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Don't Tell Daddy ____________________________________
Don't Tell Daddy
I.D. dvd_6900, Adult
2016, TBA
Web Young
Directed by Stills By Alan

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Abella Danger, Ana Foxxx, August Ames, Carter Cruise, Piper Perri, Teanna Trump

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Remember being young and doing naughty things that under certain circumstances could get you grounded for a month? Weekend house parties were only fun 'cause you could get caught by your parents, right? August Ames and Abella Danger are no strangers to being bad for the sake of being bad. When they decide that they will have teenage lesbian sex, one of the main issues on their minds is whether or not Daddy will find out about their little affair. Piper is such a horny little teen that she steals her big sister's panties hoping not to get caught sniffing them… and that's just what happens when Carter comes home. Luckily, Carter Cruise is the type of girl that will show her little stepsister how to sniff Mommy's panties without getting caught! A girlsway film.

Humble Opinion
This is an AWESOME movie! There are two double-set scenes, and one stand-alone scene. The two double sets are perfectly cast. The sex that flows from the set-ups feels natural to the girls. In both of these double scenes, one of the step-sisters is experienced and confident, while the other is less so.

Gorgeous August Ames has a Daddy who must be a bit of "player", since August has had several step-mothers and numerous step-sisters in her life so far. Her most recent step-sister, Janice, brought August "out of her shell", and eventually had a lesbian affair, that only ended because Daddy divorced this newest stepmom. August is depressed, but Daddy has recently married yet again. This time, August's new Step-mother has a daughter who is only slightly younger than August Abella Danger.

Due to her experience with Janice, August is "changed". She is more daring now, and she dresses more provocatively, walking around the house bra-less, barely hiding her firm young breasts underneath half-cut tee shirts. Abella can't help but notice this. Abella is foreign-born and has lived much of her life overseas. Abella is a bit unsure and timid around August, but also in awe of her older, more confident step-sister.

Abella carefully knocks on August''s bedroom door. Upon entering, Abella finds August lying on her bed writing in her journal. August is wearing panties and another of her half-cut tee shirts, without a bra. Sitting on the bed talking, tentatively getting to know each other, August openly talks about her former step-sister, Janice. August talks about the transforming experience of attending a week long annual outdoor event in the desert, called Flaming Man, with Janice and about how it was there, that August and Janice fell in love with each other. Abella is awed. American girls are so bold and forward, so different from what she is used to! August's eyes sparkle, as she promises Abella that she will take her to next year's Flaming Man. Abella is mesmerized by August's open eagerness to share and August''s dark, flashing eyes are hypnotic. Sensing Abella's awe, August dares to lean in to steal a kiss, and Abella closes her eyes to let August kiss her.

The two are immediately on fire for each other. Abella immediately reaches underneath August''s tee shirt to grasp those glorious breasts that have been peeking out at her. August, the experienced one, goes first eating out Abella to orgasm. But newbie Abella is a revelation to her older step-sister (and for real too, since Abella Danger has done very few girl/girl scenes so far, in her career) Abella is a ferocious pussy eater and licker who overwhelms August with her intensity.

August and Abella's second scene is equally stimulating. Taking place soon after at the dining room table, both girls are still horny. Daddy has called them down for lunch, but he can't join them because he has to do some work in the next room. Staring mischievously at August, Abella after Daddy has gone slides underneath the table and crawls over to a shocked August, and proceeds to pull off August''s shorts from her squirming body, and taste her step-sister again. August protests frantically, but is soon caressing Abella's face and hair underneath the table. When August moans and cums, Daddy yells for the girls "to quiet down over there!" Abella delightfully scampers back to her seat, while August tries to pull her shorts back on as she tries to remain seated. When it becomes apparent that Daddy is not coming to check up on them, August glares at Abella, "Two can play this game!" and crawls under the table herself!

The sexual dynamic between Carter Cruise as the older step-sister, and Piper Perri as the younger one, is entirely different.

Carter is leaving one friend's house, and getting ready to meet another to go shopping, when she gets a call from her step-mother. Step-mother wants Carter to come home to "babysit" her step-sister, Piper. Angry and shocked, Carter protests, "Piper is 18 years old, she doesn't need a babysitter!" But mommy is insistent, and Carter grumblingly agrees. Inside, Carter climbs the staircase, calling for Piper, without any response. When Carter arrives at Piper's closed bedroom door, she suspects Piper of masturbating again. Carter decides to sneak in, and scare her little sister. What Carter finds is Piper wearing headphones, sniffing Carter''s panties, while fingering herself. Teasingly, but not angrily, Carter leans over Piper and pulls on the headphones. Shocked and embarrassed, Piper screams, and then curls up on the bed. Sitting gently on the bed, smiling, Carter shakes her head softly at her little baby step-sister, assuring her that everything is "all right".

This entire set will be about Carter being tender and understanding toward Piper, who is a virginal girl, with a thin, petite body frame and sweet soft eyes. Piper brings out "the protector" in Carter. For Piper, she sees Carter as so "together", so strong, with a gorgeous fit, firm body that Piper can only dream about having and a body that she masturbates to. Adoring, and equally "turned-on" by her sweet step-sister, Carter leans in. Piper stares at Carter coming towards her, "What if Mommy finds out?" Carter smiles back reassuringly, and holds her face as she kisses her. Piper swoons, and kisses Carter back.

The first scene plays out on the bed, and the second in a tub. While both scenes find Carter tenderly passionate, In the first scene, Carter''s passion gradually overwhelms her tenderness. After several orgasms by both, the "aggressive" Carter comes out. Laying Piper on her back on the bed, Carter takes Piper's legs and bends them back over Piper's head, and tells Piper to hold them there totally exposing Piper''s pussy. Piper stares in wonderment, and in complete trust, at her older step-sister, as she holds her legs as instructed. Carter bends herself down, testing and positioning her pussy against Piper's. Carter will then grind herself on Piper, first slowly, but gradually with increased intensity so that soon, Carter is virtually f*cking Piper with her pussy. Carter will often be shaking, almost weeping, while Piper will be howling, as she grasps to hold onto Carter. Carter will actually squirt into Piper's pussy, at one point something that Carter admits that she has never done before by just tribbing. When Piper is the giver, she will be soft and exploratory, with a teasing tongue that sends shivers through Carter, and always, inevitably, makes Carter squeeze herself and cum hard.

The Ana Foxx/Teanna Trump scene, while not as good as these other two-set scenes, nonetheless does take place in a tub. And the sight of Ana Foxx's glisteningly wet body is pretty mouth-watering!

To call this film awesome is most unfair as it creates expectations that can never be met. This is instead a good Webyoung no better or worse than any other Webyoung. I like Webyoung so this is worth seeing but as a light piece of entertainment and not some masterpiece movie which it was never intended to be.

While five scenes there are two sets of connecting scenes with the only stand-alone scene being the Anna Foxxx and Teanna Trump scene. This last scene in itself is the middle scene of two scenes in “Let Mommy Fix It” a “Mommy’s Girl” movie with Misty Stone. It is recommended that if you watch this then you should watch “Let Mommy Fic It”.

Scenes one and five have August Ames and Abella Danger as new step sisters who ae attracted to each other. The first scene is great with a tremendous face sit by August. The last was more a comedy of will Daddy catch us having sex at the dinner table and was not up to the first in standard.

The second and fourth scenes have Carter Cruise being forced to baby sit her new step sister Piper Perri who it seems is a serial masturbator. Carter literally takes things in hand and turns Piper into a good lover. Again really liked the first but the second was not as good.

The best scene clearly in this is the Anna Foxxx and Teanna Trump one. Anna has just had sex instruction from Step mom Misty Stone (see first Misty scene in “Let Mommy Fix It”) and the other step sister Teanna trump wants Anna to pass on her newly acquired skills. This is an excellent bathroom scene, where Teanna is “upskilled” by her step sister in the art of girl girl sex. In the second Misty Stone scene in “Let Mommy Fix IT” Teanna receives further skilling lessons from step mom Misty.

By and large an enjoyable Webyoung movie well directed by Stills by Alan.

PS “Let Mommy Fix IT” is a Girlsway “Mommy’s Girl movie which has the first and last scenes of three scenes with Anna Foxxx and Teanna Trump as two teens learning about sex from “Mommy” and each other. Seen together three really good scenes.

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