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Dominance ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_6704, Adult
2015, 90 min.
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Qweedo Climber

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Eva Berger with Jessica Manole, Cristal Caitlin, Kiara Lord and Bella Blond.

Eva Berger, the stunning redhead who stars in Dominance, has it all - a luxurious estate overlooking the deep blue sea, a glamorous wardrobe, and the money and power to satisfy her every desire. She also has an insatiable appetite for beautiful women, and her hunger will not be denied.

With a bevy of beautiful, bikini-clad guests lounging by her pool, Eva first selects Jessica Manole. Although the fetching brunette is flattered by the attention, Gerger is the one calling the shots. Eva sucks Jessica's breasts, eats her clean-shaven pussy, tongues her ass, and then skillfully brings her to a thrilling climax. But before Jessica can catch her breath Berger is sitting on her face and riding her tongue and mouth with fevered orgasmic abandon.

The next bathing beauty to catch Berger's eye is curvy blonde Cristal Caitlin. Eva devours her pretty plaything from head to toe, sucking and licking her feet, hungrily munching her glistening slit, lapping and lathering her ass, and then expertly bringing her to climax. She then asserts her powerful Dominance by sitting on Cristal's face, getting her pussy and ass well-tongued, and finally getting forcefully fingered to ecstasy.

Berger's next target is tempting Kiara Lord, and once more she ravages her willing partner before coaxing and commanding the shapely young submissive into satisfying her every decadent desire.

Dominance reaches a particularly powerful conclusion in the final extended encounter between Berger and the beguiling Bella Blond. True to form, Eva goes first, eating everything Bella has to offer before taking her rightful place as dominant and urging her sultry submissive to suck, lick, probe, frig, rim, and finger-bang her to the highest peaks of explosive, body-wracking orgasmic delight.

Welcome to a world of beauty, desire, and feverish pleasure - welcome to Dominance.

Scene listing:

[0:30] Ascendancy - Eva Berger & Jessica Manole

[19:26] Duress - Eva Berger & Cristal Caitlin

[42:59] Vigor - Eva Berger & Kiara Lord

[1:06:13] Meliority - Eva Berger & Bella Blond

[1:29:53] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, Dolby digital sound, behind-the-scenes footage, trailer [g/g]. NTSC

Anon in 'Bama
This DVD gets a good grade from me because the women are all incredibly hot, and also because the premise of a dominant wealthy (and slightly older) woman possessing four beautiful young bikini-clad hotties to play with at her leisure is an excellent one! But there are some serious flaws, as well.

1) Eva Berger & Jessica Manole - It opens with red-haired Eva surveying her four pretty, bikini-clad playthings as they lay sunning poolside. She selects dark-haired Jessica, and takes the girl by the hand inside. They begin passionately kissing. Eva is in control. But on the negative side, she’s one of those dominant older women who wants to flaunt her own body more than showing any particular interest in the bodies of the pretty younger women that she’s supposed to be dominating. These two kiss one another’s breasts, and then Eva goes down on the girl without even removing Jessica’s bikini bottoms. Later, she performs INSTANT ANALINGUS on the girl, which means that she completely ignores the dark-haired girl’s gorgeous ass so that she can instead concentrate entirely on her ass crack! She abruptly dismisses the girl when they’re done. I guess this is to show that she’s in charge, but it looks like she wasn’t particularly happy with the sex. Well, neither was I!

Set-up: B, casting: A, sex: C

2) Eva Berger & Cristal Caitlin - Back poolside, Eva observes beautiful blonde Cristal oiling up another bikini-clad girl, and so she takes Cristal by the hand and leads her into her bedroom, where she then pushes the pretty blonde down onto her bed and begins having sex with her. There’s a nice predatory feel here, but once again she’s not so much interested in Cristal’s body as she is in going through the motions. They make out. She kisses the pretty blonde’s breasts and then her feet. And then she goes down on the girl, again without first removing her bikini bottoms. Later, with Cristal now completely nude, she flips the girl over for INSTANT ANALINGUS! Why doesn’t she find the beautiful blonde’s incredibly nice ass to be of any interest? Why just her ass crack? She fingers Cristal some and then has the girl service her. When they’re finished she throws a pillow at the girl and flips her off. I’m not making any of this up.

Set-up: B, casting: A, sex: C

3) Eva Berger & Kiara Lord - Eva fixes herself a drink in the kitchen, and then she has an idea. She heads back out to the pool and selects beautiful little blonde Kiara as her plaything, taking the girl back into the kitchen with her. She then "accidentally" spills some of her drink on the bikini-clad girl so that she can then lick it off of Kiara’s breasts and stomach. She also spits some of the drink into the girl’s mouth. Is that supposed to be hot? Eva perfunctorily slaps the girl’s butt. She kisses the girl’s feet and rubs them on her breasts. Later she makes Kiara perform analingus on her, but at least the pretty blonde licks the dominant woman’s ass some first. After they’re done, Eva once again airily dismisses the other woman for the mostly bland sex.

Set-up: B, casting: A, sex: C

4) Eva Berger & Bella Blonde - Eva’s now in a red dress, sitting on her couch reading a magazine. Enter pretty blonde Bella, with a towel wrapped over her bikini. Eve decides to do the girl right then and there. She strokes Bella’s pretty leg and fondles the girl some before they begin having sex. Eva is clearly the one calling the shots. They kiss one another’s breasts, and then Eva makes Bella smooch her ass. She then goes down on the girl over her bikini bottoms and fingers her. Later, she makes Bella finger her from behind and perform analingus on her. And when they’re done she dismisses Bella and returns to reading her magazine.

Set-up: B, casting: A, sex: C

Director Qweedo Climber had some beautiful, talented women to work with here, and the whole "DOMINANCE" theme was a great one. Sadly, the directing was sub par, particularly regarding the overly-formulaic sex scenes. Eva needed to show more attraction for her beautiful bikini-clad playthings, particularly their gorgeous behinds! Still, not a bad overall DVD. I’d grade it a solid B.

While I enjoyed this movie it also left me somewhat unsatisfied. I had recently seen another Viv Thomas movie, Lady, which is similar in theme, and it was a better movie.

Here we have a rich lesbian woman who fancies young girls but most of all the orgasms they can give her. Thus we have four young beauties taken from lounging by the pool, one at a time, to have sex with. What we have is lust not love, as after finishing with each girl she tells them to get lost, throwing their bikini at them. And it is thus that left me cold, for the Eva Berger character is not at all interesting, just a rich bitch. Lady, conversely, while she was a rich young lesbian, was a most interesting character with lots of interesting characteristics, including providing satisfactory sex for her partners.

The sex here is good but lacked the foreplay and tease that Lady had. With a title such as “Dominance” I expected more than the routine I-do-you-and-you-do-me, with similar positions for each scene. Then of course there could have been a scene by the pool between two of the young girls, as in the most excellent Domestic Desire, which again is a comparable film in theme.

The other problem with this is the routine direction, which does nothing to explore the possibilities of the situation.

In summary: okay but not much more.

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