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Women Seeking Women 087: Wanted, Desired, Lusted, Loved ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 087: Wanted, Desired, Lusted, Loved
I.D. dvd_6937, Adult
2012, 202 min.
Girlfriends Films

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Julia Ann & Molly Bennett, Kirsten Price & Sammy Rhodes, Siri & Natasha Nice, Dana DeArmond & Cytherea.

Restless hearts searching for that one perfect woman

5 Time AVN Award Winner, Best All-Girl Series

Beautiful woman-woman sex which is sure to excite you!

DVD Features
chapter index, trailers [all g/g].

Abby Fan #1
This is my favorite WSW I have ever seen. There isnít a bad scene. There was a lot of thought put into the script. Every scene has motivations that are clear and hot.

Two of the scenes are about old flings finding each other again. Kirsten Price and Sammy Rhodes are the first ones. They have good back and forth. This scene is the weakest of the four but it is still outstanding. It starts with Sammy masturbating while in voiceover she tells us about her situation. I found this a highly erotic scenario. The sex is great.

The second scene has Julia Ann and Molly Bennett, in which Julia Ann seduces the younger Molly. This scene has another really interesting way of introducing the events. The sex that follows is really hot. Julia Ann is her usual amazing self. As for Molly I hope to see more of her. She has an outstanding body, her face is beautiful, and her passion really sets this scene apart.

The last scene in the film has Dana DeArmond and Cytherea hooking back up after years of missing each other. Dana is one of the best in the business. I donít know much about Cytherea, but the sex these two share is special. Passion and just plain lust come across the screen in waves. They have sex on a double lawn chair, this could kill some scenes but here they just go for it. This is an outstanding scene.

Then I have saved the best for last. Scene three has Siri and Natasha Nice. I happen to think that Siri is the best looking porn star I have ever seen. Her body is the female form made perfect. The scenario here is a lesbian interview for a magazine. They talk about women, why they love them, how they came to be a lesbian, that kind of thing. It adds so much to the sex that follows. This is one of the greatest scenes I have ever witnessed. Natasha devours Siri and it is amazing. It is so obvious how drawn to Siriís amazing breasts she is. In one part she begs Siri to just let her play with them for a while. She looks at them, touches, kisses and caresses them throughout this scene. They just donít get any better than this scene.

One final note here. This movie is good looking. It has a lot of thought in the visual department. A rarity for Girlfriends Films. The stories are much better than I have come to expect from the company either. This is a must view movie. A masterpiece.

Humble Opinion
I liked this movie, even if some of the narrative introductions didnít always seem to match the sex that followed. Each scene had an offscreen narration by one of the performers, that introduced the set-up. And each scene had a one-word title that was supposed to encapsulate the feeling of the scene.

The title of the Julia Ann/Molly Bennet scene was Desire, and I thought it was a good melding of title, set-up, and sex. It was probably my favorite scene.

Julia Ann is a homeowner with a lot of greenery that she hires out to have trimmed. Molly has come over, for the first time, to do that garden work. Midway through the morning, Julia Ann asks Molly if she would like to take a break, and have a cold drink in the house. Molly gladly accepts. As they get to know each other, Molly mentions that she is taking classes in fashion, to become a designer. Julia Ann responds that, while she is retired now, she used to be a buyer for several of the shopping centers in the area. Julia Ann then mentions that she has several dresses that Molly might like to look at for ideas of design. Molly eagerly goes with Julia Ann, to Julia Annís bedroom, to look at the dresses.

Julia Ann suggests that Molly could try on one of the dresses, and Molly is slightly startled, but shyly and eagerly agrees to try it on. Julia Ann then cautions Mollly that she should really take a shower first to wipe away all that grime and sweat. Molly innocently nods in agreement and goes off to the shower next to Julia Annís bedroom. When Molly comes out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body, Julia Ann slowly begins to seduce the young girl.

We watch first as Molly is hesitant, unsure if Julia Ann is hitting on her, as Julia Ann sits on the bed, stroking Mollyís body with the bath towel. Then we watch Molly softly protesting, that she has never done anything like this before, that her parents are expecting her home. Then we watch Julia Ann stand and face Molly, staring silently at her. Finally we watch Julia Ann slowly lean in just a bit, and we see Molly lean in more, closing her eyes and parting her lips for Julia Ann.

Molly Bennet is truly the star of this scene. Molly has wonderful wide-open eyes, and a tanned body that looks soft yet toned. Molly Bennet beautifully captures that moment when innocence gives way to experience, and then indulgence. The highlights of this scene really were watching this beautiful young girl squirm from the experienced touches and mouth of Julia Ann.

My next favorite scene was titled Wanted, and I thought that it also neatly fit the role-playing and sex of the scene. This scene featured two adult film stars, dark haired Kristen Price and blonde Sammie Rhodes, both looking utterly gorgeous. Sammie has had an unfulfilled crush on Kristen since high school. Kristen, directly after high school, moved to Paris. Ten years have passed, when suddenly, one weekend morning, Sammie gets a phone call from Kristen. Kristen has just returned to town, and she wants to meet up with Sammie. Sammie suggests that Kristen come over to her home that afternoon.

Prior to Kristen coming over, Sammie, who is overwhelmed at the thought of seeing Kristen again, canít help herself and masturbates to her memory of Kristen. Sammie climaxes just as the doorbell rings, and Sammie frantically throws her panties behind the couch. When Sammie opens the door, Kristen looks amazing, but slightly aloof, wearing a tight fitting black dress. Sammie looks sexy too, but more casual, in her red sun dress. Small talk and catching-up ensues, until Kristen announces that she wants to freshen up a bit.

Sammie, now that she has actually seen Kristen, really canít control herself, and begins touching herself again. Sammie whispers how much she wishes Kristen would just touch her, how she wants them to be more than just friends. Coming out of the bathroom, Kristen hears something and stops in the doorway. Kristen listens and watches the totally distracted Sammie. Kristen then slowly walks into the dining room, and drapes her arms around the sitting Sammie. Kristen whispers to Sammie, as she begins to kiss her. The sex on the living room couch is heated and intense. Near the end, Kristen is seated on the back of the couch, with Sammie eating her out from below. Later, a seriously aroused Sammie Rhodes pushes Kristen down on the couch, and pants that she has to "finish her off", and proceeds to eat Kristen out ferociously.

The Natasha Nice/Siri scene is titled Lusted, but it feels more like Loved would be the better title, given the feeling of the scene. Natasha is totally obsessed with Siriís size 40 breasts. Natasha fondles, sucks on, and generally buries herself into Siriís breasts throughout this entire scene. Siri, for her part, clearly adores the beautiful Natasha, and practically worships her as she makes her cum. And both ladies seem incapable of going for more than two minutes without having to kiss each other. This is a soft, passionate love scene between two very turned-on girls.

Cytherea has been absent from adult films for quite some time, it was nice to see her return. Her scene with Dana DeArmond was titled Loved, but it felt like it should have been titled Lusted. Cytherea and Dana DeArmond sit out on a large, double-seated lawn chair in Danaís garden, passionately making out non-stop for about forty minutes. My favorite parts of this scene revolved around watching Cytherea lose control and cum rockingly, from Danaís nonstop actions. Cytherea has always been known for her squirting, and Dana brings it on in this scene, gangbusters.

A good edition of Women Seeking Women, with some interesting, if not totally successful, experimentation on set-ups.

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