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Please Make Me Lesbian! 03 ____________________________________
Please Make Me Lesbian! 03
I.D. dvd_6573, Adult
2011, 187 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Vanilla Deville & Zoey Holloway, Lily Carter & Shyla Jennings, Syren De Mer & Hayden Winters, Zoey Holloway & Lily Carter.

The shocking story of a young woman craving her step-mother's attention!

She was willing to do anything just to learn to love other women

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

My favorite scene from this release has Zoey paired with a new girl, Vanilla DeVille. Though not terribly younger, I loved the physical contrast of Zoey wearing a bathing suit while Vanilla was in business attire. It really lets your mind run wild with numerous lunchtime quickie scenarios!

Humble Opinion
The sex in these four scenes was varied, and tended to be uniformly excellent. And I thought the role-playing, from all of the ladies, was outstanding in all of the scenes. But the setups for several of the scenes, and some of the action, were downright strange, and, dare I say, a little gross at times. If you can get past that I found this edition of Please Make Me Lesbian to be stellar.

Young, slim, shy, and very pretty Lily Carter is Zoey Holloway’s stepdaughter. Zoey Holloway had initiated Lily into lesbian lovemaking in volume 2 of Please Make Me Lesbian. Now that Lily has tasted the forbidden fruit, she wants more.

Lily is talking to her friend, Shyla Jennings, while both are sitting on Lily’s bed. They’re talking about periods, and all kinds of other, still mysterious, bodily functions. Both girls are getting a little turned on by all this sex talk, even if it is "clinical". At one point, Lily shyly but boldly leans into Shyla to kiss her. Watching these two girls tentatively kiss, and gradually become more passionate, is delightful.

But Lily goes too far when she reaches down to touch Shyla’s pussy through Shyla’s skirt, while she is luxuriously kissing Shyla. Shyla pulls away suddenly from Lily, and moves to the foot of the bed, sitting on the edge staring down at the floor. We watch as Shyla nervously apologizes, while not really looking at Lily. And we watch Lily, sitting in the background at the head of the bed, looking sad and rejected, and maybe a little ashamed. Sexual exploration is over for now.

The next day, Shyla comes over again to Lily’s house, and Shyla is playful and fun like before. The two girls are again sitting on Lily’s bed. Shyla mentions, tentatively, that she has been on the Web looking up ovulation and heightened sexuality that can accompany it. This is clearly Shyla’s indirect way of letting Lily know that she is okay, and that she would like the sex exploring to continue. Lily picks up on Shyla’s message. Lily’s wonderful expressive eyes are wide open, and almost on fire as she stares at Shyla while Shyla describes what she has learned. This time when the kissing starts, both girls hungrily push things further.

The sex is astoundingly beautiful to watch. The two girls roleplay, and I believe are genuinely, truly turned on by each other. The highlight may be when Shyla lays herself on top of Lily after she has made Lily cum. They hug each other hard, while they kiss passionately. After a while, Shyla raises herself up a bit from Lily, and begins to missionary trib into Lily. The almost immediate groaning and gasping of both girls is amazing to listen to and watch. But it is the frenzy with which these two, eventually, go at each other during this tribbing that is truly extraordinary to watch.

Syren De Mer and Hayden Winters are perfectly cast. Syren is the classic image of the predatory older lesbian- maybe slightly mannish in her facial features and actions, but totally alluring and gorgeous at the same time. Hayden is the picture image of the young, sweet, vulnerable virgin. With her large eyes and beautifully pale skin, and high-pitched voice, Hayden Winters would turn anyone into a lecherous demon.

Their scene practically writes itself, although Girlfriends manages to inject about a ten minute setup that is equally dumb and bizarre at the same time. But once the sex begins, this scene is absolutely magical. Obviously, it is all about Syren dominating young Hayden. For a glorious eighteen minutes in the beginning, Syren is sexually exploring the submissive Hayden while both sit at the head of the bed, a nearly naked Hayden leaning up against a fully clothed Syren. Hayden’s whining and soft panting, combined with Syren’s whispered urges, make this a potent beginning to an awesome scene.

The Zoey Holloway/Lily Carter scene starts out slightly disturbing, and may well turn off a lot of viewers. Zoey has told Lily that if she wants to be a true lesbian, she has to let Zoey fuck her. With a strap-on. In the ass. This is shocking enough, but then we watch Zoey giving Lily an enema so that Lily will be clean enough for the fucking. If you can endure this nonsense you will watch one of the most erotic, even tender, love scenes that Girlfriends has produced in quite some time.

Again, I would say that the role-playing is what makes this scene so special. Zoey Holloway is clearly playing bi-polar here. She can, at times, be wildly fierce, while most of the time (with Lily anyway) Zoey is mesmerizingly soft, slow, and nurturing. Lily Carter is totally believable as a sweet, pretty young girl who is captivated with her dominant stepmother. Lily tells Zoey at one point that she thinks about her stepmom all the time, at school. Zoey softly hugs Lily, and whispers that she does the same thing.

The sex itself, before, during, and after the anal strap-on, is incredibly passionate. The primary focus is Zoey making Lily cum. Zoey is incredibly soft and slow with Lily in all of her lovemaking, and lets Lily’s passion rise naturally so that by the time Lily is cumming, Lily is often like a wild animal in Zoey’s grasp. The anal strap-on itself, which I have rarely seen in lesbian movies, is at turns remarkably tender and then blisteringly hot. There is not much question that Lily loves the anal sex. It would be wrong to give the impression that the majority of the sex in this scene is anal. That is decidedly not the case. And all of the sex is incredibly exciting to watch.

Finally, while it is not made explicit, the scene between Zoey Holloway and Vanilla DeVille appears to be an incest scene, Vanilla being Zoey’s younger sister. They certainly could pass for sisters. In this scene as well, the subtle role-playing makes a big difference. Both voluptuous women’s actions and words hint at a long time history of lovemaking. This illicit history infuses this coupling with an intensity that is very exciting to watch. It helps that both women are ferocious with each other. At one point, for instance, with both ladies sitting facing one another on the bed, Vanilla has her left leg lifted up so that her thigh could touch her breast. Zoey is gripping Vanilla’s knee for support while rubbing herself fiercely on Vanilla’s foot and leg. At times, while Zoey is grinding into Vanilla, she is hugging Vanilla’s leg. Then at other times, Zoey is stretching out her glorious body while grinding herself on Vanilla. Zoey eventually explodes from this, and both ladies tremble while holding each other.

This is a terrific volume of Please Make Me Lesbian.

If this series does not make Zoey Holloway Girl-Girl’s Best Milf, nothing will, for in this and the whole series she is magnificently alluring. When she looks at another woman she has true bedroom eyes, mentally stripping her prey of not only their panties but all resistance. I really love this woman, who only started in porn in her forties. How does she have such a superb body and a look that calls out "you will have sex with me"?

Scene one has Zoey in bed with a teenage blonde when her girlfriend knocks on the door. No trouble as Zoey has the girlfriend (Vanilla Deville) in bed and crying out in ecstasy.

Scene two has Zoey’s step-daughter Lily Carter trying to seduce her friend Shyla Jennings. After a bit of hesitation and nervousness they make love in what I thought was a really great scene. Youthful innocence and the pleasure of young love all shine through in this wonderful scene.

Scene three is just as good, as sweet teenager Hayden Winters knocks on Syran De Mer’s door selling fruit, only to find herself upstairs and being seduced. The eroticism of this scene is immense and Hayden is just wonderful.

In the last scene Zoey returns to seduce her step-daughter Lily Carter with a strap-on, and then anal sex. As Lily looks into Zoey’s luminous eyes you know it is impossible for Lily to say no. Wow what a seductress.

This whole series is a monument to the magnificence that is Zoey Holloway and her bedroom eyes. I really loved all three editions.

This isn’t really a review, but just a "rating" of the sexual roleplaying according to criteria described on a ““Hot ‘lesbian taboo,’ ‘non-consent’ and ‘reluctance’ scenes” thread on the Lezlove forum.

Bottom line first: It’s a good video with sexy pairings and hot sex, but there is nothing compelling here for lez taboo lovers.

Vanilla Deville & Zoey Holloway – two lusty and willing MILF-ish types. No taboo.

Lily Carter & Shyla Jennings – two lusty and willing hot young babes. No taboo.

Syren De Mer & Hayden Winters – nice o/y physical contrast, but little if any whiff of taboo.

Zoey Holloway & Lily Carter – this is a good scene with excellent o/y contrast and some “playful” sub/dom, but no depiction of “real” psychological sub-dom. Superficially it has taboo elements, but the roleplaying is two “naught” and eager girl lovers going at it. In other words, the taboo itch doesn’t really get scratched.

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