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Seduced by Mommy 04 ____________________________________
Seduced by Mommy 04
I.D. dvd_6719, Adult
2012, 128 min.
Filly Films
* $12.99 *

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Nina Hartley & Ally Evans, Jastene Jade & Tiffany Mynx, Angela Attison & Abbie Anderson, Magdalene St. Michaels & Randee Reed.

Scene listing:

[2:05] Nina Hartley & Ally Evans

[39:16] Magdalene St. Michaels & Randee Reed

[1:10:11] Angela Attison & Abbie Anderson

[1:38:03] Jastene Jade & Tiffany Mynx


Please note: this title is now part of a 4-pack, available here - Seduced By Mommy 4 Pack

DVD Features
chapter index, extra footage [foreplay & orgasms], photo gallery & trailers [g/g].

I know this series is not my cup of tea, but I tried to watch it past whatever buildup/story to see if I could just enjoy the older/younger aspects of it. Sadly, I could not. The camerawork leaves much to be desired, and the scenarios just aren’t appealing to me. Too many awkward, random zoom-in moments for no apparent reason. The setups are based on anger/hostility/resentment too often.

Hey Everyone! Leap1234 AKA Genisis here...

I’m writing to report that Filly Film’s has delivered on the mother/daughter fantasy in a HUGE way. A little back story...I emailed both Dion and Tanya Tate at Filly with some suggestions regarding future volumes of this series. Saying it would be cool to establish the characters as step-relatives, and then remove "step" from the rest of the story while having a good deal of "mommy" dirty talk. Both Dion and Tanya were extremely receptive to the idea.

Well….Filly Films called my hand and raised the stakes BIG TIME! “Seduced By Mommy #4” is the movie that I have been waiting for! Three out of the four scenes are NOT step-relations role-play…they are full-on mother/daughter role-play with LOTS of “Mommy” dirty talk. (They do this by also filming behind-the-scenes footage of the performers clearly stating that they are actors who are not related and playing out a fantasy role-play scenario.)

Seriously my jaw was on the floor watching the whole movie the other day….I was simply ASTONISHED! “Seduced By Mommy #4” kicks the door of Taboo Lesbian films WIDE OPEN. All things considered this is the Lesbian equivalent of Kirby Steven’s classic Taboo series….okay that may be a bit overreaching, but you get what I’m saying….this DVD is a game changer!

Not only that, but the upcoming Filly Films release “Tanya Tate’s Runaways” will also have a full-on taboo role-play scene between “mother” Tanya and “daughter” Heather Silk. I’m not taking credit for what Filly Films is doing now, but I would like to think my suggestions had a little something to do with it.

Now the super important part….Now that a studio has finally fulfilled our dirty fantasy, it’s time that we step up and show them our support. It’s one thing to say you want something, but it’s another thing all together to support it with your wallet. Help make this DVD a massive success for Filly Films and order a copy. Seriously, the success of this volume ensures that we see more of this. Do it…you won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it!


I just watched Seduced By Mommy 4, and WOW!! I thought that the taboo subject of mother/daughter sex was just a bit much, but I gave this DVD a chance, and I was more than satisfied. All the scenes had just the right amount of references to them being related, but the last three scenes had a believable amount of early resistance by the daughter characters.

My favorite scenes in order:
1. Angela Attison & Abbie Anderson (this one is amazing)
2. Jastene Jade & Tiffany Minx
3. Magdalene St.Michaels & Randee Reed
4. Ally Evans & Nina Hartley (by far the weakest scene)

But this film is still 5 star caliber, and if you are looking for a little more taboo, check this out. Brilliant.

Anon in 'Bama
I was not all that impressed with this one. I purchased it primarily because I LOVE older/younger lesbian encounters, which this video promises. But the set-ups are NOT very creative or imaginative.

1) Nina Hartley & Ally Evans - Nina’s stepdaughter Ally is about to leave for college, and so Nina sits her down to talk with her about the whole new world about to open up before her. Nina mentions that Ally will soon be having sex with boys, and possibly with girls as well, and then offers her an educational lesbian experience, right then and there. Ally accepts. And so we’ve got INSTRUCTIONAL LESBIANISM between the two, with I-do-you-then-you-do-me sex quickly following. A WEAK scene all-around!

Set-up: C-, casting: C+, sex: C-

2) Magdalene St. Michaels & Randee Reed - Magdalene wants her pretty blonde daughter to get out of bed, but Randee responds by telling her mother to "fuck off!" An angry Magdalene slaps the girl’s ass, and then continues to touch/fondle the girl’s body, saying: "You need to be taught a lesson. You want to be slutty? I’ll show you what slutty is!" At this point, Randee spreads opens her legs for the camera, giving us all an excessively porny beaver shot. On the positive side, Magdalene remains in charge throughout, stripping the girl completely nude before removing any of her own clothing. They go down on one another with the older woman later flipping Randee over onto her stomach so that she can kiss the girl’s butt and finger her from behind, followed by analingus.

Set-up: C, casting: B, sex: C+

3) Abbie Anderson & Angela Attison - The older blonde mom has discovered that her blonde daughter is stealing money from her purse. She angrily confronts the girl, with both women yelling at each-other. Once again, it’s going to be an angry mother deciding that only lesbian sex will fix her misbehaving daughter. "You look like a slut! I can show you what a slut truly is!" That’s followed by some forced kissing, with the mom then removing her daughter’s clothing. They proceed to go down on one another, along with some 69-ing.

Set-up: C, casting: B, sex: C-

4) Tiffany Mynx & Jaslene Jade - Mom Tiffany is upset to discover that her pretty brunette daughter hasn’t done any of her chores. She locates Jaslene downstairs, with headphones on, listening to music. The girl talks back and acts all bratty, at which point her mom says: "You need to be more respectful - it’s my job to discipline you." And yes, discipline will once again mean lesbian sex. The girl acts uncomfortable, but soon gives in. Tiffany goes down on Jaslene, with Jaslene then going down on Tiffany. Later still, the girl performs analingus on mom. It’s more pretty women cast together in a weak, un-erotic scene.

Set-up: C, casting: B+, sex: C

I was NOT impressed with the writing here. Just showing an angry mother disciplining her foul-mouthed daughter with lesbianism is NOT EROTIC. My overall grade: C

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