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The Runaway ____________________________________
The Runaway
I.D. dvd_6510, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Director

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Cherie DeVille, Jessa Rhodes, Veronica Rodriguez, Rayveness, Gracie Glam, Lisa Daniels, Natalie Monroe

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I'm sure you remember being angry with your parents and threatening to run away! Jessa Rhodes is at the end of her rope with her drunk dad. When Cherie rolls into homeless Jessa's life, it seems like everything Jessa ever wanted from her real parents is staring her in the face. Cherie is kind and nurturing! When Cherie asks Jessa to treat her like her mom, Jessa has no qualms giving in. But, when Cherie starts to make the move, Jessa's lesbian hunger can't keep her from doing the naughty things to Ms. DeVille wants from her. One thing's for sure, our wayward girl gets the mouth full of Mommy that she needs to set her (not-so) straight on the road to success. After Cherie gets her cleaned up, her whole new life lies ahead of her. Will Jessa's transformation make a star daughter out of her?

Anon in Bama
Stills by Alan is one of those adult film directors who is seemingly unable to write a simple-yet-erotic girl/girl script. Here, he has seven beautiful women to work with, but does not appear to know where to go with it.

1) The Runaway, part one: Cherie Deville & Jessa Rhodes - Older blonde Cherie is shown removing her bikini top as she prepares to lie out by her pool, but then hears noises coming from the recycle bin in the alley, where she then catches pretty young blonde Jessa trying to steal aluminum cans. The still-topless woman forces the girl into her house to scold her, but once she learns that Jessa is a run-a-way, decides to instead make her into her own little girl, asking Jessa to call her "mommy." The younger girl is initially uncomfortable with this arrangement, but quickly gives in as they sit side-by-side on the couch. "Are you going to be a good little girl for me?" "Yes, mommy." I liked watching Cherie undress Jessa, even spanking her gorgeous butt some, but the sex that follows is nothing special. They go down on one another, along with some tribbing.

set-up: B-, casting: A, sex: C+

2) Mother-in-Lust, part one: RayVeness & Gracie Glam - Gracie discovers that her husband (Philip) has run up all kinds of exorbitant charges on their credit card bill, and so she goes to the home of her mother-in-law (RayVeness), but NOT to complain. No, for some unexplained reason, she is going there to SEDUCE the older woman!

This was just STUPID. RayVeness is understandably perplexed, but goes along with it because terrible scriptwriting is perfectly acceptable in the world of modern lesbian videos. They go down on one another along with some tribbing.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C

3) The Bad Child: Lisa Daniels, Natalie Monroe, & Veronica Rodriguez - First, we watch nude Lisa taking a shower. Next, we see pretty dark-haired Veronica steal the diary of her sister (Natalie), and read about how Natalie thinks that other girls are hot. When Natalie shows up and demands her diary back, denying that she has any lesbian leanings, Veronica instead suggests that she have sex with their stepmother (Lisa).

And so that is what happens. Lisa is lured into the bedroom where the two girls tell her she needs to have sex with Natalie or else they will tell their dad about her spending too much money on luxury items. This was REALLY some lame, stupid-ass writing. Of course, Lisa gives in, with all three women then having a predictable lesbian three-way.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

4) Mother-in-Lust, part two: RayVeness & Gracie Glam - This scene picks up right where scene two ended, with both women going at it on the couch. Why was this even a separate scene? At the end, Philip knocks on the door to tell his mother that he is taking Gracie on an expensive get-a-way, which explains all of those exorbitant charges on his credit card bill. Seriously? That was it? Really sucky writing!

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: D+

5) The Runaway, part two: Cherie Deville & Jessa Rhodes - These two are now a couple. Cherie buys them both lingerie, which they strip and then try on together. Then they go to bed in separate rooms. In the middle of the night, Jessa has a nightmare about her abusive father, and so Cherie comes into her bedroom to comfort her with lesbian sex. "Remember how mommy licked your pussy?"

set-up: D-, casting: A, sex: C-

Cherie Deville was NOT the right choice to play a dominant older woman who takes in a pretty female runaway to turn her into "mommy''s little girl." Gracie Glam was poorly cast to play the daughter-in-law of RayVeness, although with that story line nobody could have pulled-it-off. And ditto for that complete mess of a three-way. NOT a very good effort, Stills by Alan! Your writing-style seriously needs work! My overall grade: C

This is a mismatch of scenes with scenes one and five being superb, scene three just barely passable while scenes two and four are just plain embarrassing. Scenes one and five are the two scenes involved with the Runaway and are superbly performed by Cherie De Ville and Jessa Rhodes.

Cherie is a lonely woman whose husband is barely home. While sunbathing Cherie finds Jessa going through her garbage and at first is annoyed. Then on talking to Jessa she decides this is the girl she wants to call her “Mommy”, the seduction of Jessa by Cherie is truly superb and really hot.

Scene five has Jessa in bed dreaming of her drunken abusive father with Cherie coming in to find out about her screams. Cherie never leaves as after some more love making sleeps with a happy Jessa. Cherie De Ville in this just superb and in my view this is one of her very best “Mommy” roles. Jessa Rhodes is the perfect counter foil for Cherie as the teenage runaway. These two scenes are superb

Scene three about Lisa Daniels teaching her step daughters about girl girl sex is just passable but scenes two and four are just downright embarrassing. In these Gracie Glam worried about her marriage seduces her mother in law Ray Veness. Both Gracie and Ray look totally uncomfortable as I was trying to watch.

A real shame as the two Runaway scenes are really worth seeing with Cherie Deville a superb “Mommy”.

Two scenes stick out as the sexiest to me:

Rayveness and Gracie Glam. Two hot brunettes need two hot scenes to reveal how they love to fk each other! Both were worth the time and Rayveness is one of the hottest babes around!

Grade: A-

Rayveness/Gracie Glam. The two scenes with these two SEXY woman were the best in this movie. Other than Michelle Lay, the hottest MILF is Rayveness. I seen about 6 lez scenes with her before this. They deserve an A- Grade at the very worst. Very sexy!

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