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Lesbian Stepsisters Vol. 4 (Sweetheart) ____________________________________
Lesbian Stepsisters Vol. 4 (Sweetheart)
I.D. dvd_6656, Adult
2016, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Director

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Jenna J. Ross, Janice Griffith, Mercedes Carrera, Veruca James, Katrina Jade, Trillium

This title begins shipping on 2/17.

The fourth volume of this popular, faux-incest series is a dark and sinister tale. When Heather wakes up in the hospital, she has no memory of the past several months. Her dutiful stepsister, Katie, is by her side, ready to help her recover. It is not long before Heather discovers that her sister is harboring secrets, and that Heather is in grave danger...or is she? Are Heather's emerging memories false, or are they real? Can she trust Patsy, who claims to be her lesbian lover, and who insists that Katie has bad intentions? As Heather struggles to put the pieces of her life together, she begins a dark journey of twisted passion, greed and evil. Starring Janice Griffith, Jenna J Ross, Trillium, Katrina Jade, Veruca James and Mercedes Carrera.

This is part of Dana Vespoli’s new style that I mentioned in lesbian Stepmother. As in that film none of the characters in this is likeable. Jenna J Ross is positively loathsome.

Scene one finds Jane Griffiths in hospital recovering from allegedly falling over. Visiting her is her step sister Jenna J Ross who insists she will take “care” of her as her mother also died from supposedly suicide but in fact by head injuries. At home confused is visited by Trilliumm who tells Jane they are lovers. Lonely and confused Jane and Trilliumm make love only for her to vanish shortly afterwards.

The next scene is a dream scene where Trilliumm is killed by Satanists lead by Jenna J Ross (I told you she was loathsome) and her two maidens Veruca James and Katina Jade who have sex by the dead body.
In between scenes two and three Jane is visited at home by police detective Dana Vespoli who is investigating what they now believe is the murder of Jane’s mother. Chief suspect is yes you guessed it Jenna J.

Scene three Jane enters Jenna’s room with a diary containing an account of how mother Mercedes Carrera was seduced then murdered b Jenna J. Then Jenna J enters the room and after some talking she and Jane have sex (making love it is not) after which Jane is back in hospital going insane with a smug Jenna J looking on.

When I think of Jenna J Ross is will be of this role for she is total evil, a vicious mean young woman out to destroy a weak willed step sister. Jane Griffiths does this role very well for you really feel for her.

Superbly directed by Dana Vespoli this is masterpiece class and essential viewing.

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