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Imperfect Angels 12 ____________________________________
Imperfect Angels 12
I.D. dvd_6612, Adult
2015, TBA
Girlfriends Films

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Heather Starlet & India Summer, Brenda James & Magdalene St. Michaels, Heather Starlet & Magdalene St. Michaels, Aidra Fox & Dawn Brooks.

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The Tangled Web Of Fallen Doves

Naughty Little Angels Enjoy Each Other!

Over 2 Hours

DVD Features

When I purchased this I was apprehensive about this being another cobbled together Girlfriends movie made up of irrelevant scenes. Well to a degree it is this with the last scene having no relationship to the rest of the movie. Added to this it is not a very good scene.

However the first three scenes are excellent set around Heather Starlet anguishing over having had sex with her new step mother and feeling she has betrayed her father. Clearly shot some years ago as Heather is quite young, she is very good in this .Scene one has her ringing up her college counselor, India Summer (what a Counselor) who is reading the good book at the time.

However, as you might imagine India ends up seducing Heather in a really good scene. I must admit to being an Indian Summer fan but she is really good in this as is Heather.
Scene two has new step mother Brenda James and Heather seeing Church elder Magdalene St Michaels about what they should do as a friend of Daddy is about to expose Step momís infidelity. Magdalene invites both to stay at her house to de stress then that night she seduces Brenda in another excellent scheme. Ms St Michaels is in top form in this movie and in this scene so it is really well done.

It should be said that Heather briefly witnesses this tryst and goes away feeling even more confused. This leads to scene three where Heather encounters Magdalene after college at her house and tries to explain her confusion. Well Dear Ms St Michaels applies her tried and trusted cure for she seduces Heather as well.

With that I was expecting a really dynamic last scene. Instead we get Dana Dearmond (not billed) loud mouthing then Aidra Fox and Heather Brooks having rather bad sex together, What a shame.

Still for three scenes you get a top class Imperfect Angels. Shame about scene four.

Anon in Bama
This is another dumb series-idea that the folks at Girlfriends Films thought up and then ran with, without giving a moment of serious thought towards making it in any ways EROTIC!

It all opens with pretty blonde Heather Starlet showing up at church. She is apparently suicidal, after engaging in lesbian sex acts with her stepmother Brenda, and does not want her dad to know. She then calls older woman India from a payphone, before then going over to her house.

1) India Summer & Heather Starlet - In the world of really crappy scriptwriting, whenever a troubled young girl tells an older woman that she is thinking about lesbian sex, that automatically means that these two must now have lesbian sex with one another, which happens almost immediately. There is nothing whatsoever erotic about such an encounter. Their scene together includes a lot of fingering and tribbing.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: C

2) Magdalene St. Michaels & Brenda James - Brenda & stepdaughter Heather meet with therapist Magdalene. Brenda then explains to Magdalene about Heather walking in on her while she was with another woman. Anyway, Brenda does not want to go home, because she fears that the other woman has told her husband about what happened. Magdalene says that Brenda & Heather can stay the night at her place. Next, we see Magdalene lying in bed with Brenda. They talk some more, and then proceed to have lesbian sex, almost as an afterthought.

set-up: D, casting: B-, sex: C-

3) Magdalene St. Michaels & Heather Starlet - Normally, I would LOVE watching an older/younger encounter featuring these two, but the way GFF writes/directs these things it is really NOT exciting or even interesting. Heather is all confused, so Magdalene talks with her for a good 23-minutes before then comforting her with some bland, everyday lezzie-sex. There are NO SEDUCTIONS in this video! There is an all-too-brief moment when Magdalene smooches the gorgeous derriere of the beautiful young blonde, but that was about as good as it got.

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: B-

4) Aidra Fox & Dawn Brooks - These are the two DVD cover-girls. First, we watch as Dana DeArmond and these three other girls talk lesbian-sex while sitting on a couch, just making it up as they go along (for close to nine-minutes). Eventually, Aidra is left alone with Dawn. "Have you really never been with a woman before?" They giggle and pause awkwardly before then engaging in some really stale I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex. I tell you, the people at this company are the laziest and least-talented in the business!

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: C-

With the kind of women GFF has to work with, there is really NO EXCUSE for their churning-out such lame videos! I mean, Magdalene St. Michaels & Heather Starlet should have been YOWZERS-HOT together! You have to work really hard to mess-up an older/younger pairing like that! My overall grade: C-

Anon in Bama and I may disagree a lot in the LezLoveVideo Group forum, when talking back and forth on the 2016 Presidential Race thread, but I sure agree with the man about this crappy video, and the fact that Girlfriends Films is about as lousy a maker of g/g sex scenes (I wouldn''t call that company's stuff "erotica") as there is in the industry. Girlfriends cranks out a tremendous quantity of g/g videos, with few being of any quality.
I should have learned my lesson after being burned in buying the Girlfriends Films DVDs of Girls In White Part 1 and Budapest Episode 2. There were a few lame reviews which promoted Girls In White 1 as being erotic. That's why I ordered it from LLV, but the actual video turned out to be no more of a turn on than seeing 2 sisters kiss when greeting each other at the airport.

My best advice to my fellow g/g fans on this site is that if you want true woman with woman eroticism, buy Viv Thomas classics such as The Office Girls, Unfaithful 5, and Pink Velvet 3, or get DVDs from the We Live Together series starting with #27, and going up from there. Though I've heard that #30 was pretty lousy. But in general, I've gotten tremendous value for my money with those WLT DVDs.

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