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Tammy Sands 4 Pack ____________________________________
Tammy Sands 4 Pack
I.D. dvd_6528, Adult
2016, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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DVDs in this 4 pack are: I Kiss Girls 2, Me and My Girlfriend 2, Tease Me, Girls Who Love Girls

Anon in Bama
I have a problem with lesbian video directors like Tammy Sands, as she does not believe that erotic intros are necessary, and is content to merely show beautiful nude women having sex with one another because they happen to be occupying the same bed. This approach does not require much in the way of imagination or creativity, but that is apparently fine with a lot of consumers, just not with me.

Still, at a price of $24.99 for a four DVD set, this is a pretty decent bargain, especially if you are one of those not all that interested in quality writing. I was not impressed with these scenes, but you may feel otherwise.

When I saw this I was envious for I had purchased all four titles when first released all at full price. I also posted reviews for all four films and so this is a real bargain with the films all great.

If you do not know Tammy Sands has won an AVN award for her films for the last five consecutive years so clearly she is a really great film maker. To work for her as a model is a real career highlight which explains why the cast of these films is a virtual who’s who of girl girl stars.

Tammy films her scenes with superb sets with her models in superb lingerie and the sex is truly great. Thus she is one of the great girl girl film makers and these four titles are amongst her greatest films.

As I have already reviewed all four I will not review them again as every word I wrote then still stands. If you have not seen a Tammy Sands movie you are in for a treat if you like beautiful women, superbly filmed in elegant surroundings having really superb sex then this is what go get. If you are Tammy Sands fan and you have not got these then these are a must.

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