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Lesbian Stepmother - Sweetheart Video ____________________________________
Lesbian Stepmother - Sweetheart Video
I.D. dvd_6579, Adult
2016, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli

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5-Star Film! 

Jelena Jensen, Jenna Sativa, Dana Vespoli, Sara Luvv

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Fresh out of rehab, young actress Kristie McAdams, the daughter of an action movie star, finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings. Her dad is out of the country filming a movie, and she is in a new house in Los Angeles with a new mom she's never met, and about to start a nation-wide press junket. Longing for a meaningful connection in a town built on artifice, she is met with cold indifference by her stepmom, a beautiful, powerful movie producer. Kristie's world is turned upside down as she finds herself in the arms of her jealous co-star, Lacey Gold, a disillusioned makeup artist, and then her stepmother. Will Kristie ever find the peace she so desperately wants? Starring Jenna Sativa, Jelena Jensen, Sara Luvv and Dana Vespoli.

Anon in Bama
Will somebody please tell me WHAT Sweetheart Video has got against showing an older lesbian woman desiring and then seducing a beautiful younger girl?

This video is supposed to be about a 'Lesbian Stepmother,' which means that the older female stepmother (Jelena Jensen) is probably going to end up seducing her beautiful, young NON-LESBIAN stepdaughter (Jenna Sativa), am I right?

Dana Vespoli is the director, and I assume she also wrote this, but she may have had help from James Avalon (who is also listed in the credits), and possibly Phil Silva (who did the editing). In any case, I feel that they all did a horrible job, but maybe I should just let YOU be the judge.

It all begins with pretty young Jenna being driven home from re-hab after having been rushed to the hospital following a cocaine-induced seizure. While she was away, her dad, a big-name in Hollywood, married a beautiful female producer, whom the girl has yet to meet. Jenna is a well-known teen sensation, kind of like a Miley Cyrus.

Anyway, when she reaches the palatial estate that is now her home, she meets her new stepmom, but the woman barely even acknowledges her. Then Jenna goes to her bedroom, where she remembers hanging out with her best friend, who is also a teen-actress (Sara Luvv). "We banged once, on location, in Palm Springs."

1) Jenna Sativa & Sara Luvv - (BEGIN FLASHBACK) These two girls play-wrestle for a bit, and then start kissing, which immediately leads to lesbian sex. They get naked and take turns doing pretty-much the exact same things to one another. Since this is just a memory, no further set-up is needed it is simply two beautiful young girls experimenting with lesbianism because they were sharing the same couch. (END FLASHBACK)

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: C+

The woman in charge of make-up is Dana Vespoli. She is shown explaining to the girls just how phony Hollywood is. Sara then learns that the stepmother of Jenna is producing a new film, and she begs her friend to put in a good word for her so that she can land a part in it, but when Jenna gets home she overhears her stepmother on the phone, yelling at a member of the film crew about something, and decides that now is not the time to broach the subject.

2) Jelena Jensen & Sara Luvv - Sara decided to take matters into her own hands and shows up unannounced at the door, where the stepmother icily explains to her that she does not do "doorstep auditions." Sara responds by groping at the crotch of the older woman in an incredibly clumsy attempt to seduce her. Neither woman had previously shown the tiniest physical attraction for the other, but in the world of really crappy scriptwriting this kind of thing actually works, and soon they are both going at it. This was some incredibly poor writing! Jelena goes from zero to sixty mph is about four seconds! What follows is fingering, analingus, 69-ing, and some mutual masturbation.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C-

Towards the end of the above encounter, Jenna walks in on her best friend and her new stepmother having sex on the couch, and abruptly leaves, deeply upset, retreating to the home of the lady who does her make-up.

3) Dana Vespoli & Jenna Sativa - Dana has previously shown NO PHYSICAL ATTRACTION whatsoever towards Jenna, but the girl says she is lonely, and so Dana will now comfort her with lesbian sex. And despite the fact that Dana Vespoli is normally an EXCELLENT dominant older woman, in this scene the sex will be of the I-do-you-then-you-do-me variety. This was a VERY DISAPPOINTING encounter!

set-up: D, casting: A, sex: C+

Jenna then returns home where her stepmother apologizes to her, and the two women spend the rest of the day together, culminating with some bland everyday lesbian sex.

4) Jelena Jensen & Jenna Sativa - They kiss and begin going at it. Jelena Jensen is a beautiful older woman, but she was a TERRIBLE CHOICE to play the ''lesbian stepmother,'' as she is hardly a lesbian at all, and never appears particularly attracted to either of the beautiful younger girls with whom she is paired with on this DVD. She and Jenna undress simultaneously. Jenna goes down on Jelena, with the older woman then fingering her from behind, going down on her, followed by some tribbing.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

A great idea, very POORLY executed. Two older women paired with two gorgeous younger women, but NO older/younger seductions involving an older woman calling the shots! Not a single one? Just pathetic. My overall grade: C

Humble Opinion
This is a really excellent Sweetheart production, one of the best that they have had in a while. This is a "Jenna Sativa" movie. Jenna is in 3 of the 4 sex scenes, and the plot of the movie revolves around her character. Jenna Sativa's looks remind me of a young Jessica Alba, and this movie is the best that I have seen her so far, in terms of both non-sex acting. and the heat of her sexual performances.

Jenna Sativa plays a young girl from Hollywood royalty her father is a major movie star. Jenna is a film star in her own right, who has some "serious issues". Jenna''s relationship with her famous father is strained, he is frankly jealous of her fame. Jenna's mother died when she was a child, of a drug overdose, and Jenna, herself, has just been released from a drug rehab clinic. Moving in with her father, after rehab, has been difficult for Jenna, because not only is her father distant emotionally, he is distant physically on set in New Zealand for a film. Making matters worse for Jenna, her father has recently remarried, to a woman that Jenna has never met, but now has to share a home with, in her father''s absence. Jelena Jensen the titled "stepmother" is a powerful film producer, who is aloof with Jenna, and impatient and seemingly dictatorial with others. All of this makes Jenna feel adrift and off balance. Only two things seem to provide any stability for Jenna. The first is her acting Jenna had a movie part waiting for her after rehab. The second is her friendships with Sara Luvv and with her make-up artist, Dana Vespoli.

I have spent a fair amount of time describing the plot, because I found this to be one of the better stories that Dana Vespoli has created recently. The casting of Jenna Sativa in the role of the damaged and vulnerable young star is inspired. Jenna Sativa naturally projects sweetness. But in her non-sex acting here, Jenna reveals a vulnerability and uncertainty to her character, that adds immeasurably to the sex scenes because there is one more "stability" of a sort, not mentioned previously, that anchors Jenna's "up-turned" life the sexual heat that she knows that she induces in others.

In her 3 sex scenes, Jenna Sativa will initially react slightly different to each of her partners as the sex begins.
With Dana Vespoli, Jenna will be pliant, wanting and needing Dana''s warmth to curl herself into.
With Sara Luvv, Jenna will gleeful, playful, and excited for the sex that her friend Sara initiates.
And with Jelena Jensen, her intimidating, but breathtakingly beautiful stepmother, when Jelena leans in for that first soft kiss, Jenna smiles and relaxes, as she leans forward to accept the kissshe knows how to play in this realm of sexual desire, and is very comfortable with her allure and her prowess.

My favorite scene is Jenna Sativa's scene with Dana Vespoli. Jenna is shaken by what she has witnessed her friend Sara, naked, and in the embrace of her stepmom and seeks out the only other friend she has in Hollywood, Dana, her make-up artist. Dana lets Jenna take the spare bedroom. Sitting together on the bed, Jenna unburdens her loneliness to Dana. After some "back and forth", Dana softly shrugs, "Well, you got me!" Jenna reaches over and hugs Dana, her face nuzzling Dana''s neck. When they separate, the older Dana searches Jenna''s eyes, seeking confirmation. Dana then softly leans in to gently kiss her achingly beautiful, but vulnerable, young friend. The sex is tender, but extremely passionate. Near the end, Jenna softly pants, "I can''t feel my legs, anymore!" My favorite moment: Dana, sitting and leaning on the headboard, with Jenna wrapped in her arms, kisses Jenna, while rubbing her pussy.

Jenna Sativa and Jelena Jensen have talked out their differences. Jelena neither knows how to, nor cares to, become Jenna''s stepmother. She would however, like to become Jenna''s friend. Spending a delightful day together, by the time the two are relaxing on the long wide, white sofa, the two beauties are comfortably talking to each other. The look in Jenna''s eyes, as she lays back on the couch watching Jelena stare at her tells it all. Out and about, Jelena has been seducing Jenna all day, with her eyes, with her voice, and with her attention. Jenna has known this and accepted the attention, waiting for the time when they are alone, when Jelena will inevitably kiss her. So when, after a beat, Jelena does leans down for that first kiss, Jenna purses her lips and leans up to receive Jelena. The sex is mutual, with Jenna visibly luxuriating in Jelena''s elegant and languorous body. In all 3 scenes, Jenna Sativa is astonishing in her intensity and devotion to her partner''s pussies. But my favorite moment: it is Jelena who is devotedly eating Jenna''s pussy. We watch Jenna gripping and pulling on her pussy hair, grimacing, as Jelena's tongue and mouth bathe her.

Dana Vespoli refers to Sara Luvv as "feisty" and that is an apt description of her in both of her scenes. With Jelena Jensen, Sara starts out "grabby", and she never really lets up. Sara is in awe of Jelena's body. Sara''s frenzy sometimes makes Jelena clumsy, as her languorous, long-legged body tries to maneuver around Sara, and the couch the same couch that Jelena did her scene with Jenna on, but which now, suddenly, no longer seems big enough! My favorite moment: Jelena asks Sara to sit on her face which Sara does from the 69 position. Sara gradually sits up, riding Jelena''s face, and we hear Jelena murmuring underneath. Gradually Sara slows down her grinding, and then stops altogether. Sara goes rigid, contorting her face, grimacing. Sara slam her fist into the cushion beneath her, and growls "FUCK!"and she starts to shake.

Sara Luvv and Jenna Sativa have a very sexy and energetic scene together. Starting out playful, the obvious enjoyment and raucous sex that these two young beauties display is very "stimulating".

One of the things the first two reviewers missed is the fact that this is a change in style of Sweetheart Video movie as it is no longer the four scene style movie but rather a feature style movie.

Basically this is about young movie star Jenna Sativa who has just come out of rehab for drugs. An Oscar winner already she is the daughter of an absent action star. As such she has to cope with readjusting to the bizarre life of a Hollywood. The first scene is with her “friend” Sara Luvv who is the sort of friend that makes enemies unnecessary

During the sex with Jenna Sara discovers they are still casting for a new movie being produced by Jenna’s new Stepmother Jelena Jensen. So scene two has Sara having sex with Jelena for a role already ear marked for Jenna. When Jenna walks in and sees this she is off to Dana Vespoli’s house. Dana does her movie make up and totally hates Jelena which makes her Jenna’s friend. They two have sex which ends up by being no consolation for Jenna.

Scene four Jelena and Jenna meet have lunch and try and be friends. They even have sex which ends up with Jenna going back to rehab. This news sends Sara Luvv off in a dance of joy for with her “friend” ill she gets the role she wanted.

This film is filled with revolting people with Sara Luvv heading the list. Sara in fact does this part very well even if you end up by haring her. Then there is Jelena who is a total bitch and does this very well. Dana Vespoli is fine as the friend in need and rounds off a cast of people you would not like to meet. Then there is Jenna Sativa who is superb as the dug addled confused young woman on whom life has given success but taken a fearful toll. So good is she you can almost feel her coming apart with the struggle to survive.

Is this erotica? Sure there is lots of girl-girl sex but the nastiness of the people involved soon removes the eroticism.

Superbly directed by Dana Vespoli this is masterpiece class and essential viewing.

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