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Sharing the Bed - 2 Disc Special Edition! ____________________________________
Sharing the Bed - 2 Disc Special Edition!
I.D. dvd_6632, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Bree Mills & Stills By Alan

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5-Star Film! 

Shyla Jennings, Sasha Heart, Syren De Mer, Tara Morgan, Dani Daniels Shyla Jennings, Sasha Heart, Syren De Mer, Tara Morgan, Dani Daniels

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Sharing the Bed: A Lesbian Love Story! From directors Bree Mills and Stills By Alan, the team behind the critically acclaimed series The Business Of Women and The Turning, comes a bold new look at love and the challenges facing young lesbian couples today. Starring all-girl superstars Shyla Jennings and Sasha Heart, Sharing The Bed is a rollercoaster ride of emotion, struggle, passion, and lust that features some of the most intimate lesbian sex ever filmed for Girlsway.

When good Christian girl Shyla Jennings and proud lesbian Sasha (Sasha Heart) unexpectedly meet in Vegas, they share an intense experience that changes them forever. But sometimes love is not enough to manage self-doubt! While Shyla begins to see a therapist (Dani Daniels) to help her come to terms with her sexuality, Sasha returns to her family home to confront the women (Syren De Mer, Tara Morgan) who she has been secretly hiding from her whole life. In the end, the two lovers embark on a journey of self-discovery that will hopefully lead them back to each other's arms.

Filled with intense, emotional performances from some of the most beautiful women in the business, Sharing The Bed is a new landmark in lesbian adult filmmaking and a must have for any girl-girl fan!

Humble Opinion
In my view, this is an early contender for the Best Girl/Girl DVD of 2016. A wonderfully well told story spread out over 2 discs. There are 4 couplings and 6 scenes.

Because there are 6 separate scenes, it would take too long to go over each scene in detail. I will describe first the characters here, and then briefly highlight one of my favorite moments from each scene. There is a lot of dialog in this movie, both in the non-sex part and during the sex. The dialog is at times funny, sometimes revealing of feelings, and during the sex, often very arousing.

Shyla Jennings is a good Christian girl, who has gone out with boys but never gone "too far". She has never met a lesbian face-to-face, and even the thought scares her. Shyla's friend, Samantha Rone (in a non-sex role) has invited Shyla to join her for a weekend in Las Vegas. What Samantha either forgot to mention, or purposely avoided, is that she has also invited Sasha Heart to join them. Sasha is an upfront, proud lesbian. Syren De Mer is Sasha's stepmother, who is both disgusted and "turned-on" by Sasha's recent "coming out" to the family. Tara Morgan is Sasha's baby stepsister, who is recently engaged to a man, but is inexplicably intrigued to learn that Sasha likes girls. Dani Daniels is a psychotherapist friend of Sasha's. Sasha asks Dani to counsel Shyla on her conflicted feelings about her attraction to women. But Dani betrays Sasha, convincing Shyla that Sasha has asked her (Dani) to be a "sex surrogate".

1. Sasha Heart/Shyla Jennings: A very nicely done "first time lesbian experience" scene. (Moment) After making Shyla shakingly cum for that first time, a ferociously turned-on Sasha climbs on top of Shyla, who is lying on her back gazing at Sasha. Missionary-style, Sasha humps, grinds, and rides Shyla, until they both cum exhaustedly.

2. Dani Daniels/Shyla Jennings: Acting sweet and understanding, a devious Dani seduces poor innocent, naive Shyla into having achingly passionate sex with her, on her long, wide, "L-shaped" couch. Dani constantly whispers to Shyla that she must remember to call her (Dani) "Sasha", always. (Moment) Late in the scene, a now ferociously turned-on Shyla is eating out Dani. Dani is on her back, and she is bracing herself against the side of the couch, as she endures Shyla's attack. Shyla's fingers are squeezing Dani's ass cheeks, as her hands raise and hold Dani's butt off the couch. Shyla is burying and twisting her face into Dani's pussy. Dani is squealing and panting, trying to "push-back" and meet Shyla's intensity.

3. Syren De Mer/Sasha Heart: Syren's has sexually dominated her stepdaughter, making Sasha do to her whatever her wicked mind can think up. Syren, disgusted at her stepdaughter's sexual proclivities, verbally degrading Sasha. As Syren snarls at Sasha and then cums explosively, Sasha is visibly loving the sexual intensity and attention. (Moment) Sasha is lying on her back, exhausted, as she watches Syren lay between her legs. Syren begins eating Sasha out, and Sasha twists and groans from her stepmother's mouth. Much of this section is filmed from Sasha's head, looking down on Syren's face buried into Sasha's pussy.

4. Dani Daniels/Shyla Jennings: The previous scene between Dani and Shyla moves to the bedroom and eventually to Dani's large Queen size bed. Dani instructs Shyla to "take control", and an excited Shyla does so magnificently. (Moment) Dani has asked Shyla to stay overnight, and an unsure Shyla agrees. In the morning, Dani awakens to Shyla underneath the covers, licking her. Pulling the covers away, Dani demands, "What are you doing?" Shyla looks up expectantly, "I thought that you wanted me to take control?" Dani blinks, then nods slowly, as she lays back down to let Shyla "tend" to her". We watch Dani's gorgeous body sway and hump to Shyla's delicious ministrations.

5. Tara Morgan/Sasha Heart: This is probably my favorite scene. Sasha and Tara are remarkable together, as they excitedly explore and pleasure each other, over and over again. The "naughty talk" between these two, is terrific. For instance, they are constantly referring to each other as "baby sister", and "big sister", and this seriously raises the heat level. (Moment) There are truly too many to mention, but for instance, Sasha asks Tara to sit on her face. Tara meekly answers that she "doesn't know how". Sasha gently instructs Tara, and we watch Tara morph from pleasantly pleased to excitedly grinding and riding on "big sister's" face.

6. Sasha Heart/Shyla Jennings: The two finally meet again, at Sasha's place. They are gleeful and the sex shifts from soft to passionate, with Sasha leading. After Shyla's orgasm, Shyla takes control, and a surprised Sasha eventually "groans-out" an explosive orgasm. But then Sasha reacts furiously when Shyla gleefully announces that Dani was really helpful to her. How could Shyla be so stupid and gullible as to believe that Sasha would ask Dani to be a "sexual surrogate" for her? (in the earlier "Tara scene", Sasha had viewed a cell phone photo that Dani tauntingly posted, of her and Shyla naked, waving into the camera) (Moment) Shyla is weeping, curled up on the bed she WAS stupid, and now she has ruined everything. Sasha is shaken by how devastated Shyla is, and lays next to Shyla, hugging her, whispering reassuringly, that Shyla is not to blame for this betrayal, Dani is. Crawling together to the top of the bed, Sasha and Shyla hug and cuddle. Sasha's tender kisses, and Shyla's soft, tentative return of those kisses begins to arouse both girls. While continuously and endlessly kissing and hugging each other, their hands and fingers will begin to drift down to each others pussies. They will lovingly make each other cum, while they comfort each other.

This is one of those films which while having some superb moments has a number of unfortunate ones. Basically it is about Shyla Jennings who goes to Las Vegas with friend Samantha Rune (not billed) who also brings along Sasha Heart a lesbian. Shyla is a god fearing church of Sunday type who has never ever met a lesbian.

When Shyla meets Sasha it is a nervy start before they fall in love. The first scene is truly marvelous and it really sets up what could be a great film.

Knowing that Shyla is confused Sasha sends her along to see analyst Dani Daniels. Dani does more than her duty and seduces Shyla who thinks this is Ok with Sasha. A superb scene with Dani at her very best.

Unfortunately it is here the film goes astray with a truly ghastly scene between Sasha and her new step mom Syren De Mer. Oh dear this scene should have never seen the light of day so ghastly is Syren being a total bitch.

Happily next scene it is back to more of Dani and Shyla with Dani teaching her all the techniques of an expert lesbian lover. Who better to be such a teacher than Dani.

Scene five it is unfortunately back to Syren and her ghastly daughter Tara Morgan who yes it a secret lesbian despite getting engaged.

Fortunately this film end with another good scene as Shyla and Sasha being reunited with Shyla proposing marriage.

This film has lots of great moments but unfortunately has some bad ones courtesy of a confused script and Syren De Mer. Still well worth seeing with Sasha Heart, Shyla Jennings and Dani Daniels all superb. The sex is excellent and Dani looks totally stunning with that magnificent bottom of hers.

Scene three should be re-shot with Cherie DeVille or Kendra Lust for they would turn this scene around. Still a nice romantic story when it sticks with Shyla and Sasha.

Normally I review 2 scenes. But since there are 6 total: I thought I would review 3!

1. Sasha Heart/Shyla Jennings. This is a great scene and they start to share feelings for each other. This is good, but best is yet to come So Grade this: B-

2. Sasha Heart/Tara Morgan. Sasha is told to stay away from lesbians. Tara is a friend that she cannot help but be attracted to. They make love in a wild scene Grade: B+

3. Sasha and Shyla. Sasha is alone in her car and wonders if they are still in love. Sasha knocks on the door and they both wear a shirt that says: Some Chicks Marry Chicks. Shyla is so sexy in every scene I've seen her in (at least 9 lesbian). This is the best! I love it! Movie ends with them wanting to be married!

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