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REM ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_6952, Adult
2016, TBA
Viv Thomas/MetArt
Directed by Guy Ranieri Sblattero

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Diana Dolce, Kitty Lovedream, Alexa Tomas, Lauren, Angelina Brill, Anina Silk, Candy Sweet

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'REM' - written by a Viv Thomas member - explores the unsettling and arousing nature of erotic dreams, straddling a blurred lined between subconscious desires and reality.

In episode one, Lauren dreams she is walking into a classroom, and in her trance-state encounters Alexa Tomas at the blackboard. Alexa lies back on the desk, parting her thighs so Lauren can lick and finger her, then goes face down, ass up as Lauren spreads her luscious pussy and eats her from behind. When Lauren adds a finger in her ass, Alexa cums like crazy. Now Alexa kneels to lick Lauren's puffy clit and finger her pussy and ass. She stuffs Lauren's panties in her mouth as she gives her an intense orgasm. Lauren awakens, masturbating... but was it really just a dream?

Episode two finds Anina silk falling asleep as she sunbathes naked. In her dream, she sees herself spreadeagled and bound at the wrists and ankles, but when she enters the bedroom it's Angelina Brill she finds tied to the bed. Anina sucks her captive's stiffening nipples, then finger-bangs her, waiting until she's pulling hard against her restraints before releasing one of her hands so she can rub her own clit and work up to a climax. Angelina binds Anina's wrists with her panties and fingers her to a mind-blowing orgasm. When Anina wakes from her dream she is still in the throes of ecstasy that's if it was really a dream?

In episode three, Candy Sweet is reading when she dozes off. In her dream, she wakes on a hospital bed and she can't move her limbs. Lauren sits beside Candy, lifting her skirt and pulling off her panties. She straddles Candy's face, getting a thorough licking, then spins around into a sixty-nine so Candy can finger her ass too. Both girls enjoy powerful orgasms and as Candy wakes from her erotic dream, something makes her question whether it was a dream at all.

Diana Dolce drifts off to sleep in the bathtub in the final episode. In her dream world she discovers Kitty Lovedream who is bound by her wrists and ankles, her thighs splayed open. Diana eats Kitty's succulent pussy, making her writhe against her restraints, then fingers her ass until she orgasms. She releases Kitty and sits on her face, spreading her pussy open for Kitty to lick. Kitty binds Diana's wrists and tongues her clit teasingly, then eats her to a powerful climax.

Whether these gorgeous girls are experiencing dreams, fantasies or something more mysterious is left for you to decide, but one thing's for sure: 'REM' is a dream come true for lovers of sizzling lesbian erotica!

This is another expertly directed Guy Sblattero movie concerning an interesting but seldom used subject the erotic dreams of girls. Based on an idea by a Viv Thomas member as with the other film based on an idea by a Viv Thomas Member Love Play this is a very good movie.

What makes this so interesting is the problem of separating dream from reality as with each scene as the end when the girl returns to the world awake part of her dream is with her. As usual the camera work is totally superb while all eight models, most Guy Sblattero regulars give exactly the performance required.

Scene one has Lauren walking into a class room and having sex with Alexa Tomas. Such is the realism of the dream that as Lauren awakes she is about to cum through masturbation. Lauren was in the previous Viv Thomas and she is really good as is Alexa and this scene is really erotic.

Scene two has Anina Silk sunbathing and dreaming of being bound and instead finds herself having sex with Angelina Brill who is bound on a sofa. After making Angelina cum it is Anina who is bound and it is as she cums that she awakes. So real is the dream that Anina feels it must have been real. Anina silk I have seen with 21Sextury and she is really good in this as is the ever reliable Angelina Brill whose is very much a fixture with Guy Sblattero.

Scene three sees the return of Lauren who finds delectable Candy Sweet lying on a hospital bed after falling asleep on her lounge. Lauren is a tall dark haired girl who dominates Candy so she needs no restraints and it is some tremendous sex culminating in Lauren having a truly epic face sit on Candy. When Candy awakes such is the realism of the dream she is shaking. Please more Lauren for she is tremendous.

Scene four has Diana Dolce having a bath and falling asleep in the bath to dream of finding a bound girl appropriately named Kitty Lovedream in the lounge. The sex here is superb as Kitty gets well and truly eaten out till she freed and in turn Diana is bound and made to cum. Diana cums in the bath and holding up her hands finds she is bound. Was it a dream?

This is really well done Guy Sblattero for this superb and highly innovative film. Last time in Discreet Service 2015 he made the ultimate massage movie. This however is truly unique being a lesbian bondage dream movie. Along with Guy the Viv Thomas member and his idea also deserve a pat on the back for really well done.

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