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You Tricked Me ____________________________________
You Tricked Me
I.D. dvd_6739, Adult
2016, XX minutes
Directed by Director

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Cherie DeVille, Samantha Rone, Remy LaCroix, Ariella Ferrera, Katie St Ives, Veronica Avluv

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We've all been there. Our parents all told us they were young once too, and we all remember feeling like they don't understand us. Samantha Rone and Remy LaCroix are in similar situations. Samantha Rone is trying in earnest to be a loyal newlywed wife, but her mother in law has different plans. Cherie DeVille wants to corrupt her son's brand new wife, and uses everything she knows about him to make it all come together! Remy, however, is a spoiled brat, and she can't help but treat her stepmom Ariella Ferrera as the bane of her existence. But when her new mommy shows off her chops at domination, Remy can't help but have a newfound respect for Mommy.

Anon in Bama
This is probably the last time I purchase a video directed by Stills-by-Alan, as I think his writing-style SUCKS! He does NOT seem to understand lesbian-eroticism! I got this video because I find Samantha Rone to be an incredibly hot young actress, and when I read the description on the box it was easy to imagine how a lesbian mother-in-law might desperately desire to SEDUCE her! But allow me to start at the beginning...

This video opens with a scantily-clad Samantha (looking incredibly hot) strolling through the kitchen of her mother-in-law (played by older woman Cherie DeVille). The beautiful blonde has on these tiny shorts and a tank top! She calls her friend Tara on her cell-phone and complains at the way her mother-in-law creeps-her-out by always inappropriately touching her! Anyway, it is shortly thereafter that her mother-in-law surprises her in the kitchen, slapping the blonde girl on her ass as Samantha bends over to get something out of the refrigerator!

1) You Tricked Me, Part One - Cherie DeVille & Samantha Rone - The first thing I didn't like about this scene is WHY is older-woman Cherie dressed in skimpy red lingerie? Her daughter-in-law isn't a lesbian, so WHY is she immediately showing off her OWN BODY instead of focusing all of her attention on the body of the beautiful, scantily-clad girl she's interested in possessing for herself? To me, this is a CLEAR SIGN of weak writing & direction! In any case, Samantha expresses NO INTEREST in having sex with Cherie and hastily leaves the room.

The next day, Samantha is once again walking around (and looking incredibly hot) in yet another skimpy outfit. This time she finds a handwritten note on her computer, telling her to come upstairs. She THINKS that it was written by her husband. Upstairs she finds another sign, directing her to change into some skimpy lingerie waiting for her on a table. But WHY change when what she already has on looks incredibly hot? Anyway, a third sign directs her into her bedroom where she has been told to put on a blindfold, which she does.

Cherie then quietly enters the room and begins caressing & kissing her gorgeous daughter-in-law, who does not realize that it is another woman kissing & fondling her. Cherie then ties her wrists together and begins touching her body with a feather. Eventually, she removes the blindfold and Samantha is predictably shocked, but quickly gives in, also predictably. Cherie asks her to call her "mommy," which Samantha does. There is fingering and also some silly mutual-masturbation. The older woman mostly ignores the luscious butt of the girl.

set-up: B-, casting: A, sex: C

2) Spoiled Brat, Part One - Ariella Ferrera & Remy LaCroix - Remy is shown stealing a beer from the fridge of her stepmother. She gets caught by the older woman, and is scolded. Later, she spies on her stepmother while the woman is on the telephone, complaining about Remy. The girl confronts her, at one point even accusing her of "checking me out in my underwear!" And, of course, such an accusation means that these two will now have lesbian sex. This was really some HORRENDOUS writing! Ariella quickly gives in with the younger woman playing the instigator. It was just BAD.

set-up: D-, casting: B, sex: C

3) Coming Out to Mommy - Veronica Adluv & Katie St. Ives - Veronica talks with her stepdaughter on the phone, welcoming her home from college. When they later meet in the bedroom of the girl, Katie announces that she is gay. Stepmother Veronica says she is fine with that, and admits that when she was in college, she ALSO had sex with other girls. She then offers to show her stepdaughter a few special pointers she knows involving lesbian sex, and Katie readily agrees. What follows is INSTRUCTIONAL LESBIANISM, which I despise. The only good part part is when Veronica at one point pulls down the shorts of her stepdaughter and playfully spanks the girl. The older woman leaves her high heels on for the entire scene (another clear sign of POOR DIRECTION!)

set-up: F, casting: B+, sex: B-

4) Spoiled Brat, Part Two - Ariella Ferrera & Remy LaCroix - Ariella is sitting down to have dinner. Remy joins her, wearing next to nothing, but then leaves to go up to her room after learning that her dad will not be joining them that evening because he has other plans. Later, she returns to the table, demanding dessert. Ariella decides to punish her brattiness with lesbian sex, pulling the face of the younger girl up against her breasts and saying: "How about THESE for dessert?" And, of course, this will lead to lesbian sex on the hard, uncomfortable dinner table. I thought it was lame. They go down on one another, along with some scissor-tribbing.

set-up: F, casting: B, sex: C-

5) You Tricked Me, Part Two - Cherie DeVille & Samantha Rone - Cherie sells real estate on the side, and she thinks she is on the verge of closing the deal on a four-million-dollar home after getting a text from a potential buyer who wants to meet her there. It turns out to be nothing more than her playful daughter-in-law, Samantha, lying out by the pool in skimpy lingerie! At first Cherie is furious with the pretty girl, demanding that she get into the house. Once inside, however, she reconsiders, and the two have sex right then and there, on a large couch in the living room. While I do not particularly enjoy scenes where the younger woman is the instigator, I DID like the way that Samantha uses her beautiful body to tempt her lesbian stepmom. That was NICE! The sex that follows is alright, but nothing special.

set-up: B-, casting: A, sex: C

Samantha Rone is incredibly hot, but I thought that Cherie DeVille was at best a mediocre choice to play the older, predatory, dominant-lesbian-mother-in-law of the girl, as her attraction for the incredibly hot body of the gorgeous younger blonde just seemed insincere to me. Overall, the writing style of Stills-by-Alan's is just WEAK. He does NOT appear to understand what makes older/younger lesbian seduction scenes click, at least not in MY opinion! My grade for this one: C+

Humble Opinion
I would not say this was the best DVD that Girlsway has produced, but I do think that it had some good scenes in it.

The first scene between Cherie DeVille and Samantha Rone was a very good scene, in my opinion, with excellent casting. Samantha's "mommy-speak" did not bother me at all, because of the pleading nature of Samantha's "mommy speak". Samantha usually cried out the word "Mommy", either as she was getting excited, or as Cherie was about to send Samantha into the "stratosphere". The second coupling between Cherie and Samantha, where Samantha is nominally in charge at least in the beginning was not as hot, I thought, because Samantha was not really believable, as the one "calling the shots". But as the scene progressed, I thought that the scene got hotter, with both Samantha and Cherie bringing some real heat, and it ended up being a good scene, overall. (And btw, I thought that Cherie made an excellent "seductive dom").

I thought that the Ariella Ferrera/Remy LaCroix scenes were good, but not great. Both performers have done better girl/girl scenes, in my view. Their first coupling was the better of the two the set-up following the title of the set of scenes, "Spoiled Brat", pretty well, Remy does a good job playing the taunting step daughter, who disrespects her step-mom, but then goads and taunts Ariella, into acknowledging her latent lust for the bratty, sexy Remy. The second scene between the two though, takes place on a dining room table, and is marred by the seriously noisy and creaky table. In my view, the set-up should have been re-thought, once it was apparent that the creaking of the table was going to be that loud.

In both of Ariella and Remy's scenes, the daddy is supposed to be home, blithely watching TV while the two are "going-to-town" on each other. The first encounter, which takes place in a bedroom, the two make a nice attempt to muffle their excitement, and it adds nicely to the sex. In the second scene, where daddy is supposed to be in the den, eating his dinner while watching football, the noise of the sex on the table is not only annoying to listen to, it adds an absurdity to the scene that is really hard to ignore. (I kept expecting daddy to come in yelling, "Could you two hold it down in here? I can't hear the goddamn game!"-Followed by: "What the Fuck is going on here?!!") Smile

The sex in the Veronica Avluv/Katie St. Ives scene was a bit odd in relation to the set-up, and really did not fit the encounter, in my opinion. Step-daughter Katie hesitantly and clumsily "comes out" to her step-mother Veronica. Step-mommy Veronica then treats Katie so lustily and rough, that it feels like Veronica has a "fifty dollar an hour" hooker in her bed, instead of her sweet, nervous step-daughter! I did like however, toward the end of the scene, how Veronica was able to make Katie shiver, and squirt and cum like crazy.

This is movie that has been heavily criticised with argument on the merits of the Director, the plot and not unnaturally Cherie Deville. My copy was delayed in the mail to me in Australia but when I finally did receive it I wondered what all the fuss was about for this is a simply superb piece of entertainment. Certainly it will not win an award as best film of the year but does that really matter.

Each of the five scenes in this are really good with interesting arousing situations all complimented by superb dialogue that made me laugh. This is truly great fun to watch. I think the problem with some critics is they take such films as this seriously when in fact they are erotic fantasies meant to be simply entertainment. One of the reasons for this being so good is it is Directed by Stills by Alan a master at such movies as this.

The cast is perfect with the Queen of the “Mommy” movies Cherie Deville just a delight in a role tailor made for her. In scene one she is out to seduce her new daughter in law a really hot Samantha Rone whom she tricks into having sex with her by laying out sexy lingerie and a mask with the belief that it is Samantha’s husband who will be seducing her. As the blindfold comes of yes Samantha sees it is “Mommy” making love to her. Really well done.

Scenes two and four have Ariella Ferrera and Remy Lacroix with Remy as the spoilt step daughter who dislikes step mom except for sex. Remy LaCroix I have never been a fan off but in this she is very good as is Ariella. Scene three is excellent with Katie St Ives coming home from college with short hair and the news that “There will be no grandchildren for you as I like girls” to step mom Veronica Avluv. Veronica naturally has a response and that is teaching Katie all about girl girl sex.

Scene five has Real Estate Agent Cherie all eager to sell a mansion and pocket a huge commission only to find step daughter Samantha Rone at the mansion all eager for more sex from “Mommy”. This is a truly hot scene with Cherie and Samantha really on fire.

I thought this truly superb as a confectionary of girl girl sex and fun. As I said no masterpiece but then who cares.

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