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Sex, Lust and Videotape ____________________________________
Sex, Lust and Videotape
I.D. dvd_6629, Adult
2016, XX minutes
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Guy Ranieri Sblattero

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Henessy A, Tina Walker, Mona Kim, Amirah Adara, Candy Sweet, Meg Magic, Alexis Brill, Katarina Muti

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What could be more arousing than beautiful models sharing their intimate secrets? In 'Sex, Lust And Videotape', gorgeous girls shed their inhibitions along with their clothes as they open up to the camera and explore their lesbian desires..

In episode one, Amirah Adara begins to touch herself as she shares a sexual memory with interviewer Mona Kim. Acting on their mutual attraction, they kiss avidly and Mona licks Amirah's pussy with great intensity, before sliding a wet finger into her tight ass. Amirah has a tremendous orgasm as she fingers her own pussy while Mona drills her ass then strums Mona's clit and licks her until she's overwhelmed with pleasure. Mona goes face down, ass up and Amirah licks her asshole and then thrusts her finger in, driving her wild..

Episode two finds Candy Sweet checking her appearance nervously, before starting a video interview with Meg Magic where she confesses the she has often imagined having an encounter with another girl. Meg grabs her for a kiss, and then lies back so Candy can sit on her face, rocking her hips as she gets eaten expertly. The girls make each other climax with plentiful fingering, pussy-eating and analingus..

In episode three, Alexis Brill is confident and sexy as Katarina Muti asks her some probing questions. Alexis strokes herself through her panties as she gets turned on, then gets on her knees so Katarina can finger and eat her vigorously. After an intense orgasm they move into spoons Alexis fingers Katarina's ass while she diddles her own pussy, the double drilling pushing her over the edge..

In the final episode, Henessy describes her erotic fantasy to Tina Walker, before they undress and grind into each other. Tina eats Henessy in doggy position, finger bangs her to a climax, then slides a finger into her ass to send her over the edge again. Now Henessy lies back for Tina to lick her sensitized clit, riding the waves of pleasure. As she catches her breath, she sucks Tina's perky nipples, then fingers and licks her to an orgasm.

Candid confessions and intense lesbian encounters make 'Sex, Lust And Videotape' a viewing experience you won't want to miss!

Directed by Guy Sblattero for Viv Thomas this is a pretty good film even if not quite up to Guy’s best. It is about girls being interviewed while being taped and has four good scenes.

The first has Amirah Adara who has appeared in the last few Guy Sblattero movies and she is really good in this. The interviewee is Mona Kim and pardon me once the scene gets started Amirah really does get her moaning. I really like Amirah and her truly superb bottom for she really does know how to do a scene.

Scene two has Candy Sweet being interviewed by Meg Magic again two recent regulars in Guy’s movies. This it appears is Candy’s first time for all her previous sex is with her boyfriend so Meg’s magical eating of her pussy really well get her excited for “he never did it as good as you do’ I can believe it for Meg really is magical.

Scene three has Alexis Brill being interviewed by Katerina Muti. Katerina I had not seen before but she is excellent as is Alexis. Scene four has the really cute and chubby Hennessy who I so liked in the Lingerie Consultancy. Well with Tina Walker she is just as cute again and this is a good scene.

Not quite one of Guy’s masterpieces but still better than most others. As such really worth the seeing.

Humble Opinion
I liked 3 of the 4 scenes in this movie. It is a "take-off" on the 1989 movie, and features video taped interviews about sex, that lead to sex itself on the couch, between the interviewer girl and the girl being interviewed. It is a repetitious set-up that director Guy Sblaterro never varies in each of the 4 scenes. The questions start out fairly innocuous, and become increasingly more intimate and probing. When the interviewer asks the girl about her sex fantasies or erotic dreams, the interviewing girl begins to get lost in the retelling of her erotic dream, and the interviewer girl lays aside her laptop, and comes over to the girl, and proceeds to kiss and fondle her and we are "off to the races".

In 3 of the 4 scenes, I felt that the girls are able to overcome the static format of the set-up, and create some genuinely serious heat.

My favorite scene was between Tina Walker and Hennessey A. the two girls on the cover of the DVD. Tina is an incredibly thin girl, who looks prim and professional as she asks her questions. Hennessey, who reminds me, in looks, of a young Missy Martinez, if not quite so "well endowed". Hennessey has the same dancing dark eyes as Missy, a voluptuous figure, and displays the same playful lust that Missy often portrays.

What makes this scene work so well for me is watching how, as Hennessey gets "turned-on" telling her personal erotic dream, Tina's own dark eyes begin to sparkle, and when she inevitably comes over to the couch, she begins immediately to fairly devour young Hennessey. There is a lot of "finger-fucking" in all of these scenes, but Tina's relentlessness in making Hennessey keep cumming was truly something to watch. And when Hennessey finally gets around to pushing Tina onto the couch, the sight of Tina's thin body stiffening through several intense orgasms is equally amazing.

If Hennessey A reminded me a bit of Missy Martinez, Candy Sweet in her scene reminded me of a young Kirsten Dunst especially as we watch Candy, between the long legs of the tall, young brunette, Meg Magic. When it comes time for Meg to ask what Candy's erotic dream is, Candy shyly admits that she has fantasies of sex with a girl, something that she has never done in her private life. While the Tina Walker/Hennessey A scene had the feel of lustful abandon, this scene between the young girls, Candy and Meg, has more of a feel of exploratory wish fulfillment. Candy especially is remarkable to watch in the beginning, burying her face into Meg's pussy for that first time.

Alexis Brill, the subject being interviewed, is a pretty, friendly, cute young brunette, who seems, initially, to be the more comfortable and at ease with the interview. Katerina Muti, with her ash blond hair and sweet smile, seems more hesitant, as if this were her first time interviewing. As the interview proceeds, Alexis talks about how she likes being slowly and romantically made love to. As Alexis begins to describe her personal sex fantasy being on a beach, and being softly approached from behind by her boyfriend, and slowly stripped of her bathing suit Katerina comes over to the couch and the two begin kissing. When they stand up, to take off each other's clothes, we see that Katerina is considerably shorter than Alexis, but much more voluptuously endowed. We soon realize that while "slow and romantic" may be what Alexis dreams about, this is not how she presents herself to Katerina. When the clothes are off for both girls, Alexis crawls on all fours onto the couch, her back to Katerina. Alexis twists her head back smiling, and Katerina takes her aggressively from behind with her mouth and then her fingers. For both girls, aggressive and forceful seems to be what they want to do to the other, and what they want done to themselves.

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