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Road Queen 35 ____________________________________
Road Queen 35
I.D. dvd_6530, Adult
2016, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Bree Daniels & Valentina Nappi, Jelena Jensen & Madi Meadows, Veruca James & Scarlet, Deauxma & Syren De MerRed

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Bree Daniels & Valentina Nappi
Jelena Jensen & Madi Meadows
Veruca James & Scarlet Red
Deauxma & Syren De Mer

This, the final episode of this wonderful Girlfriends Films series is a fitting finale with four really good scenes and an ending which finishes the story of Deuxma and her car the Road Queen. Added to this there is an excellent interview with Dan O’Connell and Deuxma which made me feel sad for it was clear this series for those that made it has been a labour of love.

Scene one had Valentina Nappi asking receptionist Jenna Sativa about the opportunities for girl girl sex and is directed to another hotel where Bree Daniels is staying. While waiting in the foyer Cherie De Ville walks past. The scene itself is very good Valentina and Bree both being very good and there is some most satisfying sex.

Scene two starts with Veruca James telling Shyla Jennings mum, Syren De Mer and Deuxma that she will die without a kidney transplant. At which Deuxma offers up her own kidney much to the gratitude of Syren who then has sex with Deuxma.

Scene three has Mercedes Carrera the super model staying at Deuxma’s motel call Scarlet Red into have sex with Veruca James. This is a scene I really liked. Then comes the final scene with Coach Jelena Jensen telling Madi Meadows she is new captain of the girl’s soft ball team which Jelena coaches. Madi has to get close to her coach and so there is a really good milf sweet young thing seduction scene.

Finally there is the ending where Deuxma sells the road queen to pay for Shyla Jennings kidney operation and then there is a party with Shyla Jennings, Tara Morgan, Cherie De Ville, all unbilled present where Deuxma suddenly has kidney failure and dies.

All in all this is an excellent final episode to a very fine and innovative series.

T Hawk
It's been awhile for me here but I viewed this and well I was completely shocked with the absolutely horrible writing!!

First let me say that the sex in the scenes themselves was good, but the story WOW did Dan blow this!! For this purpose scene two was the only scene to actually seemingly give a closure of sorts to the Road Queen series, the others are throwaway cookie cutter scenes which could've been stuck in any other Girlfriends film.

So at the start of scene 2 Deauxma and friends arrive at Syren's house so Deauxma can listen in while a rather coldly written doctor played by Ms. James tell Syren that Shyla has an undiagnosed case of diabetes that has progressed to the point of needing a kidney transplant or she will die!! Oh yea and it will cost a shitload so how are y'all going to come up with it and by the way if Shyla doesn't again get this she'll die, there was more sob story to this but that is the jist in a nutshell.

So Syren and Deauxma go outside to have a cry and Deauxma offers up her kidney so Shyla can live YEAH!!! Nothing else is said as the two retreat half dressed into a bedroom to have what I assume was thank you sex. End of scene two and story line doesn't progress until last 8 minutes of the film. This is where it gets real and I mean real bad! Two girls Scarlett Red and short haired girl are watching Deauxma sell the beloved car to a stranger (Dan) with the short haired girl saying she had better have a good reason for this, actually she did and why would it matter to her for her to react that way, plus you would think the reason would be common knowledge or at the very least Scarlett would explain since she was at the house when the news broke. Oh wait my bad, Syren only looked for sympathy from Deauxma and no one else? Any how on to dinner car sold operation done and celebration of Shyla's health and Deauxma's noble deed, but gasp Deauxma feels queasy and goes to lay down! Now all five women in attendance absolutely know the Deauxma is dying, why she's dying isn't explained, let us just assume that she got an abdominal infection and the antibiotics don''t work. So what do the 5 women do!? Well since none of them have a car or cell phone available they separately get on an ancient land line and scream or cry into it, to no avail as Deauxma dies just minutes after lying down!!

I also completely cringed that Bree genuflected after she died, just when did she find religion anyway! And finally just exactely where is Syren during this celebration anyway!? After all it was her and Shyla that Deauxma helped. I could go on but I actually think the better scenario would've been if Deauxma had died of complications during or right after the surgery if using her death was the end, or after the surgery Deauxma had a different vision sold her car and business and just retired. But of course that would have been less melodramatic. Finally I think that after whatever route Girlfriends used there should have been a short retrospective on the Road Queen series to honor Deauxma herself or at least the character she portrayed in the series.

In conclusion, this was not a fitting closure to one of their longer running non-episodic series, 4 decent sex scenes and completely horrid writing don't make 5 star movie by any stretch of the imagination.

In his review T Hawk makes the following comment.

"Finally I think that after whatever route Girlfriends used there should have been a short retrospective on the Road Queen series to honor Deauxma herself or at least the character she portrayed in the series".

Folks In the menu of this DVD press interview and the above is what you get.

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