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Sinn Sage in Lesbian Adventures - Wet Panties Trib 03 ____________________________________
Sinn Sage in Lesbian Adventures - Wet Panties Trib 03
I.D. dvd_6833, Adult
2012, 146 min.
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli
* $22.99 *

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Sinn Sage, Vicki Chase, Celeste Star, Francesca Le & Dani Daniels.

Sinn Sage is one of todayís hottest and most unconventional porn starlets working the lesbian scene today. Sweetheart gives Sinn free reign to explore her feminine authority in these four scenes of tribbing. Co-starring Sinnís friends Dani Daniels, Celeste Star, Francesca Le and Vicki Chase, this movie is sure to take girl-on-girl passion deeper than ever before.

Scene listing:

[1:33] Sinn Sage & Celeste Star

[28:42] Sinn Sage & Dani Daniels

[1:04:18] Sinn Sage & Francesca Le

[1:43:44] Sinn Sage & Vicki Chase

[2:27:07] END CREDITS

DVD Features
NO REGIONAL CODING PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE, chapter index, behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery & trailers [all g/g].

When Nica Noelle and Girl Candy Films made their truly fabulous "Girls Tribbing Girls", I suggested Nica make a tribbing film with all the scenes having Sinn Sage, the queen, empress, goddess of tribbing. Well she failed to heed my advice.

Dana Vespoli and Nicaís old company Sweetheart Video have, however, done the smart thing and made a tribbing film with Sinn Sage in all scenes. Wow, Wow, Wow and Wow this is truly fabulous. The first scene leads the way with the superb Dani Daniels leading, demonstrating her superb skills and showing she is no mean tribber herself. The three other scenes are all excellent, making this a really great film to watch.

Dana Vespoli has shown again that she is an excellent maker of intelligent and arousing girl-girl erotica, and Sinn Sage shows that there is no more arousing bottom than hers as it swings into action onto her partnerís pussy.

A must-see.

Humble Opinion
This came out in December of 2012, so I am a little late in commenting on it, but it deserves some attention, particularly given that it only received one review. I started to watch it some time ago, and put it off to the side when other movies came out. I was not a big fan of the two previous Wet Panties Trib movies. I bought Wet Panties Trib 3 primarily because of the cast, specifically watching Sinn Sage tribbing with four different women. But as I say, I got distracted.

This is a really good movie. All four scenes are scorching. A large part of that, of course, is because of Sinn Sage, who is her usual spectacularly real performer.

The one scene that I did watch early on was Sinn Sage with Dani Daniels. It was a very good scene, but it suffered, Iím afraid, from comparison to Sinnís scene with Dani in Elegant Angelís ďDani Daniels: DareĒ. That is a shame, since looking at this Sweetheart Sinn/Dani scene again in the last few days, it stands up very well as a terrific encounter between these two amazing performers. As mentioned in the Behind the Scenes, both Sinn and Dani have somewhat similar body types. Both Sinn and Dani are full-bodied and muscular. They can grapple with each other in the heat of passion and not have to worry too much about hurting the other. This was certainly evident in Elegant Angelís ďDani Daniels: DareĒ, but it is also present, to some extent, in this Sweetheart scene. What is more evident in this scene, versus the Elegant Angel scene, is the genuine affection that Sinn and Dani also have for one another.

The genuine surprise for me, in this film, was Francesca Le. She is a beautiful "older woman". But I have tended to question her sincere attraction to females. That "doubt" is completely "thrown out the window" in her scene with Sinn Sage. I found it to be the most passionate scene of the whole DVD. From the set-up on, these two went at each other, first as repressed lovers letting themselves go, and then later as alley cats that canít stop fucking each other.

The set-up is that Francesca is Sinnís university teacher and advisor. Sinn is about to graduate with honors and is "burnt-out" with school. Francesca has heard through the grapevine that Sinn is thinking of taking a year off to go backpacking through Europe. Francesca is worried that Sinn may be throwing away her chance to become a world class lawyer. Sinn is in Francescaís office, and is visibly tired and doesnít really want to argue with Francesca, who she deeply respects and looks up to. After the second time that Sinn wearily asks Francesca why she is so upset and concerned, Francesca shifts her chair next to Sinn and stares into Sinnís haunted eyes. Locking eyes on Sinn, Francesca leans in and softly kisses her. Sinn beautifully cries and moans through the kiss. When Francesca "trance-like" slowly leans to kiss Sinn for a second time, Sinn meets Francesca halfway, and the two are in rapture. But rapture turns later into eruption. This is truly one of the hottest Sinn Sage scenes I have ever watched.

I originally bought this for two scenes: Sinn Sage with Dani Daniels, and Sinn Sage with Celeste Star. Sinn and Celeste worked together in Filly Filmís Lesbian Ass Worship, and they were terrific together. Interestingly, Dana Vespoli directed both of these Sinn/Celeste scenes. Both Sinn and Celeste love tribbing, and are very good and adventurous with it. Celeste Star is particularly "flexible", she can practically wrap her legs around the back of her head. It is clear that Sinn and Celeste enjoy experimenting with each other! It also helps tremendously that Sinn and Celeste clearly adore and appreciate each other. Both Sinn and Celeste have stated, in separate interviews, that they truly enjoy women, and they especially love giving attention to their partners. This can sometimes make for scenes where both women are struggling with each other for who is "on top". But that never seems to be the case with Sinn and Celeste. They appear to genuinely appreciate each otherís ability and need to give pleasure, and are able to take turns pleasing each other.

Vicki Chase strikes me as a fairly passive performer who is better when she has a strong performer to play off of and get her "going". Sinn Sage certainly fits that bill. While Vicki does a magnificent job of eating-out Sinn Sage, particularly near the end when Sinn sits on Vickiís face, this scene is really about watching Sinn Sage take Vicki Chase on an orgasmic odyssey. For instance, for a good ten minutes Sinn is on top of Vicki, tribbing her in about six different ways. Each one of these "ways" makes Vicki groan helplessly all over again.

I suspect that most folks who love Sinn Sage have already picked up this edition of Wet Panties Trib. But in case there are a few "laggard fans" out there, like me, I highly recommend this DVD for purchase!

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