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Women Seeking Women 127 ____________________________________
Women Seeking Women 127
I.D. dvd_6965, Adult
2016, 2+ Hours Per Studio
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Heather Starlet, Sara Stone, Amber Chase, Brenda James, Jayden Cole, Tabby, Mariah Milano & Elexis Monroe

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Restless hearts searching for that one perfect woman. Beautiful woman to woman sex which is sure to excite you!
Heather Starlet & Sara Stone
Amber Chase & Brenda James
Jayden Cole & Tabby
Mariah Milano & Elexis Monroe

This is a good but not brilliant edition of this series. As with a lot of Girlfriends Films this is a mix of scenes from various series so it sometimes in confusing as to what you are actually watching. The first scene with Heather Starlet and Sara Stone is the follow on scene from an Imperfect Angels scene where Heather and step mom Brenda James had sex. In this Heather is feeling guilty so stays the night with Sara who eases her guilt with some good girl girl sex.

Meanwhile in scene two Brenda James is de stressing by having sex with Amber Chase. Not the best of scenes with Brenda and Amber not clicking at all.

Scene three leaving Imperfect Angels as we find Jayden Cole moving into her house in Thornhill only to have the badly treated daughter of the neighbours come to see. Tabby the shy slight daughter I have never seen before but she is good as is Jayden. This is the kind of scene which makes Girlfriends Films so unique as it is about real people.

Scene Four is an absolute gem with the great Elexis Monroe visiting Mariah Milano who has just come back from a trip to New Zealand and is showing friend Elexis her renovated house. Well they only make it to the first bedroom as Mariah fancies Elexis (who can blame her) and thus we have a truly great sex scene. The feeling that you having watching Elexis at her best should be bottled and sold as “The Elexis Monroe experience”. Obviously filmed some years ago this is an Elexis special scene and not to be missed.

In summary pretty good except for one scene which is not much. But with three very good scenes it is definitely worth the watch.

Brother-in-law sent me this. Had to comment:
Scenes 1 and 2 seem like scenes not used from Imperfect Angels. Scene 3 looks like a WSW scene, Scene 4 looks like an un-used scene from Lesbian Househunters, Not even a good DVD.

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