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We Live Together 29 ____________________________________
We Live Together 29
I.D. dvd_6889, Adult
2013, 178 min.

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5-Star Film! 

Alyssa Reece & Lily Carter & Malena Morgan, Aurielee Summers & Charlotte Stokely & Malena Morgan, Mia Malkova & Malena Morgan, Kennedy Leigh & Malena Morgan, Alexis Rodriguez & Averi Brooks & Lily Love, Lia Lor & Malena Morgan.

Nominated Best All Girl Series
2012 AVN Awards

The #1 Girl/Girl Reality Series!

Scene listing:

[0:17] Alyssa Reece & Lily Carter & Malena Morgan

[33:49] Aurielee Summers & Charlotte Stokely & Malena Morgan

[1:03:31] Mia Malkova & Malena Morgan

[1:30:22] Kennedy Leigh & Malena Morgan

[1:54:35] Alexis Rodriguez & Averi Brooks & Lily Love

[2:27:44] Lia Lor & Malena Morgan

[2:58:06] END CREDITS

DVD Features
chapter index, photo gallery.

This is a GREAT collection of scenes from the more recent welivetogether.com paysite. I donít even enjoy threesomes typically, but even those are hard to skip past here. A large part of the appeal is the casting of Malena Morgan, who is just smoking hot and so into the girls she performs with. The only scene I was kind of "meh" on is the threesome sheís NOT involved in. The setups arenít anything Oscar-worthy, but the locations are gorgeous and nothing is said or done to warrant negative feedback. There are also is a TON of content here- plenty of bang for your buck!

1)Buildup/Seduction: Setup usually involves girls walking into a gorgeous house with a scenic view.

2) Kissing: Wow is the kissing off-the-charts good here- even in the threesome scenes they come back to it plenty.

3) Attractiveness of Women: Not only are the girls all fit and gorgeous, but the settings add to the splendor on display. More please!


Just why this film did not get 5 stars from LLV totally escapes me, as to-date this is my best girl-girl movie of 2013. Yes, this is truly the most brilliant, erotic and hot, hot movie seen this year. It has six scenes, five with Malena Morgan who is just awesome as she seduces girl after girl. The one she is not in is a threesome, the Alexis Rodriguez/Averi Brooks/Lily Love scene which is wow. All three have totally fabulous assess and the sex is just mind blowing. Even at the end they are still lusting over each others asses.

Scene one has Malena with Alyssa Reece and Lily Carter, with Lily getting the lionís share of attention. Scene two has Malena photographing Aurielle Summers, only to have her seduced by Charlotte Stokely, till they all join in together.

Scene four is a true classic with Malena and Mia Malkova. If you have not seen Mia then you have missed a lot, for she just loves sex. Here Malena and Mia have some of the best girl-girl sex I have ever seen. Scene five is just as hot, with Kennedy Leigh who has a totally fabulous body. She and Malena have been shopping for lingerie to wear at a lingerie party. When Malena finds out that Kenndyís tights have no crotch, the things she does to her pussy, her ass and the tights are what erotic dreams are made off.

The last scene has Malena and Lia Lor, a totally beautiful girl who has the hots for Malena. Well, you might say Malena makes her erotic dreams come true as she rips her clothes off and just eats her with sexual hunger.

Along with 27 and 28 of this series, totally recommended.

I often disagree when Peter raves about a particular video, but in the case of WLT 29, IMO, he's absolutely right that someone committed robbery by denying WLT 29 a 5 Star rating, because it earns every one of those stars.

For most of the 31 years that I've been enjoying woman with woman erotica, 3-way g/g/g scenes were always scenes that I'd take a quick look at, just to see how the ladies looked, before skipping those scenes on my all-girl tapes or discs, because most times, their directors shifted the focus of the action so abruptly from one part of the action that the ladies were engaged in, to other areas of the action, in such a haphazard way that my concentration on any one pair of the women pleasuring each other, was so constantly interrupted, and broken up, that I usually couldn't manage to become seriously turned on by such scenes.

But the people making the hot We Live Together series, usually do 3-ways right. For example, the 3-way scene that opens WLT 29 is a great piece of all woman erotica. Fairly early in the scene, brunette Lily Carter is lying on her back while Malena Morgan is licking her pussy, and Alyssa Reece is often reaching her head over and deeply kissing Ms Carter as Malena continues to make love between Lily Carter's thighs. But it's the terrific facial reactions, expressions, and body movements of Lily Carter, as the 2 other ladies are lavishing their attention on her, that I find to be such an incredible turn on. Carter''s face is so sexy as she just seems to be oozing with lust from the attention that the women are giving to her pretty mouth and body. It''s a pretty damned good scene when a 66 year old guy, like yours truly, gets hard just remembering in my mind how the scene unfolds.

Plus, WLT 29 has another really hot 3-way scene, which again features the terrific Malena Morgan, who is great as usual. In that scene she is with blonde Charlotte Stokely, and the innocent looking, light brown haired, cutie, Aurilee Summers. The scene starts with Malena as a photographer, who is taking photos of Aurilee, who''s wearing dark little panties and a bra, when Charlotte comes in and interrupts the proceedings. Soon, all 3 women are on the floor, naked. And as the 3 women sit side by side, with their backs against the wall, and their legs extending forward, and Malena is between the other 2 ladies, I think that it's extremely hot as Charlotte is rubbing Malena's gorgeous naked pussy, as Malena and Charlotte kiss deeply, alternating with Aurilee and Malena also kissing.
Also, WLT 29 has a very nice scene of lovemaking between Malena and beautiful Mia Malkova, followed by an extremely hot scene between Malena and sexy lipped (facial lips) Kennedy Leigh.

Man, whoever decided that WLT 29 did not deserve 5 Stars must have been having a very rotten day! And I also must 2nd what Peter said about WLT volumes 27, 28, and 29 ALL BEING GREAT, because all 3 of those discs are among my favorite top 10 of the more than 300 g/g DVDs and Blu-rays in my collection. And over the years, I've bought a lot more g/g discs than that, but I threw many discs away because they were so lousy that they weren't even worth giving away to anyone.

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