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Lesbea: Happy Together ____________________________________
Lesbea: Happy Together
I.D. dvd_7005, Adult
2016, TBA
Directed by Director

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5-Star Film! 

Eufrat, Tracy, Kayla, Rene, Gina, Ivy, Jess, Eileen

Lesbea proudly presents Happy Together, a delicious compliation of delicate feminity, raw sexual energy, and gorgeous women who do more than merely enjoy each other’s company. Eufrat and Tracy are content to just hang out in bed, cuddling and kissing, but it doesn’t take long for their tonques to slide down and their fingers to slip inside. Jess watches the lovely Ivy as she moisturizes her long legs, and fantasizes about what she’s about to do to her. Ivy is more than happy to make her dream come true. Also starring Kayla, Rene, Gina and Eileen, enjoy fabulous lesbian sex and real, incredible orgasms.

Oh dear, this is a simply superb movie but then that is the normal for Lesbea.

One of the delights of girl girl movies is watching Eufrat and Tracy here in their 37th scene together and just as superb as ever. The first scene begins with Eufrat and Tracy curled up in bed kissing each other and then onto a simply superb and beautiful love making scene. Just so superb no words can adequately describe the magic of these two together.

Scene two has Kayla and Rene two fair haired women who make really superb love together. Again these two are just magic creating a scene of superb beauty and eroticism.

Scene three sees the return of Eufrat to make love to the pixie looking Gina who is always good. There is some small toy use in this scene but it is well done. Eufrat as ever is superb as is Gina a standard performer for Lesbea who is always superb.

Scene Four has Lily (Iwia) and Jess with Iwia putting cream on Jess till they kiss. Lesbea have this rare skill in turning lesbian lovemaking into a really beautiful drama of pleasure and delight. Both these models are regulars for Lesbea so they know exactly the performance required to make this a shimmeringly beautiful scene.

Scene five has Gina return to make love to Eileen Sue another Lesbea regular who again knows exactly what is required to create a truly superb scene of lesbian lovemaking. Eileen Sue I always like as she has a rare and delightful charm with her freckled face.

In Summary. For me Lesbea can do no wrong for movie after movie they produce another stunning masterpiece. Still when you have Eufrat, Tracy, Gina, Iwia and Eileen Sue in your cast it would be hard for it to be anything else so good are they. Essential viewing.

PS Eufrat and Tracy hold the record of most appearances together in girl girl movies. Together they are sheer magic.

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