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Please Make Me Lesbian! 04 ____________________________________
Please Make Me Lesbian! 04
I.D. dvd_6574, Adult
2011, 163 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Lily Carter & Natalie Nice, Elaina Raye & Rilee Marks, Bree Daniels & Lily Carter, Zoey Holloway & Natalie Nice.

The shocking story of a young woman craving her step-mother's attention!

She was willing to do anything just to learn to love other women

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

Of the Girlfriends Films series, along with Imperfect Angels and Budapest, this is my favorite. Number 4 is simply great, with Lily Carter coming out more and seducing her girlfriend Natalie Nice, who in turn is seduced by the all-dominating Zoey Holloway. In between this Lily also seduces Bree Daniels, making for a really excellent episode.

Of course the star of this and all the other episodes is Zoey Holloway, the ultimate MILF to seduce young girls. If you like the others you simply cannot miss this episode. The scene I liked the best is when Zoe finds out that Natalie Nice likes girls, gives her a stern lecture, then seduces her. A really great scene.

A top notch film.

Abby Fan #1
I liked this movie for its sex scenes but wasn’t pleased with the story. I have loved the first three in this series. I believe this is the series that Girlfriends Films was making as their answer to films like Cherry and The Interns. This series more than any of their other ones is extremely story focused.

I am a story guy. It is the most important thing in a scene to me. In my personal life I study storytelling so it is a big part of my life. So I was excited to see GFF go in this direction.

The problem with this release isn’t that the sex isn’t good, it is just that the context it happens under falls flat this time. For example, why would Zoey’s character be angry with someone for having lesbian sex, and then as a punishment have lesbian sex with her? Or another scene where Lily Carter’s character wants to marry her stepmom, and then she has sex with the girl that she is buying the dress from.

Again I repeat this is a good lesbian porn movie because the sex scenes are great. I was just disappointed in the story surrounding them. I hope a little more attention is paid to the story for the next installment.

Humble Opinion
I enjoyed two of the scenes on this edition of Please Make Me Lesbian a lot, and a third one was very good.

The first excellent scene is between Bree Daniels and Lily Carter. Young Bree is a dressmaker, and she is making a wedding dress for Lily. When Lily comes over to Bree’s home to try on the dress, Bree talks to Lily about the upcoming nuptials. When Lily shyly reveals that she is marrying her step-mother Zoey, Bree’s "lust meter" skyrockets.

Bree helps Lily try on some jewelry that might go well with the white dress. Bree then kneels in front of the sitting Lily and helps slip nylons onto Lily’s shapely legs. Shy, sweet Lily lets Bree do all these things for and to her. When Lily is finally dressed, Bree stands very close to Lily and asks her to talk about how she wants the wedding to be. As Lily starts to describe things, Bree interrupts her and murmers, "Close your eyes.....and tell me."

Lily stands there, with her eyes closed, describing the dress that she imagines that Zoey will be wearing. And the red and white roses that will decorate the garden altar where Lily imagines the ceremony will take place. When Lily is done imagining, Bree softly urges Lily, "Keep your eyes closed!"

Then Bree stares at Lily and softly asks, "After they’ve pronounced you two wives, would you tell her you love her?" Lily nods her head softly, and sweetly says, "Yes.....I love you!" Bree then leans into Lily, and matter-of-factly states, "I love you, too", and slowly, passionately, kisses Lily. Bree keeps pushing in and kissing Lily, whose eyes remain closed. Bree soon pushes Lily onto the bed and lays beside her, constantly kissing Lily, and beginning to explore Lily’s body through the dress. Lily’s hands hold Bree’s face as Bree kisses her.

This part of the scene is absolutely hypnotic. Bree Daniels is sexy hot with the devil inside her. And Lily Carter is a heavenly creature with a sweet body that keeps arching for Bree, whenever Bree is kissing and holding her close. And whenever Bree is away from her grasp, Lily- with her eyes still closed- keeps reaching out, almost desperately, for Bree. And whenever Bree notices sweet Lily reaching out into space, Bree immediately stops whatever she is doing and comes to Lily so that they can kiss and embrace again, passionately. These two girls are on fire for each other.

But as mesmerizing as these first twenty minutes are, once Lily opens her eyes- after Bree has had Lily sit up, so that Bree can take off Lily’s wedding dress- Lily becomes another creature altogether, wild and insatiable. Lily immediately pulls Bree to her and they both tumble onto the bed, grappling with each other. Lily frantically rubs herself on Bree while they kiss now, and Lily makes Bree gasp. Lily Carter is probably one of the fiercest and most orgasmic performers in the adult film business today. Bree Daniels matches Lily’s ferocity in this scene. A truly remarkable scene.

The other great scene is between Zoey Holloway and Natalie Nice. For the first fifteen minutes or so, Zoey is threatening and Natalie is scared. Natalie’s hands are tied behind her back, and Zoey is having her way with Natalie. The scene takes a decidedly more arousing tone, for me anyway, once Zoey removes the scarf from Natalie’s hands, lays beside the naked Natalie, and whispers, "You don’t have to be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you."

Zoey Holloway shows, once again, that she is one of the best actresses working today in adult film. Zoey goes from being seriously "postal" to "hypnotically passionate" in an instant. I am convinced that Zoey Holloway genuinely "turns-on" most of all of her partners to degrees that they are not used to experiencing. Zoey does it again here with Natalie Nice. Natalie has her most passionate scene yet for Girlfriends, and Natalie is wonderful to watch.

At one point, after the hand restraints have been removed, Zoey tells Natalie that she wants to see Natalie make herself cum. During this, Zoey kisses Natalie sometimes, and occasionally sucks on Natalie’s nipple. But mostly, Zoey just glares at Natalie, leaning over her. It is Zoey’s voice and her hypnotic, passionate stare that do more to send Natalie over-the-top than anything else. And Natalie is amazing to watch, convulsing from her fingers as Zoey urges her on

The scene between Elaina Raye and Rilee Marks is a sweet, passionate scene of two young girls exploring each other sexually for the first time. Rilee is playing a "complete virgin", she has never had sex with a boy or a girl. Elaina is playing a girl who has experimented with girls a bit, so she is taking the lead.

What is remarkable about this scene is that each girl licks and fingers the other for a good twenty minutes or more, non-stop. It was remarkable enough watching Elaina Raye make Rilee Marks squirm for an eternity, but to then watch Rilee Marks do the same, if not more, to Elaina... it was just jaw dropping. If you enjoy watching sweet girls with slim, firm young bodies make each other twitch and groan, then this is a scene for you.

I recommend this edition of Please Make Me Lesbian.

The altitude flight of this series goes on. No wonder: first class cast, great set and storyline. Three excellent scenes and one that’s extraordinary. To take the latter first: scene one with the two beautiful cover girls, the blond Bree Daniels and the brunette Lily Carter, is nothing less than ingenious, an erotic manifestation. Bree Daniels is a classy and superhot babe. And the sexy Lily Carter is her adequate partner. Wow, wow, wow. An encounter of the most exciting kind!

In scene two Lily Carter is up against Natalie Nice. And yes, she is nice. While slightly enhanced, she has a great behind and a beautiful pussy. Very nice scene.

In scene three the same Natalie Nice comes across the top-seductress Zoey Holloway. It’s kinda instructional lesbianism. Never mind, anyhow a fine scene.

Scene four stars two first class beauties, Elaina Raye and Rilee Marks. Both girls are well-known performers on the hetero side, but are absolutely believable as two shy newbies. While the sex is just moderate, the scene is worthwhile because of the sheer beauty of these two girls. One of those scenes you will want to watch again and again.

Star of the show? No, not Zoey Holloway this time. Maybe Lily Carter, who appears in two scenes. My personal suggestion, however, is the pale skinned Bree Daniels, IMHO the sexiest girl since Brea Bennett, Prinzzess and Lena Nicole.

Almost needless to mention that I can easily recommend this outlet.

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