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Women Seeking Women 076 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 076
I.D. dvd_6556, Adult
2011, 159 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Elise Graves & Sarah Shevon, Jelena Jensen & Natalie Nice, Elexis Monroe & Zoe Britton, India Summer & Zoey Holloway.

Restless hearts searching for that one perfect woman

4 Time AVN Award Winner, Best All-Girl Series

Beautiful woman-woman sex which is sure to excite you!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

A pleasant addition to this aging series. An incest themed scene with Sarah Shevon, Elise Graves, and Magdalene St. Michaels fell flat to start the action, but after that the film improved. The Natalie Nice/Jelena Jensen scene was very good, it is always nice to see Zoe Britton especially with old friend Elexis, and Zoey Holloway and India Summer make even the stalest setup work- the sex is always hot with them.

Worth watching for series fans.

Humble Opinion
I thought that this was a very good edition of Women Seeking Women.

My favorite scene was between Jelena Jensen and Natalie Nice. It has a very sexy, subtle domination flavor to it. Jelena Jensen plays her cold-bitch role beautifully here. And the utterly gorgeous Natalie Nice is wonderful playing the amoral, passive, but horny young girl.

Jelena has learned that Natalie is fucking Jelena’s married brother, who has a family and another kid on the way. Jelena confronts Natalie at her home. Jelena suggests that Natalie take her up to her room, so they can talk in private, and not be interrupted by Natalie’s mother.

Sitting on the bed, Natalie is quiet and tense. Jelena is haughty and brusque with Natalie. Jelena: "Do you love him?" Natalie: "I don’t know". Jelena: "Who started it?" Natalie shrugs slightly, "I did." Jelena: "What do you think is going to happen if my brother’s wife finds out?" Natalie: "She’ll leave him, I guess".

It is obvious to Jelena that Natalie is just a sexy girl who loves excitement, and doesn’t much care what the consequences might be as long as they don’t affect her. Jelena stares at Natalie briefly, before pointedly asking, "What would happen if your parents found out?" For the first time, Natalie shows some genuine emotion. "They’d kick me out of the house! They wouldn’t have anything to do with me anymore!"

Jelena stares at Natalie, takes in a breath, and then tells Natalie to lay back down on the bed. Natalie stares wide-eyed at Jelena as she does as she is told. Jelena then calmly orders Natalie to touch herself, first around her breasts, and then later inside her panties. After a while, Natalie is breathing heavily, and the turned-on Jelena can no longer just watch Natalie play with herself. Jelena leans down and starts sucking on Natalie’s breast, while Natalie continues to play with herself.

Throughout this whole scene, it is Natalie’s wide-eyed look contrasted with Jelena’s cold, hard, yet passionate demeanor that propels the heat. Early on, when Jelena is making Natalie cum, there is an element of punishment. Jelena finger-fucks Natalie hard, watching Natalie whine and pant, and finally cum hard. Then Jelena orders Natalie to "service" her. And Natalie sucks and fingers Jelena to one of her groaning orgasms. Later though, punishment is replaced just by passion as the two girls thrive on making each other cum as hard and heavy as they can. A really terrific scene.

The Zoey Holloway/India Summer scene is a very close second in the favorites category. This scene has a totally different feel to it from the Jelena/Natalie scene. Zoey and India are old friends/lovers, who have not seen each other in ages. Zoey has inadvertently "outed" India to India’s roommate, Zoe Britton, which has had the effect of freaking-out Zoe and pissing-off India. So when Zoey comes to bed that night- in India’s bed- the naked India is aloof and irritated with Zoey. Soon enough though, Zoey has melted India’s icy demeanor and the scene takes on a beautiful aura of natural lovemaking. This scene has a very intimate feel to it, as both women regularly hug, nuzzle and passionately kiss one another throughout this entire scene. The sight of Zoey Holloway’s full, lush body wrapped around India Summer’s sleek, firm body is truly something special. I kept thinking while watching this that these two ladies should have a whole DVD of just them making love.

The Zoe Britton/Elexis Monroe scene is a continuation of the storyline described in the Zoey/India scene. Zoe Britton is still shocked to find out that her roommate of months is a lesbian. Elexis agrees that India should have been more forthcoming, but that really, it is not a big deal. Talk leads to cuddling, and hugging leads to kissing, and it all soon leads to sex. The set-up is unrealistic, but the sex is wonderful. As with so many Elexis scenes, the lovemaking feels natural, comfortable, and genuine. There are so many marvelous moments in this scene. My favorite may be near the end. Zoe is between Elexis’s legs, eating Elexis out. Zoe is non-stop, and eventually as Elexis is starting to cum, her thighs are visibly squeezing Zoe’s head. Zoe keeps burrowing into Elexis and Elexis keeps spasming. When Zoe is finally through making Elexis cum, the two rest for just a moment, before Zoe purposefully crawls over Elexis’s body. Zoe positions herself over Elexis’s mouth and slowly lowers her pussy. Elexis then deliciously eats Zoe out until we see Zoe groaning and shaking, eventually unable to sit up anymore.

The Elise Graves/Sarah Shevon scene was good, but no match for the other three scenes. Elise is a genuinely enthusiastic lover, enjoyable to watch giving or receiving sex. And Sarah was a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body, who was particularly striking to watch in the throes of orgasm.

A well done DVD.

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