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Women Seeking Women 125 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 125
I.D. dvd_6597, Adult
2016, TBA
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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If you saw Imperfect Angels 13 immediately prior to this you will get a shock for the start of the first scene of this is the start of the last scene of Imperfect Angels 13. Here Anikka Albrite is telling India Summer about the girl in her art class that she loves. Well it is not Anissa Kate but yes Dani Daniels, an artist who creates works very much like Dani does in her real life other career as an artist. Anissa Kate is in this as well and it is her that urgers Anikka to tell Dani that she loves her.

After that it is to a bedroom for a truly superb love making scene with Dani Daniels and Anikka Albrite. What a superb scene with Dani Daniels showing once again that at girl girl she has no equal. Anikka is also very good in this scene of where friends find love.

Scene two has Cherie De Ville in a role reversal as here she has got the Minister’s teenage daughter to call her “Mommy” as she seduces her. For this Cherie is ostracised and thinks the owner of the house Hayden Knight where she lives will evict her. However Hayden has wants and needs that need satisfying and she figures Cherie is just the person for the job as indeed she is in this splendid scene. I know some people loath Cherie and her “mommy” roles but in this she is totally splendid as a “mommy” who has been caught.

Scene three has Elle Alexandra put on a Girlfriends DVD and having an imaginary sex scene with Phoenix Maree. I really liked as it was both well done and inventive.

Scene four I could not watch. I never liked Cindy Graves when she made films as she was a gross looking middle aged woman who had no allure for me. In this she seduces a large overweight mom of a teenage boy that damaged her car. Watched ten minutes then turned off. This clearly should have been left in the Vault at Girlfriends.

However for the other three scenes this is truly splendid so I was more than happy I purchased it. The Dani Daniels Anikka Albrite scene alone was worth every single cent.

Humble Opinion
Peter does a pretty good job of describing the first three scenes. I more or less agreed with his assessments, although I don't think that I was as fond of the Elle Alexandra/Phoenix Marie scene as he was.

Briefly, the Anikka Albrite/Dani Daniels scene is a soft tender love scene. It is hard to find anything to complain about when you have a scene, featuring these two gorgeous stars, where they are being allowed to simply make love to each other for as long as they wish!

The Cherie DeVille/Hayden Night scene is a little more structured than the Anikka/Dani scene, and the two performers do a nice job with the dialog and emotions of the scene. Hayden is usually the submissive in her scenes, and it was nice to see her take the lead in a scene, for a change. Cherie was excellent playing a "thirty-something" woman who is practically incapable of passing up any opportunity to bed the sweet young girls who "come on" to her. Cherie's surprise at Hayden's "come-on" was nicely played, and Cherie's and Hayden's urgency once the sex began was arousing to watch.

Cindy Craves is a mid to late thirty something woman who has always reminded me of an aging biker chick tough, rough, but with a sexy edge to her that can be explosive to watch.

Cindy Craves often plays characters, in Girlfriends Films, that are just "this side" of being unacceptable non-consensual aggressors with their partners (at least in my estimation). Young girls like Evie Delatosso and Anna Belle Lee become helplessly aroused when Cindy begins to sexually devour them, and have some of their most combustible scenes with Cindy.

Here Cindy is paired with someone more her own age, a late thirty something attractive Latina, named Angie. The "inflamed" Cindy pushes herself onto the unsuspecting mother of the boy who damaged Cindy's car with the ultimatum that she either "give it up" to Cindy, or Cindy will call the police on Angie's son who is driving without insurance. For quite a while, Angie tries to be "stoic" against Cindy's "onslaught", but gradually and inevitably the woman begins responding to Cindy's ferocious kisses and probing fingers. I found the scene exciting to watch, but others may not, for various reasons.

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