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Lesbian Adventures - Strap-On Specialists 10 ____________________________________
Lesbian Adventures - Strap-On Specialists 10
I.D. dvd_6633, Adult
2016, XX minutes
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli
* $22.99 *

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Nina Hartley, Sara Luvv, Mercedes Carrera, Aria Alexander, Janice Griffith, Aiden Starr, Karlee Grey, Dana Vespoli

In this installment of Strap-on Specialists, older women show younger girls how strap-on sex can bring them even more intense orgasms. Eccentric human sexuality professor Nina Hartley breaks in her new teaching assistant, Sara Luvv, by showing the young girl how lots of oral sex and strap on penetration are a recipe for success. Bratty Janice Griffith loathes her mom's girlfriend Aiden Starr, and after Aiden catches Janice making fun of her, the older woman uses her strap on to teach Janice a valuable lesson in respect. Karlee Grey comes home from school early and finds stepmom Mercedes wearing a strap on. After Mercedes explains to Karlee that the strap on was meant as a surprise for her husband, she shows the teen that strap on sex is perfectly natural. Finally, building contractor Dana Vespoli is dismayed to find her clients are not home, instead leaving their spoiled daughter Aria Alexander to oversee everything. Dana goes head to head with the young girl, finishing off with a strap on surprise.

Anon in Bama
This video was a clear improvement over previous volumes of this series, or at least I certainly thought so.

1) Nina Hartley & Sara Luvv - It all begins with pretty-young graduate student Sara Luvv entering the office of Dr. Nina Hartley, a university professor specializing in human sexuality. Right there, on the professor''s desk, is a strap-on dildo, which the girl stares at, mesmerized. When Dr. Hartley enters the room, she explains to Sara about the "psychological aspects" of strap-on lesbian sex, urging the girl to familiarize herself with it, even offering her an experience right here & now, in her office! Sara accepts her offer, and they begin making-out. Despite this overly CLINICAL intro, Nina is always excellent at playing the more dominant role, and Sara does an excellent job as the submissive! I loved watching Nina slapping the gorgeous ass of Sara, as she proceeds to take her in a variety of positions using her strap-on, on a chair, atop her desk, and on a nearby couch. The older/younger chemistry between these two was quite good. On the negative side, she takes Sara in about every position EXCEPT doggy-style, and I didn''t see the point of Nina repeatedly punching the pretty girl on her back!

set-up: B-, casting: A, sex: C+

2) Aiden Starr & Janice Griffith - Pretty blonde younger-woman Janice doesn''t like the "life partner" of her mother, Aiden Starr, and is discovered openly mocking the older woman. Aiden wastes no time in pushing Janice down onto the bed and demanding an apology. When it isn''t immediately forthcoming, she proceeds to punish the girl with lesbian sex. Aiden kisses her and grabs at her crotch, with the younger woman quickly surrendering. Two things I didn''t particularly like were the excessive fingering and also the fact that Aiden never strips the younger woman completely nude! On the positive side, I loved watching her doing Janice doggy-style with her strap-on while occasionally slapping the lovely butt of the younger woman!

set-up: C+, casting: B, sex: C

3) Mercedes Carrera & Karlee Grey - Beautiful young Karlee arrives home and wanders upstairs to the bedroom of her stepmother, where she discovers Mercedes pleasuring herself with a strap-on sex-toy. Karlee is shocked, while her stepmother is both embarrassed & apologetic, but then the older woman offers to show Karlee how to operate a strap-on, with the younger girl readily agreeing to give it a go. Mercedes is sort of in charge, as she kisses and fingers the girl before then donning her strap-on and stripping Karlee completely nude before then taking her from behind, which was nice!

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: B-

4) Dana Vespoli & Aria Alexander - Pretty dark-haired Aria is home alone when older-woman Dana arrives at the back door to inspect the kitchen and take measurements for an upcoming renovation. Aria impudently inquires if any men will be working on the project, before then disrespectfully asking Dana if she''s gay. Eventually, the older woman decides to correct the errant behavior of the girl, forcibly turning her around so that she can begin spanking the luscious butt of Aria. Dana is EXCELLENT in the dominant role, grinding the girl from behind and pulling off her clothing. I especially LOVED the attention she gives to the curvy rear of the girl, biting & kissing it! The younger woman responds by sexily wiggling her ass as Dana then does her from behind, standing-doggy-style! This was easily the HOTTEST scene on this DVD!

set-up: B-, casting: A, sex: A-

I love these strap-on videos, especially those including strong older/younger & sub/domme contrasts. Not all of the scenes on this one were great, but that last one certainly raised the bar! When Dana Vespoli makes the effort, she does an OUTSTANDING job! My overall grade for this one: B

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