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Tales from the Heart: A Lesbian Romance ____________________________________
Tales from the Heart: A Lesbian Romance
I.D. dvd_6543, Adult
2016, TBA
New Sensations
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 

Skin Diamond, Kleio Valentien, Penny Pax, Riley Reid, Jenna Sativa, Kenna James, Shyla Jennings and Mia Malkova

When feelings develop after a one-night-stand, Kenna puts her heart on the line and fights for the woman she wants. Penny’s secret attraction to her roommate Riley reaches a breaking point when she learns that Riley is moving to Europe. Despite a string of roadblocks that keep standing in her way, Shyla is determined to propose to her long-time girlfriend. Saddened by their recent breakup, Skin fantasizes about a passionate encounter with the one who got away.

This will in my opinion become a classic of the girl girl genre for it one of the very best films I have ever seen.

Yes this truly superb with no reservations. It about relationships between women who want to be in a relationship with another woman or as in the last doesn’t know how to hold such a relationship together.

Scene one has Shyla Jennings on hearing of the US Supreme Court decision on marriage equality wanting to marry her long-time girlfriend Mia Malkova. Poor Shyla tries to set up romantic situations and something gets in the way. So one day when Mia is sitting in bed eating Shyla in desperation gets out the ring and proposes. Happily Mia accepts and what then follows is a really good bout of lovemaking.

In this Shyla Jennings is just superb as the mid-twenties woman who just aches with love for Mia. Mia is also petty good as well. A great scene.

Scene two has Penny Pax about to fly to London to start a new Job and anguishing over he love for Riley Reid the girl she shares the unit with. Eventually at the last moment she blurts it out only for Riley to disappear into the next room to return with an envelope which Penny was to read on the plane. Riley loves her as well so after some excellent love making Riley is going to London as well. This is another really great scene.

However for me the scene of the movie is number three with an inspired casting of Kenna James and Jenna Sativa girl girl’s two hottest rising stars. Wow are these two good? The scene is about two girls that meet at a party, have a one night stand and decide not to leave it at that. Kenna asks Jenna out on date and Jenna while having had sex with a number of girls has never been in a relationship and wonders what her parents will think if she dates a girl

Kenna then gives a speech about coming out, find love and happiness which was truly stirring and wonderful. Jenna then says yes to the date and yes it is a very nice bout of girl girl sex. This is a truly classic scene and Kenna James for me became a truly great actress. She is a star and more

The last scene has Skin Diamond saying goodbye to her girlfriend of three years Kleio Valentein with last words being “see you” All Kleio wanted to say were the words “I love you” from Skin but Skin just cannot say them The scene then is Skin imagining she had said “I love you” and Kleio would have stayed. Soo good was the scene I managed to overlook Kleio heavily tattooed body which I normally loath. Another superb scene.

Lastly I should mention the Director and Screenplay writer Jacky St James who does a superb job with this movie. If I were her I would feel immensely proud as this is what girl girl movies should be but seldom are. A true classic.


Luci N.
I won't say too much here because I think Peter really covered most of the good stuff and in great detail, but I just had to say about "Tales From The Heart: Lesbian Romance" - it is awesome! What a movie!

I didn't really even know most of the people in this movie but something about it caught my eye and I'm glad that it did because if it had not, I would have missed Jenna Sativa & Kenna James which has to be one of the greatest porn scenes of all time, right??? I was suddenly back in college again crushing and clinging on my roommates and I know exactly what Kenna was going through. So everyone does amazing, Shyla Jennings and Skin Diamond are in the movie also and despite its title it does have some intense moments imo. So I agree with Peter, a future classic indeed!

Often have disagreements with people about what the best scenes on various g/g DVDs are, but in the case of A Lesbian Romance, I'm sure on the same page with Peter and Luci N., the 2 reviewers who are the only ones that have written about this beautiful production, so far.
Yeah, without a doubt, my favorite selection from this well produced DVD is also the Kenna James/Jenna Sativa scene that those other 2 LLV members put the spotlight on. To me there is just something incredibly sexy about Kenna James. With her long blonde hair and pretty, fresh faced look, and long, shapely legs, Kenna seems like the ultimate all-American girl next door. So I found it to be very hot when Kenna and Jenna were kissing and Jenna was unbuttoning Kenna''s shirt, to then expose Kenna''s pretty breasts with their already hardened nipples. Then things just got progressively hotter as the ladies continued to kiss, leading to Jenna licking and sucking those hard nipples, just before pulling off Kenna's sexy little shorts. Then, the lovely Kenna just began laying on her back, a position in which the long legged blonde just looked and sounded so hot as she writhed and moaned while Jenna licked, sucked, and fingered, Kenna''s moistened, naked, pussy. To me, all of this action reached up pretty damned high on the eroticism charts.

But the ultimate turn-on in the scene, IMO, is when Kenna turns around and positions herself so she is on her stomach, with her head raised somewhat on a high pillow, while she holds the lower half of her body up just enough so that Jenna has an easy angle for inserting her tongue into Kenna's gorgeous ass. The viewer is very fortunate in seeing a great full profile angle of Kenna, as her asshole is tongued, while simultaneously, her right breast, with its nipple protruding like a bullet, is also in view, which just adds to the eroticism.

Kenna''s hard nipples, as one indication of how excited she was getting from Jenna's attentions, virtually served to add a kind of cherry on top of the sexual activity, in much the same way that a real cherry can add to the enjoyable effect of an ice cream soda. Kenna's asshole receiving such a nice tongue massage was already ultra hot, but the sight of her hardened nipples certainly also added to the erotic atmosphere.

Have to admit that I actually bought this DVD from LLV because Riley Reid is in it. And, as usual, the lovely Riley did a scene that was no disappointment, as it even included her giving Penny Pax's asshole quite a nice tongue bath of its own.

Riley Reid and Dani Daniels are usually my favorite g/g performers, now that Malena Morgan has retired from g/g videos. But it now looks like Kenna James is a g/g performer that I'll also have to look out for in g/g entertainment.

Out of the roughly 275-277 g/g DVDs in my collection, there's only 1 other, that I know of, that features Kenna James. That one is "Me and my Girlfriend 10" which was produced in April of 2015. Had forgotten that it's a production of Girlfriends Films, a label I''ve not had good luck with. Of the 5 or 6 videos in my collection from that company, Me and my Girlfriend 10 is definitely the best, with "Sisters" the only other of those GF productions that I'd even rate as fairly good. Anyway, in Me and my Girlfriend 10, Kenna James has quite a beautiful and sexy scene with the very pretty redhead, Bree Daniels, where the 2 women play former room mates who are reunited. And with 7 scenes of different pairings on that DVD, it's probably pretty meaningful that Kenna James and Bree Daniels were the 2 ladies selected to be on the DVD's cover. Me and my Girlfriend 10 also includes Riley Reid, Malena Morgan, and Mia Malkova.

Anyway, getting back to A Lesbian Romance, sure have to agree with the other 2 reviewers that Kenna & Jenna really did hit it out of the park with their lovemaking.

I thought the first scene was by far the best, although it had a certain “musical chairs” feeling with the regular position changes. That was more than made up for by the attractive actresses and the sheer enthusiasm and clear enjoyment. I could get past the tattoos on the final scene and the tongue hardware was a turnoff in the third scene.

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