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Lesbian Tutors 02 (Girlfriends) ____________________________________
Lesbian Tutors 02 (Girlfriends)
I.D. dvd_7107, Adult
2016, 2+ Hours Per Studio
Girlfriends Films
Directed by Director

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Marie McCray, Prinzzess, Abby Cross, Ryan Ryans, Aiden Ashley, Abigail Mac, Lilly Evans

Sexual aptitude tests. A girl can never have too much education!

PAIRINGS Marie McCray & Prinzzess
Abby Cross & Ryan Ryans
Aiden Ashley & Prinzzess
Abigail Mac & Lily Evans

Humble Opinion
I found this to be a terrific little movie, with three excellent scenes and one that was good, but not great.

The basic theme running through at least some of the scenes is that middle class girls, who are struggling to pay for university are hiring themselves out to be tutors for girls from rich families, who have no idea what financial stress is.

Prinzzess plays the tutor in two of the scenes, and both are very hot scenes.

Prinzzess is in her office at school, sitting in front of her desk. Sweet, young, red-headed Marie McCray comes in for her tutoring lesson. Prinzzess notices that Marie is distracted and upset. and asks what is wrong. Marie announces that her dorm roommate Ryan Ryanshas just made a "pass" at her, and she wants another dorm room. Can Prinzzess help her? Prinzzess shakes her head, she doesn''t have that kind of "pull" at school. "Sweet Marie", who is sitting across from Prinzzess in front of the desk, suddenly turns VERY provocative. Marie suggests that she could become Prinzzess''s roommate. As she suggests this, "Sweet Marie" stretches open her legs, revealing tight thong panties are hugging/covering her pussy. As Marie nonchalantly asks why Prinzzess can''t help her SOMEHOW, Prinzzess stares, mesmerized and speechless, at Marie''s "invitation".

After grappling on the desk, Prinzzess and Marie have retired to Prinzzess''s dorm room. Marie presents a long sensuous onslaught of Prinzzess, which finally and beautifully leads to a Prinzzess'' orgasm. Lying on her back, Prinzzess beckons Marie on top of her. Prinzzess hugs Marie in her arms, tightly, and makes Marie have two crushing orgasms from missionary tribbing and grinding on Prinzzess, the second one seeming to send Prinzzess "over the top" as well.

In the next Prinzzess scene, Prinzzess is in her car, parked, sitting behind the wheel. Maybe she is remembering Marie. Prinzzess is furiously masturbating herself, oblivious to everything. This is interrupted though by a phone call, which turns into an argument with her mother, who won''t lend her money she needs to pay her mortgage (Tutoring is not paying what she hoped). The call ends, and Prinzzess bitter and angry. Prinzzess is also still disheveled from playing with herself, and distracted, so that when her "tutor client" Aiden Ashley pokes her head into the side window of the car, Prinzzess jumps! Is Prinzzess waiting for her?

Aiden''s plush home depresses Prinzzess even more, and she blurts out that she is tired of wasting her time tutoring spoiled little rich girls, who don''t appreciate what they have been given in life. Concerned, Aiden assures Prinzzess that she is not like that. She wants to learn, and Aiden WILL make the effort. Aiden and Prinzzess end up having an arduous and productive session.

With the lesson done, both beam at each other excited and appreciative of each other. Prinzzess''s horniness returns, and she impulsively leans in to kiss Aiden. Aiden responds immediately, and they both writhe on the chairs and the dining room table. Prinzzess eventually breaks away, gasping. Prinzzess apologizes profusely. Aiden smiles warmly, leaning in. With Aiden''s mouth inviting her, Prinzzess sighs and begins to devour Aiden''s face, all over again.

Aiden Ashley is one of the rare performers who is able to make Prinzzess cum crushingly without any "advice or instruction" from Prinzzesswhich is always wonderful to watch. Prinzzess returns the favor, big time. Kneeling on the bed, Prinzzess lays Aiden, stomach down, across her knees, and later on her lap. With one arm gripping Aiden neck and shoulder tightly, with her other hand, Prinzzess fiddles with Aiden''s pussy. With remarkably little movement, Prinzzess is able to make Aiden Ashley writhe and cry with her fingers. Aiden eventually shiveringly cums in Prinzzess'' arms.

Abigail Mac is equally dismissive of her rich tutor student, Lily Evans. But the difference is that Abigail "a plan".For weeks now, Lily and Abigail have been mostly chatting through these lessons. This lesson, Abigail is going to get Lily drunk, and take advantage of this teasing little rich bitch. Lily and Abigail are in Lily''s kitchenLily''s parents are both out of the country. Abigail is mixing drinks that are unfortunately seeming to have more of an effect on her than Lily! Abigail is slurring her words, but she is also getting hornier by the minute. This latest batch of drinks are particularly potent, and Lily gleefully asks, "Are you trying to get me wasted?" Abigail presses herself up into Lily, staring while demanding, "Drink It!" Both girls are dressed outrageously. Abigail''s gorgeously firm body is barely being contained by the sleeveless white leotard (bra-less) that she is wearing with her short skirt. Lily, meanwhile, may look a little more modestly dressed, with in a midriff top and a knee length skirt. But she is totally and obviously completely naked underneath! (and Lily''s slim lithe body is driving the horny Abigail to distraction!)

Abigail totally takes over the now slightly tipsy Lily in the bedroom. Abigail kneel/lies on top of Lily, who stares up at her, blurringly. Abigail''s hands running underneath her blouse and skirt are making Lily twist and pant, as she cries, "Teach Me!". But Abigail suddenly stops, and leans down purring into Lily''s ear "Slow down! The longer you wait, the better it is". this just makes Lily fidget more and whine. Once Abigail is no longer "slowing down" though, she begins feasting on Lily's pussy relentlessly and for what seems like forever. Lily groans through at least two orgasms!

Ryan Ryans and Abby Cross are a nice visual contrast. Ryan is sleek and slim nubile, with a seductive stare that has a hypnotic effect. Abby Cross has a fuller, more ample body, with luscious breasts. Abby also has a very sweet pretty face, with eyes that dance. So visually this is a good scene, but I didn''t feel that either performer was able to take the lead in the scene, and that became a problem, in my opinion.

This is an enjoyable film about girls falling in love with their tutors. Nicely shot with a good cast this is a good piece of girl girl entertainment.

Scene one has Ryan Ryans finding her roommate Marie McCray masturbating on the bed in their college room. Ryan is in love with Marie but Marie loves her tutor Prinzzess and thus storms of in anger at being caught. Prinzzess is more interested in studying but Marie literally throws herself at her for a bout of passionate sex. Afterwards Marie proclaims to Prinzzess that she loves her wants to move in with her and become her girlfriend, something that causes Prinzzess to walk out.

Scene two has an unhappy Ryan finding hew new Tutor Abby Cross at the door. At first it is unpleasantness until Ran finds Abbey attracted to her. Thus it is passionate sex interrupted at the end by Marie coming home resigned to having Ryan as her girlfriend. Poor Marie gets the door shut in her face for Ryan has now got Abbey. Love can cruel.

Scene three has an unhappy, debt strapped Prinzzess tutoring her rich student Aiden Ashley who Prinzess slowly realises is attracted to her. This is a really good scene with these two combining superbly.

Scene four is a bit a disappointment as the introduction is poor with Abigail Mac rather that tutoring her student Lily Evans is making her strong cocktail drinks. However once it gets to the sex Abigail Mac is really great as she puts her student through the sexual hoops. I am an Abigail fan and here she does a quite magnificent backwards trib on Lily which has to be seen to be believed.

All in all a movie well worth watching even if does not scale the heights of some of Girlfriends Films other movies. Prinzzess in her two scenes is quite superb so there is a lot to like about this.

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