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Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 53 ____________________________________
Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 53
I.D. dvd_6619, Adult
2016, 120 mins + per studio
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Lily Carter, Zoey Holloway, Darryl Hanah, Madelyn Marie, Jelena Jensen, Prinzzess, Brandi Love, Jodi West

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The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.

I don't have much good to say about this one, sadly. Being a fan who misses Darryl Hannah, I was anxious to see her paired with Madelyn. I can see why this scene has sat on a shelf for a while though- it's just really flat. It doesn't help that Darryl assumes the role of a cruel dom and uses a strap-on. Strap-ons seem to be a theme actually, as they dominate most of the scenes. Also, how is a scene with Brandi Love and Jodi West older/younger? Same for Jelena and Prinzzess. This volume has the air of "spring cleaning" on GFF's part. They've released much better than his, I'd pass on this one.
1)Buildup/Seduction: Power trips and domination are too prominent here. Not even seduction or foreplay. SCORE: 4

2) Kissing: Even the kissing is not as good as it could have been, but a lot of that might have to do with the stories. SCORE: 6

3) Attractiveness of Women: The women are all plenty attractive, but the title is misleading given some of the pairings. SCORE: 7

Humble Opinion
I thought that all 4 scenes on this edition of Lesbian Seductions were good.

My favorite scene, which I will take the most time on, is between Darryl Hanah/Madelyn Marie. It has the feel of a follow-up to their magnificent scene from "Back Stage Girls". In "Back Stage Girls", Madelyn Marie is the "kept sex toy" of a successful girl musician, Kirsten. Kirsten's older sister is Darryl Hanah, who is visiting her sister. Darryl deliberately sets out to seduce the spoiled, privileged, mouth-wateringly gorgeous Madelyn, who has been left alone for a few hours by Kirsten.

It is easy to imagine that time has passed. Kirsten has thrown out both Darryl and Madelyn from her palatial mountain home, for being faith-less sluts. Darryl and Madelyn have since been living together, but they are starting to tire of each other. Madelyn finds Darryl bossy and snide. While Darryl finds Madelyn lazy and insolent. In the kitchen, Darryl scolds Madelyn for not doing her chores properly. When Darryl walks away, expecting Madelyn to re-do the chore, Madelyn simply scoffs, and goes to shower and get ready for the evening Madelyn does "private shows" for select "friends" who are willing to pay.

Madelyn is drying herself in the bathroom, when Darryl enters, and notes that Madelyn had not done what she was supposed to. Madelyn shrugs it off, and Darryl remarks that Madelyn doesn't do "private shows" for her anymore. Madelyn stares at her in disbelief, but Darryl continues, "You've got a few hours until you have to get ready, I want YOU to give me a private show." Madelyn balks, and Darryl steps forward, forcefully pushing herself against the naked Madelyn, until Madelyn's back is up against wall of the counter. Crowding Madelyn, Darryl yanks down on Madelyn's long, lush brown hair. Madelyn stares up at Darryl and protests pantingly. Darryl leans in more deliberately, and barks for Madelyn to spread her legs. When Madelyn complies, Darryl buries two fingers inside of a standing Madelyn, and we hear Madelyn gasp and then start to groan. The scene fades out.

We next see a nearly naked Madelyn, sitting silently at the foot of the bed, adjusting the long white, thigh-high stockings that she has just put on. Clearly cold and angry at Darryl, Madelyn starts to put on the garter belt that Darryl wants her to wear, Madelyn starts to melt a little bit though, as Darryl helps her dress, continually cooing how beautiful Madelyn looks in white. Madelyn quietly sneers, "White doesn't really fit my personality", slipping her arm into one of the long white gloves that Darryl is requesting. When Darryl asks Madelyn to stand up and model the outfit, Madelyn's mood has definitely warmed up. But still wanting to appear offended, Madelyn aloofly asks, "Are you happy now?" Darryl frowns, "Not quite, there's one more piece." Madelyn pouts, "I have put on everything you asked me to!" Darryl leans across to their nightstand and pulls out the strap-on. Softly stunned, Madelyn asks, "You want me to put that on?" Darryl answers back fiercely, "I want you to fuck me hard with this!"

Darryl is ALWAYS the one who uses the strap-on, on Madelyn and Madelyn reveres how Darryl uses it on her. But Darryl knows that Madelyn is furious with her, and that the thought of fucking Darryl will both excite Madelyn and release all her anger in a way that will pleasure and exhaust both of them. Madelyn is excited, but awkward and clumsy with the strap-on she has done it so little. But Darryl keeps urging her on, guiding Madelyn, gripping the straps of the toy, squeezing and pushing Madelyn's ass cheeks. Eventually, Madelyn just lays on top of Darryl, and missionary fucks her. By this point, all of Madelyn's anger is gone. She is hugging Darryl, panting, trying to get a rhythm going, but constantly interrupting herself to kiss Darryl. Eventually, either because of Madelyn's technique or simply because of her intensity, Darryl erupts in orgasm and Madelyn is shaking as much as Darryl.

Darryl kneels on the bed, undoing the strap-on, while grinning at Madelyn, "It's hard work, isn't it?" Darryl the natural dom now takes over and never lets Madelyn come back down to earth. Late in the scene, after Darryl has made Madelyn "cry out" several times, Darryl teasingly whispers, "See? It is still light out, you've got plenty of time before your shows." Madelyn impulsively hugs Darryl, and whispers desperately, "Come with me! Come with me to the shows!" Darryl grins, "This is the only kind of "cumming" I want to be doing with you!" Madelyn gasps in surprised pleasure, and Darryl takes her yet again. After this last orgasm, a love-struck Madelyn buries her face in Darryl, trying one last time, "LEAVE with me. PLEASE!" Darryl hugs Madelyn to her, smiling contentedly to herself, but not answering.

The Prinzzess/Jelena Jensen scene is a wonderful scene, noteworthy for its authenticity. These two ladies adore each other's bodies. Both are arousing to watch, but it is Prinzzess who truly seems to be the most hungry, feasting on Jelena's breasts and lush body constantly. A very hot scene.

Zoey Holloway and Lily Carter have appeared together 6 times for Girlfriends, and they always have a very sexy scene together. This scene feels like it should have been their first coupling. It is a Lily fantasy scene, and is somewhat softer in tone, than some of Zoey and Lily's other scenes. Calling it "soft", in no way means that it isn't a passionate scene. These two ladies seem truly incapable of having anything but a passionate scene together. They are comfortable with each other. And they clearly know each other's "twitchy spots".

Finally, the Jodi West/Brandi Love scene has a very good set-up. Brandi is at "wits-end", married to a husband who has long since lost interest in her. Jodi is the neighbor/friend who Brandi confides in. Brandi is unaware that Jodi has had a long time crush on her. Brandi is lonely, unsure, and confused about what to do next. Brandi is also extremely horny, especially after all the wine kicks in (Brandi sheepishly admits that it has been months since she and her husband have had sex) Brandi initially, slowly and cautiously, gives in to Jodi's tender kisses. And when the kisses become deeper and more invasive, Brandi lets the passion take her. But still, with all the temptation and pent-up lust, Brandi, when naked, lying on her back, twisting on the bed from Jodi's lush tongue, the sensations suddenly become too much for her. Brandi cries out, "I CAN'T! I CAN'T". Jodi stops, gasping she has continually told Brandi that they would stop, whenever Brandi wanted to. But a desperate Jodi pleads in a softer voice, "You can, you can." and disobeys her pledge to Brandi, and kisses and licks Brandi's pussy again, becoming increasingly fierce again. Brandi groans and cries weaker, "I can't". Before long, Brandi arms are stretched out over her head, she is gripping the mattress as tight as she can, and she is pushing herself into Jodi'

This is basically four unrelated scenes looking for a movie. While all four are good they have no relationship with each other with one not even being an older younger scene. The people at Girlfriends Films must have thought “What to do with these scenes?”

Scene one has Zoey Holloway and Lily Carter doing a scene for “Please make me lesbian”. A pretty good scene and is worth the watch. Just why it was not used initially is hard to say for it is pretty good. Scene two had tidiness freak Darryl Hannah harassing Madelyn Marie about how she put away the wine glasses then having strap on sex with her. Only vaguely any good and as waste of Madelyn Marie who has a superb body.

Scene three is in my opinion easily the best of the lot with Prinzzess and Jelena Jensen really superb. No idea as to what series this was intended for but not using it initially was insanity as this is truly superb. These two really click and I would love to see more scenes with them both in it.
The last has Brandi Love as an ignored wife telling friend Jodi West about how terrible her husband is. Then it is off to bed and sex. Good so far, till they bring out a strap on this killed this scene for me.

Overall this is only reasonable with two good scenes and two not so good.

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