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Matchmaker Mix-Up ____________________________________
Matchmaker Mix-Up
I.D. dvd_7103, Adult
2016, TBA
Web Young
Directed by Stills By Alan

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Alli Rae, Angel Smalls, Iggy Amore, Karlee Grey, Kate England, Rachel James, Remy La Croix

Orders with this title begin shipping 4/5. Remy LaCroix is among the hottest women around so it stands to reason that no one can resist her impecable charm. At first, when Alli went online hoping to find a new guy to bring home, she wasn't expecting Remy to be a girl, but after a little time together it is incredible how much Remy's charm can rub off on even the most skeptical girls. Alli is a tough bone to crack but once she lets her inner lesbian boil to the surface, Remy is there to deal like an expert with the overflow, not only for one date, but for at least two! Kate England knows her stuff too, so much in fact that skipping school has little impact on her grades. Her friend Rachel James needs to tap into Kate's street smarts, and what better way than actually tapping that sweet lesbian pussy with her virgin tongue?

I always like Webyoung but this I liked even more for this is a truly delightful film.

Scene one has Allie Ray enrolling on a dating web site and thinking she has a date with a French boy called Remy. When she opens the door she finds it is Remy La Croix very much a girl. After the initial awkwardness they decide to go hiking which both enjoy. Here the magic of the outdoors gets to them and yes it is love with a quick dash back to the house for some truly great teen girl sex. These two are just magical together,

Scene two has Kate England teaching Rachel James all about girl girl sex in a most delightful way. These two are really superb together with Kate and her magnificent hips doing a face sit to perfection.

Scene three has Iggy Amore about to go out on her first date but knowing nothing about sex, Girlfriend Karlee Grey is just the girl to teach her with the highlight of this Karlee doing a magnificent face sit on Iggy’s face. So good was this I kept on flicking back and watching it again for Karlee is a true face sit champion.

Talking about face sit champions Kate England returns in scene four to show sweet young Angel Smalls the joys of girl girl sex and to face sit her with those magnificent hips. This movie is literally face sit heaven and I kept on flicking back to watch the face sits again.

Scene five has Allie Ray and Remy La Croix having a one year together celebration by a glowing fire. Oh this is a truly superb scene with the girl girl sex just beyond belief. Remy and Allie were just so magical it was just unbelievable. Yes it has a truly superb face sit with Remy planting her truly magnificent hips on Allie’s face in front of the fire and cuming all over the place.

Stills By Alan the Director of this epic has truly turned out a Webyoung masterpiece. This as I said is truly face sit heaven and more. Well done Stills by Alan and the cast with their magnificent hips and perfect playing of each scene.

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