jennifer Best, Magdalene St. Michaels & Ashley Graham.

Scene listing:

[1:40] Eden Alexander & Amber Cox & Eva Karera

[32:38] Daisy Layne & Tegan Summers

[1:15:44] Britney Young & Jennifer Best

[1:33:37] Magdalene St. Michaels & Ashley Graham

[2:16:56] END CREDITS

Please note: this title is now part of a 4-pack, available here - Mommy And Me 4 Pack

DVD Features
chapter index, bonus scenes [tease], photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

Anon in 'Bama
Any video showing a woman spanking a pretty, bikini-clad girl on the box-cover is going to spark my interest, but as the old saying goes: "Don’t judge a book (or a DVD) by its cover!"

1) Eden Alexander, Amber Cox & Eva Karera - These three open their scene introducing themselves on camera, and then assure the viewers that they’re not really related. Eva, who has a Spanish accent, plays the mom, and Eden and Amber play her daughters. It begins with Eva and Amber making-out on the couch. Yes, they’re apparently already lesbian lovers. Eva asks: "You wanna fuck your mom today?" Amber does, so they head upstairs to the bedroom. Eden then arrives home, and catches them in the act. She’s horrified, but they urge her to calm down and join them, and so that’s what she does. It’s every bit as stupid and un-erotic as it sounds. A loud threesome ensues, complete with lots of analingus and fingering.

Set-up: D, casting: B+, sex: D

2) Daisy Layne & Tegan Summers - It opens with both women introducing themselves and explaining that they’re not really related. Tegan is Daisy’s pretty young daughter, sitting poolside in her bikini, ignoring the chores her mother has assigned her to do. Mom and daughter then argue, with Daisy then pulling the pretty younger girl over her lap for an all-too-brief spanking. When Tegan demands to be treated like an adult, Daisy responds by forcibly kisses her. Tegan says that’s creepy, but Daisy continues. I did like how she caresses the pretty girl’s bare legs. "Would it be better if we went into the house?" Tegan reluctantly accompanies her mother inside. "You don’t want to do your chores, so now you have to have sex with me." This scene was both lame and somewhat uncomfortable to watch. Daisy never really takes complete control of her daughter. They end up going down on each other, along with some 69-ing and fingering.

Set-up: D+, casting: A-, sex: C-

3) Jennifer Best & Britney Young - Again, they both introduce themselves and say they’re not really a mother and daughter. Mom Jennifer is angry at her pretty daughter for banging up the car, but Britney fights back by showing that she’s in possession of nudie pics of her mom. Jennifer wants the photos, but Britney says she wants something in return: SEX with her mother. This was some truly AWFUL writing! It’s the younger girl doing the seducing, but neither woman is really in charge of what follows. They basically have everyday I-do-you-then-you-do-me bland sex with each other.

Set-up: D, casting: A-, sex: C-

4) Magdalene St. Michaels & Ashley Graham - First they both assure us on camera that they’re not really related. Mom Magdalene is shown sitting outside. She’s apparently just lost her job. Daughter Ashley shows up with a couple of glasses of ice water. She then offers her mom a massage to help her relax. Then she begins kissing her mom’s neck. "What are you doing?" Yes, once again it’s the younger woman doing the seducing. Magdalene doesn’t like it. "This feels weird." But they then go inside and have sex on the couch. Magdalene kisses Ashley’s breasts, then Ashley goes down on Maggie, followed by some tribbing and 69-ing.

Set-up: D, casting: B+, sex: C

I normally enjoy older/younger g/g encounters, but this one was weak all-around, despite the otherwise solid casting. The set-ups were terrible, and the sex scenes both un-erotic and highly forgettable. Overall grade: C

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